5 Best Coworking Spaces in Beverly Hills

A coworking space in Beverly Hills can be the perfect retreat to excuse yourself from the traditional office culture. While you feel like your creativity is thwarted day by day, either by sitting in the same cubicle or working from home, you will also realize that your personal growth is limited to the closed space. And it’s not entirely about the space, as much as the environment in which you work. By finding a shared space in Beverly Hills, you can find a conducive environment for growth and ideation. 

Many digital nomads, telecommuters, artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other creatives are opting for shared spaces. It’s because of the environment they get, plus the amenities these spaces offer are helpful in completing the daily tasks.

So, if you want to take advantage of these benefits, pick a coworking space from the list we’ve compiled for you.

Coworking Space Beverly Hills

Let’s refer to these spaces and look at their amenities, work vibe, interiors, etc., to find the one for you.


Studio by Tishman Speyer

Coworking Space Beverly Hills

Starting with one of the most stylish coworking spaces in Beverly Hills, Studio is a place for all kinds of people. The perfectly placed couches and ottomans are just one part of the seating arrangement. You will also find ergonomic chairs, rockers, settees, and coffee tables. The vintage-meets-contemporary interior has adequate wall and ceiling lights that make up for a perfect work environment. If you’re the type who’d rather work with strangers, the shared workspace here at Studio is for you. However, you can also book a hot desk, a private office space, events and conference rooms, and private studios, or get a virtual office address. 

Moreover, just minutes from the Golden Triangle, the space is also laden with amenities you may need. From the obvious high-speed internet, you get world-class amenities like adjustable tables, access to common areas, complete IT solutions, a fully-stocked pantry, and office equipment like printers, fax, etc. The best part about this space is that you get access to their community, where you can participate in daily events. Furthermore, backed by the veteran real estate hotshot Tishman Speyer, this space can help build your business from ground zero. 

Price: Studio coworking space in Beverly Hills is relatively cost-efficient, with its hot desks marked at $400 per month. However, if you’d like your own dedicated desk to stack it up as you wish, it costs $550 per month. The prices for desk offices range from $1700 to $29000 per month, depending on the number of desks and the size of the office.

Location: 407 N Maple Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States

Website: https://yourstudio.com/locations/beverly-hills/

Phone: (424) 319-6955


Regus Coworking Space Beverly Hills

Regus is one of the few well-known shared spaces with branches in almost every corner of the world. The one in Beverly Hills falls in line with Regus’s signature coworking style, perfectly peppered with ergonomic and well-cushioned seastings and premium furniture. The place is lit by an abundance of natural light from its floor to ceiling glass windows, with a gorgeous outside view. If you’re feeling distracted in your current workplace, the Regus is perfect for you given its well-chosen sober colors and minimal wall distractions. On top of that, the place is also centrally located amid various luxury brands at Rodeo Drive, just six minutes away.

Moreover, this coworking space offers benefits that can be of great help to you and your business. You can have a flexible work regime with ninety-five private offices, two coworking desks, and three meeting rooms. The place is also packed with modern office essentials and amenities, like WiFi, printers, coffee, water, an elevator, on-site dry cleaning services, parking, vending machines, etc. The business lounge is the perfect place for those wanting to establish a work relationship with other coworkers and get various insights on their projects. Furthermore, everyone needs a break to relax if work gets tough, and it’s really easy with Regus’ Break-Out Area. 

Prices: Regus coworking in Beverly Hills charges $409 per month for their coworking space, while their private office space only costs $429 per month. 

Location: 8383 Wilshire Blvd #800, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, United States

Website: https://www.regus.com/en-us/united-states/california/beverly-hills/ 

Phone: (323) 456-8600


Premier Workspaces Beverly Hills

Coworking Space Beverly Hills

Located in Beverly Hills’ most prestigious area, Triangle 2 or ROAR building, Premier Workspaces provides one of California’s most effective office solutions. The place has various functions, one of which is its top-notch coworking spaces. Premier is the space for you if you like to work from a sober setting with modern aesthetics imbued with positive and radiant vibes. The place is designed in a modern corporate setting with minimal elements on its walls, solid colors, and a distraction-free workspace. The furniture is well-cushioned, adequately ergonomic, and in sync with the place’s vibe. 

In addition to shared spaces, you get to pick from private offices, meeting rooms, day offices, or virtual offices. Moreover, the space also has some essential features for a modern-day working space. They feature amenities like free and fast WiFi, furnished offices, telephone answering, professional address, mail collection, and support services. Premier has fully equipped kitchens for those who like to stir their own coffee and would like to layer some sandwiches during work breaks. Furthermore, if you don’t want to commit to a long tenure, you can quickly opt out, as they provide flexible terms.

Price: The prices at Premier Workspaces are reasonable, as vouched by various customers. This stunning coworking space in Beverly Hills offers its customers varying rates for its different services on an hour, day, and monthly basis. You can get shared spaces, meeting rooms, and office rooms. However, they disclose their prices upon contact. So you can contact them at the number below or visit their website. 

Location: 9701 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1000, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, United States

Website: https://www.premierworkspaces.com/california/beverly-hills-triangle-two

Phone: (310) 601-7100


Assemblage Space Beverly Hills

Assemblage lives up to its name. In English, it means a gathering of people or things. This coworking space in Beverly Hills provides an ideal space for coworkers from all backgrounds to gather and work in a conducive environment. The assemblage of all the motivated coworkers, like entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, etc., can be an excellent place to socialize. On top of this, their interior is just the right kind, with ample space for shared working space, adequate lighting provisions, with modern, colorful, and comfortable furniture. Sitting in the heart of Beverly Hills near Wilshire and Robertson, the space also provides world-class private offices, workstations, and conference rooms. Moreover, the support they provide is the best. If you want to manage your team effectively, they will offer you access to a wide variety of spaces that include private offices, workstations, and conference rooms.

Assemblage houses a diverse group of people that can contribute to your idea growth and network expansion. You can feel the art-gallery vibe settling in with many gorgeous art pieces adorning its walls. Furthermore, the selection of amenities here is all in line with the needs of modern-day work requirements. There’s a sufficiently equipped kitchen, access to the conference room with more than 14 seats, and an arcade machine with about fifty games. In addition, you get the basics like a blazing-fast internet connection, TV & cable, and around-the-clock access. So if you’ve been looking for a place to accommodate all your work needs, this space puts forth a good deal. 

Prices: If you want to be a part of their open-plan seating, booking a hot desk will cost you $250 per month. However, they also provide private office space away from the crowd, which would cost you $850 per month with access during reception hours. The charges range from $1300 to $1600 per month for around-the-clock access. 

Location: 8730 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, United States

Website: https://www.assemblagespace.com/

Phone: (424) 274-3830


Dots Coworking Space Beverly Hills

Coworking Space Beverly Hills

If you ever feel like walking into a place of work brimming with a positive vibe, motivated people, and inspirational wall art, you will find Dots to your liking. This coworking space in Beverly Hills is known for its dynamic and warm atmosphere and community. The place fosters true talents and inspires productivity in its usual mix of entrepreneurs and creatives. If you’re someone who gets their creative juices flowing in a collaborative environment, Dots can be the right choice. In addition to coworking spaces, they also provide private offices, day offices, and indoor and outdoor meeting rooms. 

Moreover, here you can enjoy world-class amenities curated to fit your needs. For nature lovers, Dots’ organic kitchen is laden with organic tea, water, juices, fruits, coffee, espresso, and other essentials. The internet connection is fiber and super-fast, so you don’t have to worry about lagging workflow. In addition, the space is well-equipped with ergonomic chairs, cushioned seatings, and adjustable tables to accommodate coworkers from every background. 

Prices: One of the most flexible and inexpensive options for coworking spaces in Beverly Hills is the Dots space. The price for their coworking space hot desk starts from $25 per day. If you want to book your seat for longer, they charge $95 per week and $295 per month. However, if you want space away from the shared space, private offices cost $1495 per month. 

Location: 113 N. San Vicente Blvd, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States

Website: https://www.dotsspace.com/

Phone: (310) 358-3358


The rising popularity of remote work after the pandemic boosted the shared space industry. Initially, this segment primarily provided rental office spaces to rising entrepreneurs. But the coworking trend steeped after digital nomads and telecommuters increased their location-independent movement in this part of California. Now, with the economic scene snowballing, the demand for a perfect coworking space in Beverly Hills has also increased. If you have found yours, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below. 

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