Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Tucson with Perks & Prices (2023)

Are you an emerging business looking for a coworking space Tucson? Compliments! You have reached the right stop. Arizona’s Tucson is relatively new to the startup scene. But ever since the big cities of neighboring California seemed to be full, many brands turned to set bases in Tucson. And subsequently, it has earned itself a strong industrial base. Also, many startups too sprang up, as more and more professionals wished to ditch the traditional nine to five offices. And hence coworking became a forte in this hipster city.

Tucson is the city where the University of Arizona resides and is also an emerging trade hub, between the US and Mexico. And to make the most of it, join a coworking space and see the difference it can make to your business. And we have made it simple for you through the list here. Just read through and pick the Tucson coworking space that best suits you. Here you go!

Tucson’s best coworking space!


Spoke Coworking Tucson


Work near home and make yourself at home with Spoke Coworking on Tucson’s east side. This newly renovated 9,000 square-foot space has it all! Spoke Coworking provides individuals or businesses private, flexible and modern workspaces. Some key design elements include more than 20 private offices and a sleek lounge/café. They also have a recording studio for your podcasts or webinars, and various conference rooms furnished for different meeting scenarios, including a large flex space for up to 50 people equipped with games and lecture equipment. Don’t forget the awesome backyard ideal for work and play.

Perks: Standard furnishings include a sit/stand desk, chair, 34” monitor, keyboard & mouse. Gas prices got you down? Charge up your electric and hybrid vehicles at the Spoke parking lot while taking full advantage of screaming, dual-gigabit redundant fiber internet and a bistro-style beverage station complete with coffee, tea, & Italian sodas, also equipped with unlimited snacks and special small bites 2x/week! 

Prices: Short term officing starts at just $25/day. Full Time private suites start at only $476/month and virtual mail at $55/month, plus there is FREE general parking on site.

Location: Spoke Coworking Tucson is located on East Speedway Blvd, approximately halfway between N Kolb Rd and N Wilmot Rd on the south side of the street. 

Contact: To connect with Spoke you can call or text (520) 477-2777 or reserve your space online at


The Global Coworking Player in the City


Regus Tucson


Regus Tucson coworking space is one of those locations in this city that every business vies to add to its profile. They have a beautiful lounge that has all the amenities that you might need on the go. While the high floor office space gives magnificent views of this southwest American city. And they also have an outdoor terrace, in case you need some fresh air at work.

Perks: Regus Tucson coworking spaces are very spacious and their lounges are world class. The staff too is a hospitable lot that caters to all your visitors with the highest cordiality.

Prices: Coworking prices at Regus Tucson start from $119 for five days per month access. While for $299 monthly membership you can work here round the clock. They also have private offices starting from $539 per month. And if you are looking for a virtual office Tucson, they are the best!

Location: Like all Regus office locations, Regus Tucson too is placed in one of the most premium locations. You’ll find it at One South Church Avenue, Suite 1200, Tucson on the twelfth floor.

Contact: You may get in touch with Regus Tucson through their website, or ring their tollfree number, +1 855 400 3575.


An off the league Tucson Coworking Space


Connect Coworking Tucson


The coolest part about Connect Coworking Tucson is its amazingly diverse community. From digital startups to lawyers, consultants, etc, there’s quite a bunch of thinkers occupying their space. Plus the interiors are impressive, while their typewriter laden wall is iconic. They also have a patio and balcony seating, which are great for some creative thinking.

Perks: Apart from great workstations, there is so much more that you can enjoy at Connect Coworking downtown Tucson space. And when not working or need a break, have some fun with a coworker playing ping pong, foosball or cornhole. Or just watch some TV, or have a quick nap in the swing bed. And did I mention the beer on draft?

Prices: Connect Coworking Tucson coworking space have not shared their rates. Though they offer access to coworking through day passes beside unlimited access via monthly memberships. They also have resident desks and private glass cabins for teams to use as office space Tucson. For Connect coworking rates, contact them.

Location: Connect Coworking Tucson resides in the historic Rialto building in Downtown Tucson at 33 S. Fifth Avenue.

Contact: Dial 520 333 5754 to get in touch with Connect Coworking Tucson space. You may also shoot an email to [email protected]



Rail Yard Tucson


Housed in a historic exposed brick warehouse, this Tucson coworking space is both sophisticated and vibrant. Rail Yard Tucson has creatively put together a Tucson coworking space that’s a great mix of contemporary and classical. The furniture has also been custom designed, using raw steel and natural wood to match the insides. Once you try this space, you’ll find it hard to get back into a traditional office. Be careful!

Perks: In addition to the decor, they have some really fine amenities as well. They have a variety of spaces to fit in all your business needs. Their internet is super fast, the staff is lovely, the community cheerful and collaborative, and the spaces fully equipped. And you may also count them among the top Tucson venues for parties.

Prices: To access the Rail Yard coworking space Tucson, you’ll need to spend $25 per hour use. While for semi-private and private executive office space Tucson, the rates are $50 and $100 per hour, respectively.

Location: Rail Yard Tucson is placed right at the edge of downtown Tucson’s Pak Ave at 610 Street.

Contact: Call at 520 284 2818 or mail to [email protected] for all your queries regarding Rail Yard Tucson.


Coworking Space Tucson for Chefs


Cook Tucson


Cook Tucson is an inspiring culinary coworking space Tucson just as Forage Kitchen in Oakland. It has all that you’ll need to cook up great delicacies. And even cooking classes if you are a learner. Apart from cooking stations, they have large walk-in refrigerators, dry and cold storage facilities. And also have a great cooking range including griddles, charbroilers, mixers, etc. Moreover, Cook Tucson coworking space is another awesome party venue in Tucson AZ 

Perks: Additional perks of this Tucson coworking space include fast wifi and other business services. Further, the place is very clean, besides being a secure card accessible.

Prices: At Cook Tucson, they have both shared kitchen as well as a private studio kitchen. The price for a shared kitchen starts from $23 per hour for five-hour usage per month. Similarly, for using the studio kitchen, the hourly rate falls in the price range of $30 to $60. Though, the more the usage hours, the lesser the hourly price you’ll have to pay.

Location: Cook Tucson coworking space is located at 1702 North Stone Ave in Tucson, Arizona.

Contact: To communicate with Cook Tucsdropdorp an email to [email protected] Or dial the number 520 314 183.


The Best Virtual Office Tucson


Intelligent Office Tucson


Intelligent Offices Tucson coworking space meets the needs of modern businesses with absolute precision, be providing on-demand services. Need a coworking spacer a small office space for rent Tucson, all you have to do is as Intelligent Offices. And that’s not all! They are also the suppliers of the best Tucson Virtual office. Moreover, they have a premium corporate location and the latest tech equipment.

Perks: Of the many perks that you can enjoy through their services, some are office spaces, meeting rooms, virtual assistants, etc. Besides, you will get all the support you need in the maintenance of these.

Prices: Intelligent Office Tucson offers services on hourly, weekly, monthly and even long term basis. Prices vary as per use and type of services. So for exact pricing info, you’ll have to contact them.

Location: The Intelligent Office Tucson coworking space is in Suite 1600 of 5151 E Broadway Blvd. which is an iconic business tower.

Contact: To contact Intelligent Offices visit their website.



Not all coworking spaces are the perfect fit for all entrepreneurs. But since you have read this list, we hope that you have found your match. So the next step for you is to contact the one Tucson coworking space you liked the most and schedule a visit. Good Luck!


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