7 Awesome Coworking Spaces in Kings Cross Area (UK)

Coworking Space Kings Cross provides a professional outlook giving you enough space to mull over your projects. Kings cross is centrally located in the London neighbourhood and is best preferred by independent professionals. The area has witnessed some substantial changes in how the big businesses have moved to the place over the years. It is growing into a tech hub with companies like Google and Facebook looking to have headquarters here. Coworking Space Kings Cross offers a convenient workplace given that St Pancras and King’s Cross Stations allow workers to access the London Underground and Eurostar. From offices that you will exclusively access to collaborative spaces, your business will come out on top.

This place is bursting with entrepreneurship, and Coworking spaces provide the proper foundation to wipe the slate clean. Free-flowing coffee and friendly staff will help you stay comfortable throughout your work. If you are up to claim a place at Kings Cross, the coworking places mentioned below will prime you up for the real challenge.

Coworking Spaces in Kings Cross

Here are the finest Coworking Spaces Kings Cross has on offer. Find the one that suits you best in terms of amenities and additional perks.

 1. Workspott


This Coworking Space King Cross presents a change in the game and marks a new beginning for the tech industry.

It is located near Kings Cross station with a look that you’ll be in awe of. Seemingly, Workspott bears a remarkable resemblance to a high-class bar or a restaurant. It reflects what it offers; with its flashy surroundings, it’s easy to decipher that it delivers quality service. It is good news for all those people who are fond of working with a tinge of excitement. If you want your clients to taste perfection, this is the place to call them for a meeting. The impression made on them will be unforgettable. It features menus for your nutritional therapy and an outdoor terrace where the natural light and air blow away your distractions. The workshops and seminars conducted here are informative and life-changing. The day trials are available for a discounted price.

It is spread across London, and you can choose the nearest location to book a spot. They understand why Coworking Spaces are the future for business and have designed it perfectly to help you make an impact. The prices are reasonable and are great for small teams, startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. You get a complimentary coffee and tea to cool your nerves. It has a high-speed internet connection with endless power outlets. For your personal development, weekly sessions are held to coach you to take your goals to the next level.

Price: The monthly charges at Workspott are £139 with just £10 to pay for a day trial. A drop-in Lite-membership comes at £39 per 4 days a month.

Location: 6 Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG, UK

website: https://workspott.com/


2. Only Connect – Coworking Space Kings Cross

If you want a workspace that’s toned down with natural greenery and sunlight, Only Connect fits the description. It is spacious with a minimalistic interior that splendidly serves your work. It is an excellent choice if you want out from the disturbance that comes with sharing space. The floral installations stimulate the minds to fetch creativity, and the glistening bulbs across this Coworking Space Kings cross Station induce a healthy environment. It is built on a foundation of community, and its location exemplifies it even more. There are no space divisions slotted to the members making it easy to meet and talk to coworkers.

You could indulge in recreational activities like table games, video games, and casual beers. Only Connect is for you if you want your body to sync in with your mind while at work. It creates lasting relationships that make you want to keep coming back to the place. With all the modernized facilities, they give out free coffee and have a kitchen to share. The area is pet-friendly and welcomes dogs and cats who are well-behaved. It has shower facilities, free meeting rooms with high-speed internet. It’s open Monday through Friday from 8:39 AM to 6 PM.

Price: To pay as you go by the day, it charges you £17 and to secure a fixed desk in the main hall; you’ll need to pay £300 a month

Location: 32 Cubitt St, London WC1X 0LR, UK


3. ARK Coworking


It is not only a personal space in which to work but also a nurturing community. You can become a member of this excellent Coworking Space at negotiable rates. They are driven by social work, where they give back to society by charitable donations to impoverished people. So, what you pay goes straight to feed those hunger pangs among hundreds of people. It is a no-frills service with plenty of space to go about your day comfortably. It is within walking distance from Kings Cross station and just opposite Anytime Fitness.

It is a sustainable workspace that is a win-win for both you and the community at large. ARK has a chill-out area specially made to help you socialize with your coworkers. It helps build a trusted relationship between you and them. The coffee is free of cost and has a shared kitchen that you can collect your eatables. It is open from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. It is super flexible with a rolling month of membership. This office space sits up to 10-12 people with a leafy view from the fourth floor of the building.

Price: Get a fixed desk at £300 a month and pitch up your screen. You can also you a floating desk any three days of the week for £150 per month

Location: 237 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9NG, UK

Website: https://www.arkcoworking.com/


 4. WeWork Kings Place

The aesthetics of it boast that they want its members to live through a colourful day with its vibrant art installations. All of this is held behind white walls, potted plants, and wooden flooring. When you enter WeWork king’s cross, you get stunning views of minimal structures, except that it never bores you. An inner eye can only sense the details with which it has been constructed. Overlooking Regent’s Canal, it is located in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in the area. It has enhanced cleaning services and touch-free dispensers that assure sanitation. The improved HVAC standards are keenly set up to provide fresh air at all times.

You don’t have to bother about your furry friend being leashed onto a pole outside the building because WeWork loves animals and welcomes them. It has bike storage and a wellness room where you can lie down and vent out in whatever way you please. It maintains an event space for a joyous professional gathering. You can get a private office or a dedicated desk in a shared lockable office at WeWork, where you’ll lead your way. Sometimes the only way to be efficient is to let yourself play, and thus here, you can play games whenever you want.

Price: Book a day pass for a seat of your liking with access to all the amenities at £45 a day. You can also book a conference room by the hour at £15 per person per hour

Location: 90 York Way London N1 9AG

Website: wework.com


 5. The Office Group – Coworking Space Kings Cross


It is located inside Kings Cross Underground station; just a minute walk from the station to your seat. This Coworking space Kings Cross has an old-school outward bricked wall with a light-coloured hardwood interior and taupes makes this space a lovely place to work from. It has several meeting rooms for you to pitch an idea during a presentation. The common area has focus booths that are enough for a private conversation. The Office Group has a monitored security system that assures you of safety during your working schedule. Its communal areas are fitted with plenty of power sockets and have phone booths to support an undisturbed phone call.

The kitchen in this Coworking space is equipped with filtered water, tea, coffee, and other refreshments. Your belongings will be securely stored in the lockers, the keys to which only you will have access. The private office membership includes a 24/7 use of the building and a ticket to over 40 lounges. You are required to have a minimum of three-month contract, and the offices are ready to use. All the rooms have telephone conferencing facilities and high-speed internet. They also have an on-site team to greet and your clients.

Price: The private space can be booked at £800 per month, and the shared space for a total of £425 per month.

Location: Eastside Kings Cross Station, London N1C 4AX

Website: https://www.theofficegroup.com/


6.  Impact Hub – Coworking Space Kings Cross


It brings positive change among its members with the help of impact-driven individuals that support each other. It’s just 3 minutes away from King’s Cross station and provides a range of amenities to facilitate your passion. More than 600 businesses have received support from Impact Hub in the last five years. Around 75% of members have collaborated to bring creative ideas to life. It has partnered with over 60 organizations to run workshops and events. The meeting rooms have a video conferencing system, a Plasma TV screen, and glass writing walls.

Impact hub brings together world-class facilities at your service. From hot drinks to a beautiful glasshouse that inspires creativity, it has some out-of-the-box ideas for you. If you keep getting bothered by frequent interruptions, The study is the perfect escape that routes calls, training sessions, and interviews. The boardroom functions as a meeting and conference room and offers an impressive view from the glass front. You can always grab a cup of tea or coffee to aid you in thinking right. The event venue is classy and reflects its heritage with beams and bricks housed under a large skylight.

Price: To work or meet at a place in central London, Impact hub is the best Coworking space in the locality. The prices vary from anywhere between £90 to £260 a month + VAT

Location: 34b York Way, London N1 9 AB

Website: https://kingscross.impacthub.net/


The evolution of Coworking spaces has shifted the old working culture and has increased productivity in its members. According to a Harvard Business Review study, members of these places are seen to thrive at a rate of 7% higher than the typical workers. This is one reason why many companies are inclined towards working in a coworking space Kings Cross provides. It is poles apart from the traditional offices where you must abide by the strict guidelines set by the employers. These are futuristic workplaces that run on pure innovation and passion.

Being at these places builds a sense of community that mirrors our gregarious nature. They are a fantastic place to collaborate with others and grab hold of mind-boggling opportunities. It helps the members to remain structured and follow a disciplined work regimen. They can add their unique styles to their spaces and feel a vibe of positivity hovering over them. If you want a proper balance between freedom and power, Coworking spaces work best for you. The places mentioned above are in the heart of the city and offer many facilities that will hook up for more. Check out these places to find out which one works the best for you.

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