Wello Works Takes First Steps into the U.S. to Support Wellness in the Workspace

Wello Works, a new wellness coworking space that launched this month in Sandy Springs, an Atlanta suburb, is the embodiment of an Australian work-and-wellness concept that blends popular therapies like HydroMassage and infrared saunas with the daily grind.

Wello Coworking and Wello Collective are the two locations that make up Wello Works. Wello Works, a coworking space, is currently in phase one and is selling passes and lounge memberships. Phase 2 will open in June and feature offices, desks, and “quiet coworking options.”

Wello Works offers the ideal solution: the opportunity to take a break for movement, recovery, or relaxation while moving away from your desk. While employers race to implement wellness initiatives for stressed-out employees who have come to expect health and wellness programs as part of their benefits package, Wello Works offers the best option.

Earlier this year, the idea was initially introduced in Rosebery, an Australian suburb of Sydney.

Tony de Leede, an entrepreneur with a notable background in the fitness and wellness sector, is the driving force behind Wello Works. Among his achievements are the founding of Fitness First Australia, the launch of YogaBar and  Qmax Functional Training.

“The operative word is ‘Wello,’ which is a new word we have invented to mean a wellness break, and we talk about the evolution of the ‘smoko’ to a ‘wello,’” he said regarding the new coworking concept. “In Australia, smoking breaks are referred to as smokos. We got some good traction from promoting the evolution of the smoko to the wello, as having a proper break is more important than ever.”

Access to the coworking space is available to employees through a variety of membership choices, with a base cost of $199 per month or $20 for a day pass. Members can use the encrypted app to gain access to meeting rooms, sound-absorbing phone booths, and “break-out zones” within the coworking area.

The “heart and soul” of Wello Works, the Wello Lounge, is open to all employees and provides unlimited access to coffee and sparkling water, an O2 breathing chair, and a recovery massage chair, as well as virtual movement rooms.

Independent from the co-working space, The Wello Collective provides more high-end health facilities in 10-to 20-minute sessions. These include LED light therapy beds, CryoLounges, Infrared saunas with salt walls, Relax Meditation Pods, HydroMassages, and Somadome deep meditation. As long as they reserve a session, the public is welcome to use the area.

Wellness clubs are opening up quickly in big cities like New York, and by 2027, it’s expected that the wellness real estate market will be worth around $890 billion. Life Time, a high-end sports club, is still building homes that support healthy living, and big hotel chains are improving their fitness and wellness programs.

The U.S. has by far the largest wellness business in the world, valued at $1.8 trillion, despite the fact that health and wellbeing are becoming a more global phenomenon.

Laura Pop-Badiu

Laura Pop-Badiu is a Senior Creative Writer at CoworkingCafe and CoworkingMag, with a degree in Journalism and a background in both hospitality and real estate. Laura is a certified bookworm with a genuine passion for the written word and a keen interest in the coworking sector. Her work has been featured in major publications like Forbes, NBC News, The Business Journals, Chicago Tribune, MSN and Yahoo! Finance, among others.
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