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Vancouver is ranked as the topmost city in terms of quality of life and livability and a transforming work culture. At the forefront of this transformation is the coworking culture spreading in the city. The Profile Vancouver is one such coworking space operating here.

A region which is defined by its enormous potential for growth and is considered as the most diverse cities in Canada, Vancouver is the place for entrepreneurs and talent pool of Canada. In the midst of Vancouver, The Profile has established three coworking spaces which personify collaboration. These spaces have become a boutique of talented people coming from different backgrounds and are further developing with the help of an enabling community.

This space is inspired by the sharing network and has enabled its members to share not only workspaces but also a culture of cohesiveness and understanding. The Profile Vancouver has three locations across the city and it is where work is fun and engaging. Any coworking space is defined by interaction among the like-minded people, this coworking space is unique as it works with a different approach towards the members. They promote the work-life balance and work hard to help the member gain this balance beautifully.

The Profile Vancouver Downtown


The downtown area of every city is described as the financial area because of the various organizations operating out of there. It also has several entertainment centres and restaurants making the downtown area as the most happening place in the city. The Profile Vancouver has established one of their spaces in this region which is the perfect blend of modernity, business culture, and fun. From dedicated desks to small offices you can avail from a lot of options here. You can reach this location by commuting through public transport or bike your way to your new office. The walk score for this space is 98, transit score is 100 and the bike score is 64.

The downtown coworking space is located at 535 Thurlow St Suite 100, Vancouver, BC V6E 3L2, Canada.

The Profile Gastown


To get a taste of the classic history of Vancouver, head to the first coworking space established by The Profile. The interiors give you a hint of the heritage and the high ceilings along with the exquisite wooden furniture will take you back into the Victorian Era. Of course, the heritage is complemented with the modern architecture and exposure to the latest technology. Gastown is another hub of entertainment and vibrant atmosphere in the City of Vancouver. It is located near to the financial so you will benefit from all the perks of an extravagant region of authentic businesses and network building organizations. For this coworking space, the walk score is 97, the transit score is 100 and the bike score is 65.

Head to the Water Street and look for the address 375 Water Street Suite 200, Vancouver.

The Profile North Vancouver


The Lonsdale coworking space of The Profile is built above 1949 post office building in North Vancouver. This coworking space has all the amenities as other coworking spaces but added to them you can enjoy the mesmerizing harbour views. Parking is not an issue in this part of the city, commuting on public transport can be an issue with this location, so that is why I would recommend going on a bike. Being located in the outskirts the walk score is 96, the transit score is 64 and the bike score is 54.

I guess Lyft is more popular in Vancouver than Uber. Nonetheless head to 120 Lonsdale Avenue suite 100, North Vancouver.

Amenities at The Profile Coworking

  • Avail from the state of the art meeting rooms.
  • Blazing fast internet and printing,
  • Join in for a number of events that take place on the premises.
  • The desk space is spacious and it complements your mood.
  • All the three spaces are located in easy to reach areas.
  • There are bike and car parking available in all the locations.
  • In-house cafe and tea house are built to rev up your neurons while working.
  • The community culture helps you steer towards growth.
  • You will also find an open patio at the North Vancouver coworking space.
  • There is a bar on the premises.


Membership at The Profile Vancouver

You can choose from four membership plans in this location:

Common Desks: The common desk will give you one seat may be a new one every day in your new office. This seat comes at $375 per month or if you are in town for one day, it will come at $25 per day only. Common desk at the North Vancouver location comes at a bit lower price of $350 per month.

Team Desk: Teaming up with a partner, not to worry. You will get a chance to sit together without paying for the dedicated desk. The price for team desk is the same as it is for the common desk, that is $375 per month. The team desk space at North Vancouver space comes at $400 per month.

Dedicated Desk: If you want to sit in the same spot every single day, go for the dedicated desk membership. The prices start at $495 and can go to $695 according to the services and package chosen. However, the North Vancouver dedicated desk rentals start from $445 till $645/month.

Private office: If you see yourself increasing in terms of growth and team go for the private office in the same shared The Profile Vancouver coworking space. The private offices start at $1095 per month in the Downtown location. In the NorthVancouver location, you can rent an office from 2 to 8 people at $1125 per month. The Gastown offices come at $685 per month.

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Contact Details

The Profile Vancouver

Phone: Give them a call at 604-637-9725

Email: Send them an email at [email protected]


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