How Coworking Spaces Enhance Mental Health

It’s no secret: Office work is stressful, and mental health concerns are rising as more companies are clamping down on their work-from-home policies. And, while some of the most stressful aspects of work life (like deadlines) most likely remain out of your control, it’s important to realize that you can take steps improve your mental health in plenty of other areas.

First, changing the scenery is one solution that often comes to mind, and coworking spaces are designed to meet this very need and so much more. Specifically, they allow you to take control of your work environment and create the space you need to be productive — without being pulled by the constraints of a traditional office. Let’s explore how coworking can uplift your mood and improve your mental wellbeing.

The Connection Between Coworking & Improved Mental Health

According to a Mental Health Foundation survey, nearly one in seven individuals experiences mental health problems at work. Thus, it’s crucial that we know how to tackle this ever-increasing problem. Here’s how coworking can help:

Overcoming Procrastination & Boosting Productivity

Working from home or in a dull office can sap your motivation, leaving you feeling stuck. This may lead to procrastination, which can soon affect your productivity and open the doors for even more anxiety and stress.

Conversely, the creative energy in coworking spaces can help you put an end to these delays as it gives you a chance to work in a professional and inspiring environment. Enthusiasm is contagious, and simply meeting new people from different fields can be enough to change your mindset, thereby compelling you to be proactive and get things done efficiently.

Achieving a Healthy Work/Life Balance

One of the cornerstones of solid mental health and sustainable productivity is maintaining a healthy work/life balance. At the end of the day, we should ideally work not just to make a living, but to nourish our lives. It’s a win-win: When our needs outside of work are met, our productivity flourishes and our work becomes inherently more fulfilling.

However, this cycle is easily broken if lengthy commutes or working overtime to offset procrastination rob you of precious hours every day on top of your normal shift. That said, for most people who work in a traditional office district, daily commutes and rush-hour traffic are a given. However, with almost half of U.S. coworking spaces located in suburban areas, there’s a good chance that you have a coworking space much closer to your home with the same amenities that you have in your downtown office.

Building a Supportive Community

When you feel like you’re part of something larger than yourself, it gives you a sense of belonging. This way, being surrounded by a supportive community can mitigate work stress. Plus, sharing a workspace with other professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds can provide essential social support, fostering a positive outlook toward work and thus contributing to a happier, healthier life.

In the same way, coworking spaces are designed to promote an environment of community and collaboration. When you share your workspace with others, you can take breaks to socialize and connect with people. Accordingly, these work-friend bonds can provide a support system that helps ease any work-related tension. Notably, coworking spaces also often host community events that help diffuse work pressure and mitigate the feeling of isolation at work.

Relaxation Spaces

It’s natural to feel restless when you’re under pressure, and many office workers would agree that it can be difficult to . So, a secluded, comfortable relaxation corner can be a blessing, so you can take a breather anytime you need. Moreover, coworking spaces have recognized this need and many of them go far beyond the basic chill room to offer sleeping nooks, mothers’ rooms, game lounges, coffee corners and much more.

Of course, many of us seek a productive workspace that fosters career growth without compromising mental health. So, apart from being a cost-effective solution if you’re running a business, coworking spaces are great for boosting productivity while prioritizing mental health. From reducing stress to promoting a sense of belonging, working in a flexible office space will provide several benefits, so give coworking a try and boost your mood, as well as your productivity!

Balazs Szekely

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