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Working at Impact Hub Ottawa in their coworking space is one of its kind experience. A global knit of entrepreneurs, ideas, cultures, programs and much more, Ottawa’s Impact Hub acts as a shed for professionals who are driven by purpose as well as creativity. With the existence of over 100 Impact Hubs in different locations of the world, this coworking space is more of a clique where the fanciest ideas are unleashed and thus fabricated into most successful business lines. For the ones wishing to create an impact through their thoughts and implementations, Impact Hub Ottawa focuses on their operations to help them.

An individual steps into the field of business with the view of putting his/her vibrant interests and ideas into the flow by collaborating with the services rendered by like-minded people. And, side by side, when professionals meet, a team is built. The idea sounds great, isn’t it? But simultaneously comes the various challenges and responsibilities. For a fresher, beginning with the first step for his/her dream business is great when the assistance by the coworking spaces like Impact Hub Ottawa are extended.

A Tour of Impact Hub Ottawa

As the name itself has the word impact within itself, Impact Hub is a coworking space in Ottawa, Canada, which helps the entrepreneurs who wish to create an impact through their stream of operations. A maze for both the individuals as well as the organisations, Impact Hub Ottawa, is known to offer a working environment where learning, working as well as rejuvenation goes hand in hand.

Impact hub was born in London in the year 2005 and since then, 13 years down the lane, this coworking space is now a diverse family with its roots spread in the form of a network. It connects more than 15,000 people in communities that are more than 85 in number. Based on the vision of creating a better world, Impact Hub Ottawa can be considered as a bridge in between the people who have found a common purpose and thus work to evolve by teaming up for a combined goal accomplishment. With 21 more Impact Hubs in making, here’s what all you can find at this coworking space.

  • If you wish to build professionally strong connections as well as are hungry to develop new skills and gain knowledge to implement, Impact Hub Ottawa, is the correct take.
  • A catalyzed impact is on your way as this coworking in Ottawa is a flood of networks and diversification which the world is going through and your startup can be a part of it as well.
  • From cutting-edge content available as well as the programs and events that will help in boosting up the level of innovation which your enterprise indulges into, there are many things you can look up to.

Location & Map

Ottawa Impact Hub

123 Slater Street, 6th Floor, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H2

Contact: (613) 680-3506


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Membership Plans at Impact Hub, Ottawa

You can become a member of Impact Hub Ottawa at a monthly price of $35. Be it the idea of making connections, drawing inspirations from the fellow hub members who wish to make it big or the if you are a social butterfly, you can also opt for participating in the different types of community events and related events for networking.

  • Base membership of $35 + $65 a month gives you 40 hours of access to this place in a month.
  • Base $35 + $145 a month gives you unlimited access to the coworking space throughout the month.
  • For a team of 3 or more people, the 3rd person is given a discount of 30%.
  • Add-ons include storage lockers at $15 a month, the mailbox at $25 a month and 10 additional hours of coworking space access at $25 a month.

Placed right in the centre of downtown Ottawa, Impact Hub co-working space will extend you a kind of working facility where you will be able to work individually as well as manage a big number of teams extending up to a number of 150. Meeting rooms are available in abundance so as to suit the needs of the coworkers at Impact Hub. Even if you prefer to work in pairs or in big sized teams, there is a room for everyone here along with the added benefits.

If you are fond of working in pairs, Ottawa’s Impact Hub has a red room for you which will cost you an hourly price of $25 and is going to fetch you amenities like flip charts, high-speed internet etc. When you want to loop in the ideas of more people, Ottawa’s this coworking space has ‘Think Tank’ where up to four members can sit and enjoy the added benefits like whiteboard walls, television screens and a lot more at the same price.

If your team expands, you can opt for ‘The Green House’ which is going to support a sitting capacity of 6 people whereas a workshop room which is spread in an area of 260 square feet can add up to 60 people at a single time and costs an hourly rate of $60. Boardrooms for different purposes are also available which have a maximum capacity of 10 people and comes with an hourly rate of $50 per hour. Other than that, the event spaces which can accommodate as many as 100 people at a time will be available at an hourly rate of $120.

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Cultural Events & Programs

One thing which makes Impact Hub Ottawa stand apart from its competitors within the market is that it does take steps in order to fulfil the social responsibility by possessing a sustainable nature. In order to increase the bar of sustainability, one means in indulging in composting as well as recycling all the waste that is produced during the different types of events.

Impact Hub Ottawa indulges into a rich calendar which has the monthly events. These monthly events are a wide variety of opportunities where one can take part, get inspired, excel as well as grow. From people who share the same set of goals and ideas as well as thrive to get the available options going in the form of working models to witnessing sessions which will help in the overall development of skills as well as moments, there is a heterogeneity of things which one gets to witness at Impact Hub, Ottawa.

When it comes to coworking, Impact Hub is one of WeWork Competitors and it is growing in terms of the number of spaces rapidly.

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