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WeWork Berkeley is synonymous with endless opportunities and productivity. Located in the heart of one of the most prominent education cities, this coworking space is abuzz with entrepreneurs. Also, brace yourself for a five-star treatment at WeWork’s Berkeley coworking space. For the reason that they have eye-popping interiors, great staff, and fine amenities. And another reason to be at this WeWork coworking space is the endless opportunities you will be presented with.

WeWork Berkeley is rightly aligned with its motto, to create a space where people work to make a life. As the members can access numerous opportunities, they get ample support to be able to do what they truly love. Making it a hub of ideas and aspirations. WeWork, which has now become the We Company is more about building a community, hence the ‘we’. And hence it is obviously the spot that seeks to completely redefine the way startups work. Wish to know more about this awesome space? Keep reading!

Perks of Coworking at WeWork :

Calling WeWork home has many benefits for startups and entrepreneurs. Some of these are,

  • Round the Clock Access: Members can access the WeWork facilities round the clock. Plus the premises are fully air-conditioned and super clean.
  • Receptionist Service: All members and their guests are treated with the service of a professional front desk.
  • Lounge Areas: The lounge areas are more than impressive. With fancy wall decors and furnishings, you’ll love working from the comfort of a couch here.
  • Super Speed Internet: A lightning fast internet is a prominent perk of working from WeWork and WeWork Berkeley locations are no exception. The fast internet and WiFi connectivity allow you to have seamless work and business operations. Plus you will also have access to the IT support staff. And guest logins are also available for your visitors.
  • Community Events: WeWork also hosts multiple events at regular intervals. These range from speaker events to workshops, or just networking events like wine tasting and the like. Thus they act as a great tool to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Onsite Support Staff: Have any queries about payments, memberships or finding a dentist nearby? Their Berkeley support staff will be happy to help.
  • Unlimited Coffee: Keep your energy levels high all through the day with a constant supply of fine micro-roasted coffee at WeWork Berkeley.
  • Fruit Water: Their Fruit infused water is another great option you will have to refreshen your tired workaholic souls.
  • Office Utilities: You will find all the general office utilities at your disposal here. The equipment includes printers, scanners, photocopiers, etc.
  • Conference Rooms: They have ultimate conference rooms that are ready to impress you and all your guests. Plus these have all the AV equipment that you may need and that too of high quality.
  • Phone Booths: Have a personal or a professional call, you don’t wish to mess up? The phone booth will help you keep it private.
  • Mail Handling: Working from WeWork Berkeley also comes with the facility to gets your mails taken care of by an efficient staff. This service is either inclusive in some memberships. In others may avail it at a nominal monthly fee.
  • Pet-Friendly: These WeWork locations are pet-friendly. So you can bring your little puppy along.


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WeWork Berkeley Membership Prices:

WeWork offers three membership options for the Berkeley coworking community. These include hot and permanent desks, besides private Office spaces. 

Hot Desks

Hot desking at WeWork Berkeley is as smooth as a cake walk. Starting from the price of $430 per month, hot desks are workstations in an open plan area. Wherein all members sit together while pursuing their individual interests. In fact, on each day you are free to find a vacant desk in any locations within the coworking space. Thus making it the most flexible of all the membership options. Also, you will be surrounded by a great community, besides the opportunities to connect with them while using hot desks. And two additional perks of hot-desking at WeWork Berkeley are,

  • You will get a pair of credits every month for using the Conference Rooms.
  • Plus you can also avail the Mail and Package Handling Service for an additional $50 per month.

Dedicated Desk

Dedicated desks, on the other hand, are more suitable for those who wish who seek more permanence. And also for those professionals who need installing additional equipment for work. Thus you can set up an open office, by reserving a single desk or more for your small team. Though in an open plan area, all the desks here are reserved for particular members, both in their presence and absence. You can also feel free to place your favorite picture frame, a plant, etc to personalize it. The price of a dedicated desk begins from $550 per month. But there are few inclusive as well at WeWork Berkeley, like,

  • Besides a desk and chair, you’ll have a trash can and a lockable storage cabinet in place.
  • For using the conference room, you’ll get 5 credits per month.
  • The mail handling services are included within the membership price.

Private Office

If you prefer working in a more serene setting alone or with a team, get private office space at WeWork Berkeley. In fact, these private offices range suits all, from one man army businesses to complete corporate office suites. Plus they are lockable, completely customizable and are also ready to move in. The price for a private office here starts from $710 per month for a single occupancy office. While it may shoot up to $8,150 per month for teams of size 20. They can accommodate even larger teams as well. This membership at WeWork Berkeley comes with some added benefits.

  • The team will get 12 monthly credits for accessing the Conference Rooms.
  • Along with an inclusive Mail Handling Service.

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Locations of WeWork in Berkeley:

WeWork Berkeley has two locations in the city, with both in close proximity. Residing right beside UC Berkeley, one of the top Universities in the States, they naturally attract local and global innovators.

2120 University Ave


WeWork at 2120 University Ave is a top-notch coworking space in this east San Francisco Bay city. This building is hard to miss on the University Ave, thanks to its color splashing, hand-painted, front facade mural. While the interiors too have been recently renovated the walls carry original art pieces and live plants. The University Ave is home to countless bars and restaurants, so you’ll have multiple dine out options. Moreover, this seven-story WeWork Berkeley building also has a bike rack right in front, besides street parking. While the nearest BART Station is only a couple blocks away. And there are many bus stops at short walking distances.

2120 Berkeley Way – Recently Announced!


2120 Berkeley Way has been recently refurbished from an old University Press site. And just like the other WeWork Berkely space, this space too, carries impressive murals and pieces of art. This WeWork Berkeley location has a parking lot right across the street. While you can catch a bus at a stone’s throw distance. And so are many fine dining restaurants and bars. The nearest BART Station is only minutes away.

For any queries or to schedule a visit, give a call at 1800 123 365 365. Or you may also contact them through their website.

Website: https://www.wework.com


Freelancing or thinking of starting a company of your own, WeWork Berkeley is the spot to be at. This coworking space in Berkeley is amazingly supportive of the startup culture and will meet all your entrepreneurial needs with perfection. You may choose one of the many memberships they offer and pay for only what you use. And if you wish to go for WeWork trial, feel free to contact them. They may also provide you with a WeWork day pass for the same. For your information, 2120 University Ave is almost full! So without much ado, schedule your visit soon! If you didn’t find what you were looking for, check out the best-rated coworking spaces in Berkeley!

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