5 Off-Beat Coworking Spaces in Winnipeg

Are you looking for an out-of-the-ordinary coworking space in Winnipeg? If you are, then you’re in luck. Firstly, Winnipeg is a city with immense character. Secondly, it’s a city with entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, the increase of excellent coworking hubs in the city has spiraled growth for many businesses.

From vibrant atmospheres to strong communities, the city’s coworking spaces promote creativity, collaboration, and connection. So, while searching, consider these five shared spaces. Each of these spaces offers much more than just basic Wi-Fi, desk, and chair amenities.

Coworking Space Winnipeg

The long list of opportunities that this city has to offer doesn’t end with just traditional coworking spaces. There are many treasures in the form of off-beat coworking spaces that have their own charm. Let’s explore some of the best ones.


TableSpace Coworking Winnipeg

coworking space winnipeg

Is comfort your top priority? Choose TableSpace Coworking, and it will cast a spell on you with its homely coworking environment. Although it’s an office space, it still manages to give off a vibe similar to working in a living room. From sofas to comfortable chairs, this coworking space has it all. The most fun and out-of-the-box coworking space in Winnipeg, TableSpace is known for being a place where people can gather to work and relax. Donations, events, social gatherings, and parties are some of the activities that take place here. Possibly, every inch of this place oozes positivity and creativity. Therefore, your professional goals will be easily achieved in this magnetic place.

One of a kind in its own way, TableSpace has a range of amenities to get excited for. Besides the high-speed internet, you also get access to unlimited office supplies. Grab a coffee and mingle with other coworkers in the kitchen. If you’re ever feeling lethargic, take a break and connect with others at frequent events. Moreover, the team at TableSpace is ever-ready to assist you with your technical queries. Since they understand and value a clean space, the premise is clean like a whistle. Also, if you want a place to host an event, this is the where you should be.

Pricing: Various plans like Dream chaser, Rising star, Goal getter, Mail address, Private office, and Personal desk cost $70, $99, $199, $49, $750, and $299 per month, respectively. Great news for students! A student day pass costs just $15, and a day pass for the rest is $20 per day. There are more plans on offer, and you can visit their website to explore and book one for yourself.

Location: 196 Osborne St, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Z3, Canada

Website: https://www.tablespace.ca/

Phone: (204) 202-3210


Launch Coworking Space Winnipeg

Home to over 200 entrepreneurs, Launch Coworking is a creative powerhouse. With three locations in the city, it has a strong presence. All three branches of this space have their own unique environment. However, what they all have in common are an electric atmosphere and creative individuals. The Launch is a space that helps individuals develop their ideas through community, collaboration, and collective knowledge. Due to their consistent, adaptable, secure, clean, friendly, and fun atmosphere, individuals may focus on their work while meeting with coworkers and hosting important educational, training, and networking events. Therefore, you can manage your stress and focus more on your work by choosing Launch.

Speaking of world-class amenities, the Launch has them all. From insanely fast internet to a well-stocked kitchen, all your needs will be covered. If you ever feel that your creativity is blocked, take a break and socialize in group events. Furthermore, relax and wind with a chilled mug of beer on the tab. Sound fun, right? Nonetheless, the lockers, mail services, 24hr access, parking, and HD projectors are some of the other amenities that you will find here. Perhaps, it’s like a ‘home away from home.’

Pricing: The rate of different memberships like Individual Flex, Virtual, Meet, Team, and Office are $19, $29, $199, $499, and $599 per month, respectively. For various monthly crew memberships, check out the website and select the membership that suits you best.


  • 1460 Chevrier Blvd #200, Winnipeg, MB R3T 1Y6, Canada
  • 167 Lombard Ave Suite 500, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0V3, Canada
  • Launch Village 130 Scott St. Winnipeg MB, Canada

Website: https://launchcoworking.ca/southside

Phone: (204) 285-9511


888 Business Center

coworking space winnipeg

A unique coworking space and one of the best in Winnipeg, 888 Business Center has grafted the modern outlook with fully-furnished offices. Moreover, clean air and green space surround this area, which makes it a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. The option of customization and scalability is available so that you are not stuck with a space you’re not content with. Further, to improve your work experience, this place has everything to foster innovation and creativity. All your clients, associates, and employees will find it easy to visit you as this shared space is situated in a prime location. So, say bye to your monotonous workspace and join the 888 Business Center without a second thought.

Dedicated parking spaces, a landline, a locker option, and additional community perks are at your service here. Furthermore, as said above, you may completely personalize your working environment to match your own particular requirements and culture. A personalized coworking space helps boost productivity to the next level. Besides the basic yet essential amenities like fast internet, scanning, mail services, and shipping address, you also get access to a fully furnished desk space. Free coffee and tea are always available to support your productivity. Also, the lounge and kitchen in the space will provide you with the perfect break you need from work. The list of services goes on and on, but the idea is clear- this place has got your back!

Pricing: The various membership plans, like a private office, dedicated desk, coworking space, and virtual office, cost $ 598, $ 248, $ 128, and $ 36 per month, respectively. The space is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., but tenants may use it 24×7. To know more about the prices and features, you may contact them today.

Location: 888 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3E 0C7, Canada

Website: https://nordstrandttn.ca/

Phone: (431) 998-9868


Regus St Mary Avenue

If you wish to work in a solid base with a corporate feel, Regus St Mary Avenue has all the right ingredients. From the environment to the individuals working here, everything spells efficiency. Imagine working in a place where natural light pours in through the huge glass windows. You can’t go wrong in choosing this space with its exquisite ambiance and reasonable price. Adding to that is its ideal setting, which will bring out every ounce of creativity in of you. Moreover, the nearby Winnipeg train station and the Trans-Canada highway make this place even more accessible.

This coworking space in Winnipeg has all the bells and whistles you can ask for. The on-site restaurant, sandwich, and coffee bar make it easier for you to refuel. If parking is a huge concern for you, fret not, as this place has secure underground parking. And if you love a bit more freedom and networking, breakout areas will be your happy place. Make the most of the business lounges, be secure with CCTV monitoring and pace up your work with high-speed internet. Your experience here will be comfortable and fruitful, with so many amenities at your disposal.

Pricing: The prices of office space, virtual space, and coworking start from $349, $329, and $65 per month, respectively. Further, to book a meeting room, you just have to pay $29/hr.

Location: 330 St Mary Ave Suite 300, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z5, Canada

Website: https://www.regus.com/winnipeg/

Phone: (204) 809-5700


North Forge Technology Exchange

coworking space winnipeg

Imagine a working space that incubates your ideas and helps them grow. Well, why just imagine when you can have it in real life? North Forge Technology Exchange is the space that’ll do just that. Moreover, it’s the safest place one can ever work in, as the space protects you from harassment and discrimination of any kind. Having worked with over 370 startup companies, this space is a hub of entrepreneurs with fresh and innovative ideas. You get to be a part of this community of growth-oriented individuals. Additionally, the mentors for your growth here will guide you on your journey to success.

Situated in a convenient location, the place is accessible to many public transport options. The space has all the features needed to support innovative, science-based, technology-enabled, and advanced manufacturing firms. Following a kitchenette and complimentary coffee, the place has meeting rooms and boardrooms. You can possibly find the best solution to any problem with the help of fellow workers and a strong support system. And if you’re uncertain about your schedule, you can access the building in the evening, at weekends and on holidays too. So, quickly join North Forge Technology Exchange to turn your big dreams into reality.

Pricing: If you are at 125 Adelaide Street, the desk costs $250 per month + GST for non-members, whereas if you are at 441 – 100 Innovation Drive, the desk costs $250 per month + GST for non-members too. Also, the rate of the same for members is $100.

Location: 100 Innovation Dr #441, Winnipeg, MB R3T 6G2, Canada

Website: https://northforge.ca

Phone: (204) 262-6400


Grow your business rapidly by coworking in one of these fantastic spaces in Winnipeg. From the five upbeat spaces mentioned above, you can work flexibly per your requirements and budget. And once you do, there is definitely no going back! You will not only save a lot of money but also increase your productivity. What’s more? A coworking space in Winnipeg will open multiple doors for networking. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make your booking today!

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