Coworking Near Airports: Weighing the Benefits & Drawbacks

Coworking spaces are redefining how we work by offering flexibility and productivity, while simultaneously overcoming geographical limitations. In fact, you can now find flex offices in shopping malls, department stores and other popular spots, making it easier for people to work wherever they are. To that end, the appeal of coworking spaces in high-traffic locations frequented by professionals is undeniable, and one particularly promising area for coworking spaces is near airports.

For travelers looking to work during layovers, a one-time pass to a basic airport lounge for around $50 might not offer the best value. Instead, specialized workspaces close to airports could be more attractive for traveling professionals looking to maximize their time.

Advantages of Coworking Spaces Near Airports

A coworking space near an airport offers numerous benefits. Let’s explore some of the key advantages of these spaces that are located within the vicinity of an airport:

Networking Opportunities

The constant flow of people creates a vibrant environment and opens up plenty of opportunity for networking. Although high-traffic contexts can seem intimidating, the diversity of individuals and their professional backgrounds offers a great chance for collaboration.

That said, there are two main target niches for airport-area coworking spaces. The first is business travelers, for whom convenience is the primary selling point. The second group consists of individuals who thrive in dynamic environments. For them, meeting new people every day provides the excitement they seek, combined with the benefits of a coworking space.

To navigate these environments successfully, it’s essential to embrace proactive networking strategies. This includes initiating conversations and using social media platforms, like LinkedIn. In fact, simple actions can significantly enhance your networking efforts if you step out of your comfort zone. Bonus tip: Following up on initial meetings is a great way to consolidate your new professional relationships.


The clearest benefit of having a coworking space near an airport is the option it provides to business travelers who need to work during prolonged layovers. For example, numerous multinational corporations encourage employees to remain productive during business travel. With coworking spaces conveniently located near airports, these companies can ensure an excellent working environment. Additionally, busy entrepreneurs on personal trips can attend important meetings at coworking spaces or resolve those last-minute tasks before finally going offline.

Another market that these coworking spaces can tap into is companies that need to host meetings with out-of-town employees, which often leads to increased in-house expenses for accommodations. In this case, having a coworking space near an airport allows these guests to seamlessly join the team right after landing, which benefits both parties. For employees, this setup avoids the hassle of navigating a city to attend a meeting, while employers can save on accommodation and travel expenses.

Additional advantages of coworking spaces in the airport vicinity include access to a wider range of amenities and services that are work-focused. Specifically, elements like more power outlets near a comfortable desk or a fast and secure network can make the difference between finishing your work in time or not. Besides, the benefit of a less-crowded area may be an important feature for most workers.

Disadvantages of Coworking Spaces Near Airports

While coworking spaces near airports offer convenience for frequent business travelers, there are some drawbacks to consider. First, the elevated noise levels in such environments can hinder concentration, especially for individuals who work best in quieter environments. And, because airports are typically located outside of city centers, commuting can be an issue for local members.

Cost of Coworking Spaces Near Airports

Coworking day passes generally maintain similar pricing, whether they’re near an airport or in a business district. Yet, certain coworking operators provide subscription options that enable access to all locations within their network — including those at the airport — at a notable discount compared to one-time lounge passes. Nevertheless, pricing and availability can vary based on various factors. And, while some spaces may offer private desks, they typically come with higher charges — particularly in bustling airport environments. As with traditional coworking offices, choosing a shared space remains the more economical option.

Coworking spaces near airports present a valuable solution for business travelers and entrepreneurs. Despite potential challenges, such as noise and disruptions, these spaces offer traveling professionals a convenient hub to remain productive, even on flight days. Plus, they also provide additional benefits, such as networking opportunities and access to various amenities. Ultimately, coworking spaces near airports cater to the needs of today’s fast-paced, travel-centric work culture, providing an efficient workspace solution.

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