Top 6 Coworking Spaces In Edinburgh (With Perks & Prices)

Serving as the compact, hilly capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is full of monuments and memorials. The city is an amalgamation of elegant and medieval buildings that serve as the city’s dividing factor in two parts: the Medieval Old Town and Georgian New Town. Sharing a working space or, in simpler terms, the trend of coworking has also reached this beautiful city. You can explore a suitable Coworking Space Edinburgh location among so many positioned right in the centre of historical and urban infrastructure.

Coworking spaces are arrangements that serve as the middle-ground for the comfort of your home and office-like facilities under one roof. These shared workspaces offer many office amenities like a hot desk, private desk, meeting room, etc. Edinburgh is full of coworking spaces that you are unaware of. In the list below, I will handpick some of the best spaces that will make you decide on a coworking space in Edinburgh for you.

Coworking Spaces in Edinburgh

The concept of coworking is relatively new and underexplored, and for some, it is still alien. In the quest to find a suitable coworking space, people usually make mistakes as they focus on one factor and completely forget about the other or compare it. Edinburgh has various coworking spaces ready to host you with their fabulous services, but which is the right one for you? I have handpicked the six best coworking spaces in Edinburgh.

1. The Melting Pot


The Melting Pot is amongst the oldest coworking spaces in the city. With time they have made amendments in their systems that match the new era working patterns. Various resources and services are available to put the coworkers at ease. Melting Pot kickstarted in October 2007 and is led by its founding and managing director, Claire Carpenter. She wanted to create a working and learning space in her home city. Her dream has now witnessed daylight; The Melting Pot is a famous coworking space Edinburgh boasts of now.

For making it a Covid-free space, they follow all protocols, including social distancing and physical spacing. They have recently inaugurated a brand new online community called the Virtual Pot. The goals remain clear: meet, learn and connect. This one is situated on Calton road, close to Calton road parking.

Location:  15 Calton Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8DL, United Kingdom


Membership:  The membership plans vary according to the requirements. You can hire the entire venue. You can sit in the comfort of your own house and get the virtual pot enabled, and then there is an option to book a desk for a day. Prices are mentioned below 

Desk for a day pass –

  • Up To 2 hours – £ 10
  • Up To 4 hours – £ 15
  • All Day Pass – £ 22

2. Schop Coworking Edinburgh

It started in 2008 with a small team of architects, and soon, they realized that sharing the workspace would be beneficial to deal with the recession. They now provide a full-fledged coworking atmosphere offering dedicated desk spaces and business services at affordable prices. The coworking space was formerly a shop that has been refurbished to accommodate coworkers. The building resides in the centre of the old town. This place offers a host of amenities, including high-speed internet connection, separate space for meeting, printing, and photocopying facilities along with free beverages. 

Schop in old Scot means “shop”.Schop has two venues under its umbrella but the one that sits right next to the Edinburgh Old Town Holiday Apartments is marvelous. 

Location: 36 St Mary’s St, Edinburgh EH1 1SX, United Kingdom


Membership:    A dedicated desk space would cost you £ 49 / week + VAT, £ 225 / month+ VAT

3. Custom Lane (Coworking Space Edinburgh)


They follow a 3C rule called the Connect, Collaborate and Create. They are an evolving workspace, and evolving helps them to sponsor the most engaging, enriching, and enjoyable work environment. Compartmentalized into two, the ground floor is where the cafe, shop, gallery, and workshop are positioned. Upstairs is the actual newly renovated workspace where design and creative development happens.

It has a friendly group of tech-savvy artists, designers, inventors, and creators.  Almost in every review or customer rating, the coffee has been a must-try.  You can work on your passion with those caffeine shots to keep you awake.

Location:  1 Customs Wharf, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6AL, United Kingdom


Membership:  For a meeting room where you can hold your presentations, practical workshops, and photoshoots, you pay  £ 70 / day. A projector is available with a seating capacity of 12. To book the entire gallery space, you will pay £ 960 / week. For open studio desks, you will pay an amount of £ 180 – £ 300 / month.

4. Spaces Edinburgh

Spaces have a free-spirited vibe that attracts a community of positive and open-minded entrepreneurs willing to grow. They have various options that can help you pick your desired area; you can customize it accordingly if you want perfectly sized office space. If coworking is what you want to practice, designer desks, chairs, sofa, and high-speed internet will keep you planted. However, a dedicated desk will provide you with a more focused environment; you will also get a cupboard and a locker if you opt for a dedicated desk. They even have a more modern virtual office space, and your mails will be handled along with access to other facilities as well.

Located close to the Editions Financial Marketing agency, this coworking space Edinburgh has, might not be in the centre of the city but is undoubtedly worth a visit. The perks include four meeting rooms, eight parking spots, super-fast WiFi, accessibility, breakout areas, 48 dedicated desks, 94 private offices, and networking events. 

Location:   92 – 98, 1 Lochrin Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 9QA, United Kingdom


Membership:  There are various membership plans available according to the space you require. If you require office space, you will have to spend £ 300 for a month, for a coworking membership the amount is £197 / month. For a dedicated desk you need to pay £ 282 / month, the meeting room is accessible on an hourly basis where one hour would cost you £ 49, and a virtual office will cost you £ 84 / month.

5. Tribe Porty Coworking Edinburgh


It is a community of working individuals who believe in working together and flourishing together. Tribe Porty is a vibrant place, and here you can practice yoga to experience the peace literally. They offer a range of opportunities for coworking, including office spaces, permanent desks, hot desks, and meeting spaces.

You can pick any package as each package will include high-speed internet, access to kitchen facilities, and meeting spaces. The venue is a five-minute walk from the Portobello Promenade, on the beach, and near cafes, restaurants, pubs, and shops.

Location: 19 Windsor Pl, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 2AJ, United Kingdom


Membership: The place has 13 office spaces, and hiring one range from £ 250 – £ 950 / month and requires a 12-month minimum contract. For permanent desks, you need to pay £ 190 / month. A hot desk can be accessed on a day-based option ranging from £ 30 – £150 / month.

6. Landmark Office Space

This place offers flexibility which helps to accommodate the different needs of different businesses. Landmark offers self-contained private offices, meeting rooms, and floors, providing you unlimited access to the space. Landmark has gained this knowledge and experience in 20 years.

This coworking space in Edinburgh has all the required amenities, including 24/7 access, bike rack, breakout space, high-speed internet, kitchen facilities, local IT support, and primary transport links. The pass gives you 24 / 7 access to the building, seven days a week. 

Location:  Exchange Place 2 5 Semple St, Edinburgh EH3 8BL, United Kingdom 


Membership: Monthly subscriptions vary from £ 50 – £ 250. A virtual office will provide you with a registered address at any location for £ 25. Alongside the virtual space, there are meeting rooms, private offices, floors, and a clubhouse also available, and you can check their pricing once you contact them.



The capital of Scotland is a hub for culture and art and has an array of picturesque landscapes. This place has attractive castles, palaces, streets, churches, and historical landmarks. Amongst these tall buildings reside the new eyecandy for aspiring entrepreneursthe coworking spaces. This ongoing trend has changed the dynamics of businesses and has widened the scope for small startups and have the potential to grow. These coworking spaces work as launchpads for many of these business ideas. Hope that you can now make a choice to find your Coworking Space Edinburgh.

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