5 Ways Women Only Coworking Spaces Can Help Grow Entrepreneurship

Coworking is one of the most trending elements of the entrepreneurship arena, and right now even more trending are the women only coworking spaces. Shared office spaces have been making multifaceted productive outcomes for all small-scale businessmen and even individual freelance professionals. Platforms like WeWork have been growing breakneck speed and has about 12000 members, and the numbers are ever increasing. These coworking spaces comprise of all types of working professionals, both male and female. While most women are comfortable working with men, yet there are some women who find that intimidating. That is the reason why the women only coworking spaces have popped up so as to increase the comfort level of a considerable number of professional women. Many say that most of the shared office spaces are so compact with men, that it seems more like a ‘broworking zone’ instead of a coworking zone. With the recent movement of #metoo coming up and a number of work harassment cases surfacing, women are not feeling safe anywhere and that is another reason why these gender-specific spaces are being encouraged. Now we will talk about the 5 ways in which the women-specific coworking spaces are helping in the huge growth of entrepreneurship.

Example of women only coworking

In Minnesota, ‘The Coven’ is one among the ideal women specific coworking space which has been able to initiate startups of a lot of women who were initially apprehensive about unisex shares workstations. It opened this year itself in March and already has over 200 members, thus gaining immense popularity. Here women can work as long as they want. It is pet-friendly, and there are nursing rooms with cradles for new mothers. Not only that, the washrooms have shower systems and beauty rooms so that women can freshen up and get dressed for any professional event according to their own needs and nothing can stop them from being what they are.

Women Only Coworking Spaces & Entrepreneurship 

The feeling of security – there are many who want to have their own setup but are anxious about doing it in a unisex space. There is late night works and many conservative families would not let women work late in a male crowded place just for the sake of safety. This, in turn, can hamper their entrepreneurship skills and the work module. These gender-specific spaces can help women to work during flexible hours so that the workflow goes unhindered. For all these extra facilities, it is not that the membership fee is very high. Instead, it can be safely said that the entry fee in these coworking spaces start at $200 and are confined to, average rates only. These workstations have very strict security systems so that women can feel safe while working and CCTV systems work in the most perfect manner to give a sense of safety to the working staff. This means that no matter how late you work, you have no tension of being harassed in any manner.

Focus on the wellness –  Women really have to go through a lot as per as their physio-mental condition is taken in the count. So these spaces have the best of the professionals to help many brilliant minded women entrepreneurs to continue their business and freelancing activities without hindrance. If in any case, any working staff does not feel good, then the wellness centre is there to be at your beck and call. This is indeed a wake-up call for all single mothers who have been dreaming to be an entrepreneur and thus can take a step forward towards new business venture.

Great opportunity for networking. There are a number of women who are not comfortable sharing their opinions and ideas with the opposite sex. On the other hand, if these people only meet other businesswomen with similar ideas, they feel more comfortable to interact, collaborate and create a community which has the potential to outgrow other communities in every dimension. That is why we need to have women specific coworking zones where only women can have their meetings, organise their agendas, get to work and create an established company. A woman-specific community comprises of a lot of professions coming together which indicates a strong sense of networking. If you enrol yourself here, you are more likely to create bonds with like-minded self-employed women with the mission and vision of upgrading the self along with a holistic development of the society as a whole.

Breaking the Subtle patriarchy that lingers in most of the coworking zones. Getting a woman only coworking spot means that somehow you have been able to break the shackles of convention and build a path all by yourself. In countries like India, women in metropolitan cities do not feel safe anymore. The feel that they are compelled to stay indoors after Dark because most of the working spheres are male-dominated and there is a fair chance of being sexually assaulted. The days might have changed, but society remains the same. Coworking spaces for women is a depiction of the freedom of the working schedule of the fairer sex. Gone are the days when women had to sit back suppressing their dreams of being a successful businesswoman and that is definitely a Win-Win situation in the field of entrepreneurship.

Chance of getting a good mentor. in these working spots, you might get to meet other women you are working in the same field as you, but with much higher experience. That is the time when you get to learn and go deep into your working subject from her. Not only that, but you also get a prior rectification of all your potential mistakes that you might have made, which in turn could have contributed to your loss in business. Any coworking zone is full of surprises, and you just have to find what’s in store for you.

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For a woman who is generally known for creating life, creating a business strategy is not a groveling task. And when given the perfect platforms like women only coworking spaces, they can indeed create wonders and start the fire of entrepreneurship ablaze.

Ajay Deep

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