10 Attractive Coworking Spaces in Nottingham

Nottingham, the home of the Robin hood. It’s not only the place of famous faces but there are a plethora of astonishing coworking spaces here that will surely surprise you. With coworking space Nottingham, you are having a chance to Work in a wondrous space. Each Nottingham’s coworking space has some uniqueness and all of them are designed beautifully. The Hilltop Castle museum, an art gallery, the gallery of justice museum, Wollaton hall, deer park, and whatnot. You have thousands of wonderful reason to work here. Wait! I think I get lost in telling you the virtue of Nottingham, let’s go back to the topic.

To work with peace and relax mind what we all need is a warm and engaging environment that will provide us zeal and fresh vibes. Here in Nottingham, every shared workspace is designed in a way that you will never feel like you are working somewhere else. With great amenities, good staff behavior and high-grade infrastructure you cannot deny to join a coworking space with amazing benefits. Let’s know about different working spaces in Nottingham.

Coworking Spaces in Nottingham

We make it easy for you to choose between the best working space in Nottingham. Don’t panic, here you have given a number of working spaces, choose the best one for you and start working.

1. Regus



With 3000 thousand locations in 120 countries, it is the largest working space worldwide. They provide an inspirational and acknowledged working environment that satisfies all types of business. Depend on your expected conditions here, add on or reduce flexible terms according to your needs. Whether you are only one person or an entire team, Regus has plans for everyone so that you can grow your business. For the members of Regus, they will be provided here different workspace solutions like Office space, coworking, meeting spaces, business lounge, membership (you will get access to work in any Regus Centre) and virtual office. Grab what belongs to your needs.

Location: Although it has 3000 locations we mentioned the best 5 locations of Regus in Nottingham.

Sixth Floor, City Gate E, Toll House Hill
15th Wheeler Gate
Hilton Hotel, Milton Street
Herald way Pegasus Business Park, Castle Donington

Membership Plans: As there are several locations of Regus in Nottingham, hence the price for all of them are also different. Here you will have office space starts from £4.00 per day, virtual office starts from £1.60 per day, and coworking(both permanent and hot desk) that starts from £3.50 per day.


2. Dispace


Dispace is a creative coworking space for them who have a fire to create something unique from the rest of the world. In Nottingham, Dispace is one of the shared workspace that allows you to work anywhere and anytime according to your requirement. Besides access to the UK- wide network of worker-friendly coworking spaces, you will be provided a number of great amenities also. At Dispace, they help you to make a user profile so that you can show your skills across the community. Benefited here with a number of coworking events where you can show your skills and make relations with likewise.


  • 15 Byard Ln
  • 1A Station Street
  • 17 Meadow Ln
  • 1 Rutland Street
  • 10 Bridlesmith Walk
  • 40 Bridgford Rd

Membership price: At Dispace they provided three membership plans serviced office, coworking, and traditional office. The prices are different according to locations. For the Serviced office, it starts from £3.30, for coworking, it starts from £4.74 and the price for traditional office starts from £10.67.


3. Antenna Nottingham


In old times antenna used to support signals likewise, this Antenna coworking space Nottingham supports businesses. So that you can grow and build more relations across boundaries. With beneficial advice and network opportunities, they also provide you with the office space, meeting space and studio space. At antenna, meet with likeminded peoples, generate new ideas and create something different.

Location: 9A Beck Street, Antenna Media Centre

Subscription plans: Join Antenna Nottingham today and take benefits of plenty of amenities. They provided three membership plans by the name of Member, Tenant, and virtual Tenant. All of them have different prices according to the monthly and annual subscription plan. For Member, the price starts from £25 plus VAT monthly, and for virtual Tenant, it starts from £49 plus VAT.


4. Citibase Nottingham Broadway


At Citibase Nottingham Broadway you have absolute freedom to do the work in a way you wants to. They give businesses full independence and support so that it will be easy for you to focus on work and running the business with confidence. Whatever they do, they have their staff back in their mind so that every member there can proudly say that Yes, we are Citibase.

Location: 32A Stoney Street

Member-ships: In the membership plans, they just provide with meeting room and virtual offices. With meeting spaces, you can give several presentations, boardroom meetings, and small interviews. And the virtual space provides you with the facility to use office address, conference room facility and your own telephone number for a business call. Join today.


5. Bio City Nottingham


Bio City is not like other working spaces, it is a business incubator that supports life sciences-related businesses. They know how hard is to convert an idea into reality and that is why they help entrepreneurs in every step. Here you will have given communication/presentation rooms for important discussions, presentations, and related things. Bio City also hosts industry events and boot camps for their members.


  • Pennyfoot Street
  • D6 Building, Thane Road

Plans: Join Bio City and you will be benefitted with meeting spaces and a number of industry events. Both are beneficial for your business growth. You will get a chance to meet different people with an interesting mindset and new ideas.


6. Nottingham Hackspace


This coworking space Nottingham is for them who have creative and extraordinary skills but do not have instruments to drive their idea into reality. At Nottingham Hackspace, you will be given everything so that you can make whatever you want. Apart from the work area, it is a studio and volunteer-driven workshop also. You can work here on different projects, share ideas and swap your skills. It is a nonprofit workspace where you can do crafting, knitting, bike maintenance, robotics, prototyping, gadget modification, metalwork, etc.

Location: Nottingham Hackspace, 5-7 Roden Street

Plans: The membership price here is quite different from other spaces. As this is a nonprofit space, pay whatever you want to pay but you should be of 18 years to join this working space in Nottingham.


7. Accelerate places Nottingham


Accelerate Places is one of those working space in Nottingham that believes in togetherness. Yes, they provide hot desks and private desks but they believe that together we can build much better. We all have different minds and ideas, then why don’t we help each other to build one another’s future. With both memberships subscription, an abundance of conveniences will be given.

Location: 45 Point North, Wollaton St

Memberships: With hot desks and private offices here, you will be served with conference rooms, communal areas, and rest of amenities. The prices differ for both plans like for a hot desk, price starts from £20 per Day but for private office, it starts from £300 per Month. Select the plan according to your requirements.


8. Cobden place


This place in Nottingham is home to the coworking area and creative studios. This space has two floors, the ground floors hold meeting space, cafe, and kiosk so that you do not bother to go outside for food. The above floor offers working space with a variety of membership price. Here you will have a hot desk, communication room, coworking resident desk and more.

Location: 5 Coden Chambers, Pelham Street

Memberships: Here you have the option for plenty of subscription and each of which differs in price. Hot desk here starts from 15 pounds per day, meeting space for 90 pounds per day, resident desk starts from 125 pounds PCM whereas from 50 pounds PCM(one day a week). Choose the best suitable plan for you and join this coworking space in Nottingham today.


9. Minor Oak


At Minor Oak, you will not face any kind of disturbance or distraction, the environment here is so inspiring. Everyone needs some inspiration and new ideas for development and that is why here at Minor Oak they tried people to interact with like-minded one. Exchange of thoughts will give you a blunt of useful information and ways to achieve your goals. Here you can take benefit of coworking, meeting rooms and virtual office.

Location: Sneinton Market, 4th Gedling Street

Membership plans: For the members of Minor Oak, meeting rooms are free for them but for outsiders, it will cost 15 pounds per hour. If you are looking for a virtual office then you have to pay 15 pounds per month.


10. WorkSocial Nottingham


With shared space at WorkSocial, you can self-start your business and step towards your dreams. Here you will see how differently they organized things so that you will feel positive and enthusiastic while working. They have meeting rooms, working area and shared spaces for you. Not only that they also have quiet focus areas and collaboration spots to working peacefully.

Location: 111 Town Square Pl, Jersey City

Membership price: With hot desk here, work anywhere you want. You will be provided with each amenities. working spaces here are beautifully structured and that is one of the reasons why you should join this Nottingham’s coworking space.



There are many Coworking spaces in Nottingham which provide you the working environment that you have been searching for months. Every space is unique in its way. If you are in Nottingham and gonna start your business then you are very lucky as you have many options. They will not only give you space but also a way so that you can reach your goals. Some of the spaces are so wonderful that they provide you every equipment for your experiment, what you need is fire to achieve something great. These coworking spaces in Nottingham will ignite your soul and help you to achieve whatever you want to.

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