WeWork Creates a Stir in The Real Estate Sector

WeWork is one of the most famous coworking spaces that has earned a reputation for providing some of the finest workplaces. With its business-class amenities, well-equipped offices, and unique interior design, it has managed to mark its authority in the coworking world. After gaining popularity, WeWork decided to tap into the market of the commercial sector and it has made some great achievements in this area as well. Such is the performance of this company that it has made headlines in the Wall Street Journal.

Even though WeWork has been conveniently dodging questions about its new business model, it is impossible to slow them down from progressing. Not long ago, it was looking forth to tapping the credit market for $4 billion. Furthermore, this was mainly to grow its mark in the coworking market. Due to its efficient services and flexible renting choices, WeWork has been on the top of the list for many business enthusiasts when it comes to choosing a workplace. This is the reason why when CybelAngel, a French startup was looking for a workstation, its clear choice was WeWork. They were highly impressed to find everything at a single place. For instance, from the reception desk to the conference room, there was the availability of everything. 

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  • After making a mark in the coworking business, WeWork continues investing in the real estate market.
  • It has successfully completed some of the best business models making it widely popular. 
  • Though they did not comment on their next business move it is evident that WeWork will stop at nothing.

About WeWork

WeWork is an American based company that offers shared workspaces to companies, startups, and large corporations. Moreover, the company offers both physical and virtual services to its members. The estimated valuation of WeWork is $47 billion dollars which shows how it has managed to dominate the market. Not to mention, the company has around 5,000 employees and is operating in more than 280 locations. The company has provided its services to some of the biggest tech companies and others. So, this shows that people have a strong faith in WeWork and know that they will get what they require in this place. However, WeWork faces stiff competition from other giant coworking facilities.

Since its first appearance in the year 2010, the company had barely started gaining customers. However, as the concept of coworking received more attention, a lot of people explored this option. It is right to point out that WeWork understood the demands of entrepreneurs and came up with something that was totally out of the box.

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