7 Amazing Coworking Spaces in Bristol With Prices

With a lot of coworking spaces in Bristol, sharing is caring has become extremely popular in this independent city. Coworking Spaces benefit employees from different companies to work under one roof where they pay a specific amount of money at particular intervals of time which saves their cost. It is speculated that by the end of 2022, the need for Coworking Spaces will rise.

Coworking is an idea for aspirants who want to start up their businesses but do not want to invest money. There are plenty of options for seating, including hot seats, dedicated desks, private desks, board meeting halls, etc. The main benefit of Coworking is networking – for instance, if you are looking for a website developer and you happen to bump into one who sits next to you on their dedicated chair, your work is sorted. Now the question emerges, How will you get the best Coworking space in Bristol? The answer lies in the following paragraphs.

Coworking Spaces in Bristol

Are you searching for an ideal Coworking Space in Bristol that fits your budget and expectations? Don’t worry; I’ve covered it for you. The list includes six Coworking Spaces and details about their amenities, location, website, and prices. Here it goes!

1. Raw Space


Raw Space aims to bring together fantastic local businesses and artists. From high-speed connection to a roof garden, you name it, and natural Space got that sorted for you. Raw Space mainly offers flexible hot and fixed desks. The amenities include 24/7 access, a high-speed connection, a coffee machine, a community manager, a free car park, and a roof garden.

One of the most recommended coworking spaces in Bristol, Raw Space is close to Bristol Temple Meads, Gloucester Road Post Office. It is positioned right in the middle of Scoopaway ( natural and organic store) and toys ( toys store ).

Location: 111 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8AT, United Kingdom

Website: https://raw-space.co.uk/

Membership: The plans are divided into four parts. The most basic is the Bronze plan, where you pay £ 59 / month. The next plan is the Silver plan, where you pay £ 99 / month. Next up is the Gold plan, where you pay £ 199 / month. Last up is the most premium Diamond plan, where you pay £ 250 / month to get access to your desk, 6 hours of meeting room use, a 90-day rolling contract, and unlimited access to WiFi, storage, coffee, and tea. Almost every one of these plans would offer you access to free WiFi, meeting room use, rolling contract, coffee, and tea. Only the duration varies from plan to plan.


2. DeskLodge Old Market

Another Coworking Space Bristol, DeskLodge, is an award-winning workspace providing flexible workspace solutions. The interior of this Coworking Space is done thoughtfully and would appeal to people with all types of personalities. There are four zones available: Solo zones, quiet zones, Meeting zones, and Team zones. Segregated cabins have been created for introverts, and ample places for all extroverts are available.

The facilities include free WiFi, unlimited tea and coffee, phone booths, events, workshops and socials, weekly yoga, and an active community. Situated next to the Temple Way Underpass, it is the most easily accessible Coworking Space Bristol offers.

Location: 1 Temple Way, Bristol BS2 0BY, United Kingdom

Website: https://desklodge.com/

Membership: This place provides various packages suiting your requirement, so if you are looking for a hot desk, three options are available. You can choose a day pass for which you pay £ 25 p/m. An eight-day pass would cost you £120 p/m, and an entire month pass would cost 195 p/m. Similarly, a dedicated desk would cost you £200 – £ 295 p/m.Part-time offers are also available. You can also join Desklodge for two free days.


 3. Hamilton House


This place has a meeting room, parking, mild west room, phone booths, mailboxes, event space, the art room, the den, and the green room. Situated next to The Canteen and five cafes, this place is just surrounded by various eateries. A Middle Eastern Restaurant called Falafel Time is also available close to this Coworking Space in Bristol.

An intractable 1970s building on Stokes Croft, Hamilton House is a Coworking Space Bristol boasts about. Home to a group of creators, designers, and entrepreneurs, this place has room to accommodate talent and individuals from all walks of life.

Location: 80 Stokes Croft, St Paul’s, Bristol BS1 3QY, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.hamilton-house.org/

Membership: The membership offers three plans dedicated, shared, and virtual. For availing of the dedicated plan, you need to pay £150; for a shared goal, you pay £4; and for a virtual program, you pay £ 30. The dedicated members will have access to the building 24 / 7.


4. Engine Shed (Coworking Space Bristol)

Thirty thousand people visit Engine Shed for events every year, and 64 partners work with them to deliver social and economic development. The place offers Meeting rooms, Event spaces, offices, and Coworking and lab spaces. Their catering partners can provide a whole variety of options ranging from breakfast to buffet lunches, evening canapés, and a range of cocktails to choose from. This place is located close to Insight Ensemble.

Location: Station Approach, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6QH, United Kingdom

Website: https://engine-shed.co.uk/

Membership: If you are searching for a meeting room at Engine Shed, below are the types, along with the prices

  • Brunel’s Boardroom would cost you £ 420 per day.
  • Brunel’s Breakout Room would cost you £ 240 per day.
  • Station Master’s Office would cost you £ 180 per day.
  • For Event spaces, there are multiple options like the junction, the lounge, and platform 14. The prices vary
  • according to the size of the room you opt for.


5. Redbrick House (Coworking Space Bristol)


Bristol caters to another exciting and stylish Coworking Space is the Redbrick House, equipped with almost everything an entrepreneur needs. This place focuses on collaboration and learning. The workspaces are designed to keep the flexibility of individuals in check.

The Space provides discounts on meeting rooms, and social and networking events for members. Flexible membership packages include no contracts, unlimited access to coffee, tea, and fresh fruit, superfast WiFi, along with free printing, and you can also use Redbrick house as your business address. This place is close to Chriss Cosmetics.

Location: York Court, 6, Wilder St, Bristol BS2 8QH, United Kingdom

Website: https://redbrickhouse.org.uk/

Membership: For 60 hours of use, you need to pay £ 100 per / month + VAT, and for unlimited use, you need to pay £ 140 per / month + VAT. You can have unlimited access to a fixed desk at £ 180 per/month + VAT. You can choose from studios, desks and meeting rooms.


6. Runway East (Coworking Space Bristol)

This is one of the most joyful workspaces you would ever find. Regular events take place with no count on your caffeine. This place is as fancy as a party place and would make you feel comfortable if you want the workspace to be light and breezy; this one’s for you.

Superfast internet, limitless coffee, cakes on Wednesdays, beers, vines on Fridays, intelligent meeting room access, free printing and regular events, socials, and meet-ups are some of the perks you get here. The place is eight minutes from Temple Meads Station, and there is also an on-site cafe and bar along with a rooftop terrace. They have connected with more than 700 members.

Location: 1 Victoria St, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6AA, United Kingdom

Website: https://runwayea.st/locations/bristol/

Membership: There are part-time offices and private offices; you can also opt for virtual offices, and hot desks, scale-up Space, and dedicated desks are also available. A scale Space would cost you £ 350 + VAT, and this cost remains the same for a dedicated desk or private office. There is an all-inclusive membership also available at Runway East.


Working the same old school way is becoming unacceptable and frustrating for the employees. Sitting at one desk for the entire day is tiresome. Coworking Spaces offer you the privilege to work freely and like home. You are at ease, and the growth is unanimous. You get in touch with a lot of creative minds, and you might collaborate on something. Coworking is the future; at least the statistics suggest that. Now that you know the best coworking space Bristol you look for the right one and start working with minimal investments. Flexibility and comfort are rare combinations that slowly pick up the pace and become the next big thing.

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