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Presenting itself with a tagline of ‘where business happens’, Collab Space, Ottawa, is a community which is not only one of the largest in Ottawa but also is an exceptional platform for the owners of the small business as well as startups. More than a simple coworking space based in Ottawa, Canada, Collab Space is a parasol under which a canopy of the different business enterprises can be found rendering their services to the target audience as well as pitching for the same. The trend of coworking spaces in Ottawa, Canada, is on a rise and when places like Collab Space are available the businesses not only get a tremendous boost individually but networks, as well as a coterie working in terms of mutual interests and benefits, is built.

With the speedy rise in the competition in terms of the availability of the coworking spaces in Ottawa, Canada, along with the kind of amenities which are being offered by them, there are certain aspects that make the budding enterprises go for Collab Space, Ottawa. In spite of giving a space and membership perks to its members, promotional opportunities, proper guidance and mentorship in diversified fields, are the added perks here – a piece of advice always proves awarding at some stage of course!

Location & Contact

Ottawa's Collab Space

Address: 70 Bongard Ave, Nepean, ON K2E 7Z9, Canada

Phone: +1 613-319-2025


Discovering Collab Space, Ottawa

Based on the vision of Emile Salem and Blair Kilrea, it takes community building as well as the collaboration of networks for any enterprise to strive for excellence. Collab Space, Ottawa, can be introduced as a coworking space in Ottawa, Canada, where entrepreneurs, as well as the owners of the small business enterprises, tend a supporting hand to each other in their scale of operations. It helps them overcome all the hurdles in the path and in hand prove as a guiding light for long-term success and gains.


  • This coworking space at Ottawa, Canada, makes sure that the personal interests, goals as well as the preferences of the entrepreneurs are taken into consideration as well as used while attaining success both on the personal as well as the professional front.
  • They say that a genuine piece of advice will help you in a long way and the same is followed at Collab Space, Ottawa. The entrepreneurs, as well as businesses here, are under the advice and guidance of mentors who reach out to you and help in any and every way they can.
  • The agenda of Collab Space, Ottawa, is to be one unshakable foundation base for all the business and startups under it and thus help them excel in their fields and build up connections where learning and growing go hand in hand for everyone.

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Collab Space Ottawa – Membership Plans 

By extending the different kinds of membership plans, Collab Space, Ottawa, aims to provide coworking spaces as well as the attached benefits at an amount which suits the individuals as well as goes along with the offerings.

Mainly, Collab Space, Ottawa, indulges in offering a total number of 3 membership plans namely the collab desk, the private desk as well as the private office.

  1. Collab Desk

Available for a monthly price of $199, the Collab Desk membership plan which offered by Collab Space, Ottawa, is known to offer additional benefits along with a working space like an unlimited 24*7 days access along with granting the access to the cloud serves for the development tasks at zero cost. Also, the members get the benefit of the discounted room rentals as well as the event spaces and the business workshops. You tend to get the online business promotions and access to the mentors for sure. Secured WiFi, parking facilities also come along. Also, the members are permitted to make use of the boardroom as well as the flex office for a total number of 10 hours within a month. Additional team members can be added by paying an extra amount of $100 for one month and this option is extended to the members of this membership plan only.

2. Private Desk

If you like a bit of privacy when it comes to desk sharing, Collab Space, Ottawa, extends you an offer of going for a private desk which will be available to you for a monthly amount of $399. In this price, more benefits as in comparison will be available. You will be granted with an access to a lockable filing cabinet, collaborative roundtables, an onsite restaurant and caterer because it is definitely not good to work an empty stomach. Apart from the basic advantages of a business mailing address, free secured WiFi and a lot more, the flex office, as well as the boardroom, will be available for 15 hours for every month.  

3. Private Office  

If desks are not your thing and a private office is what suits your interest the most, Collab Space, Ottawa, has options for your this particular preference as well. Beginning from a monthly price of $799, the private offices of Collab Space, Ottawa, the private offices have all the conveniences and resources which are extended by the other 2 membership plans. Additionally, it provides the entrepreneurs with a private office and they can make use of the flex office as well as the boardroom for 20 number of hours for one month.

In the nutshell, Collab Space, Ottawa, can be termed as a coworking space emitting an industrial vibe which is both friendly as well as professional at the same time and is home to major attractions be it the hassle-free location, boardrooms, office spaces and much more.

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