5 Best Coworking Spaces in Shoreditch With Prices

Coworking space Shoreditch offers an end to our hassles to undergo when looking for a workspace for your company, team, or just yourself. Shoreditch is not just any other place but a shining city that lays out a financial scope for many. Most of the over-time successes of independent businesses and freelancers have much to owe to the coworking spaces in Shoreditch. A great many researchers back up how employees thrive in such settings. Shoreditch is the place of dreams that has equally dreamy coworking spaces to enthrall you.

People who use these spaces see their work as adding value to their lives. Unlike conventional offices, coworking spaces comprise members from different fields of interest. All of them bond together in an area where their uniqueness gets catered with motivation.

The coworking spaces in Shoreditch have everything you could wish for on a professional front. Members have 24/7 access to their spaces. People can go about their day however they like, taking long breaks to ensure refreshed minds. We have curated a list of the best coworking spaces in Shoreditch, keeping in mind a lot of criteria such as location, pricing, amenities, interior, and neighborhood.

Coworking Spaces in Shoreditch

If you have wanted to shift to a flexible office space that can help you operate a hybrid model, the coworking space Shoreditch provides is all you need. Whether you are a freelancer, business owner, or employee, a coworking space can be the best place to work, network, and collaborate with bright minds. The vivid description of the spaces mentioned below will give you enough reasons to take up a membership and want to kick-start a fantastic journey.

1. Huckletree Shoreditch


Huckletree Shoreditch is located in the renowned Alphabeta building between Central and East London. It is an unparalleled coworking space Shoreditch provides in so far as its members challenge the work norms. They give established industries a run for their money by transforming markets innovatively. This workspace is split across two levels with light-filled studios and an internal courtyard. It provides a collaborative space for those who later become an inspiration for other ambitious companies. From startups and scale-ups to teams, all reflect a modern-day working atmosphere. You will fall short for work when asked to review the place after you take a tour.

This coworking space Shoreditch is the perfect backdrop for all the launch nights or any groundbreaking events starting with the auditorium. If you want to interact professionally with other members, you are encouraged to join the classrooms to help you become an integral part of the community. There are no second thoughts about how a library can serve as the perfect work-getaway with a hot coffee on the side. There are not many spaces around like the green zones here, which assist you in tapping into your creative side with nature rejuvenating you. Huckletree Shoreditch takes care of your curious side by allowing you to conduct a quiet team catch-up on the curiosity couches. 

There is good news for those wondering if they can get a private space for video calls, zoom calls, and private chats. It has soundproof booths in hidden nooks to help you take out time to attend to your calls. They have trained their staff efficiently to give you the best experience while you are working there hence are considered as one of the best coworking spaces available in Shoreditch.

Price – At Huckletree, the access to hot desks for an entire month cost you £350, and for fixed desks, about £475. However, the private offices holding capacities for seven to forty people, the prices vary from £4,550 to £2600 

Location –Alphabets Building, 18 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AH, United Kingdom 

Website – https://www.huckletree.com/spaces/shoreditch


2. Soho Works Shoreditch

It is just minutes away from Shoreditch House and is an unrivalled coworking space Shoreditch provides. It is located in the hub of the artistic blend of galleries and restaurants. From its looks, you could feel the collaborative effort to finalise each success story in this space. Soho Works is more than a workspace, allowing its members to meet and connect with others to bring about creativity in everything they do. It features all the desirable spaces that seem almost luxurious to have in the typical offices. You could always hold onto the serenity of its library and make your guest take seats in leather-bound furniture.

Soho Works understands your need for taking up personal calls and thus has private phone booths for video conferencing and phone calls. It is unlikely that you will come to your workspace without your belonging, and to secure that, it provides you with the much-needed lockable storage. Despite all of these spacious areas, you have other rooms to cheer your work up. If there is one thing you would want in your workplace, it would be a big room that could seat up to 12 people.

This room comes equipped with a dining table, a TV, and privacy curtains. In addition, tea rooms, kitchen rooms, and stand-up rooms make for a classic hotel cum office space. This coworking space in Shoreditch appreciates your efforts and lets you own a personal desk to help you style your working space in Shoreditch. 

Price – This space costs you about a total of £400 per month for a classic membership. To know more, you can visit the website. 

Location – 56 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ, United Kingdom



3. Shack15 Coworking Shoreditch

This coworking space Shoreditch has gives an unmatched experience of class and quality. Shack15 is a social space devoted entirely to entrepreneurship, community, and big ideas. It binds together passionate workers and changemakers from across the globe. Shack15 is located within the famous Ferry Building with a sweeping view of the Bay. It establishes a platform to gather the best minds to make something that stands true to their commitment. With its dedicated workspaces, meeting rooms, phone booths, and lounges, you can make your time worth enjoying. The cafe and the coffee bar offer a new taste to the workspace, making it feel like your haven. 

It is looking forward to including an in-house restaurant and a fitness centre in this dynamic coworking space. The members are a cross-section of artists, investors, scientists, and leaders, making the aspirants inspire them. It facilitates the building of new connections that shape the future and is also a home for those seeking to explore ideas. It has a journal that gives the push and helps people better understand the business and expand it. 

Price – You can get in touch with Shack15 through its website to check out the various available membership plans.

Location – 67-71 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JJ, United Kingdom

Website – https://www.shack15.com/


4. The Brew Eagle House- Shoreditch Office Space


It is a welcoming coworking space that “City Am” has rightly called “the savvier alternative.” Here, the private offices are more spacious than the standard ones. They come with the added benefits of access to superfast 1Gb internet, meeting rooms, and more. It is best for those who are thinking of shaping their work productivity. You get your own tailor-made offices that get taken care of by the staff at all times. So, you will not have to juggle between working and making your space look like it speaks for itself. This coworking space in Shoreditch has hotdesks that are of great value for the money spent.

However, you can also sign up for virtual office memberships that include managing emails, getting registered addresses, and virtual PA support. It provides everything in the comfort of your home. You can come and go as you please and work through the day or pull an all-nighter. It qualifies all kinds of people, night owls, and early birds into its premises. It has a super friendly team that ensures your queries efficiently with a happy face.

Price – Hot Desking starts at £99, with the dedicated desks charging you £296 per month. For a private office, you need to pay a monthly £365.

Location – 163 City Rd, London EC1V 1NR, United Kingdom

Website – https://thebrew.co.uk/


These coworking spaces in Shoreditch provides an atmosphere where the workstation becomes extremely convenient. With a vibrant community available at any moment in these spaces, you feel empowered to do more. As you near your goals, you set up a new bar to reach that excites you to become successful. As colourful as Shoreditch is, its coworking spaces are no less. These coworking spaces hone the skills that polish you to face the challenges of work life.

While these spaces are all about giving you peace and stability, it stirs up your creativity to keep you looking for ways to build a successful career. We have cherry-picked the best coworking spaces in all of Shoreditch to aid you with the essential things you must seek out in any workspace. The spaces mentioned above cover all the features that make up a delightful workplace.

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