Women-Focused Coworking Operator Her Workplace to Take Up Space at San Francisco’s Former The Wing Site

Following its New York expansion model, Her Workplace – a female-oriented coworking firm – is considering a new space in San Francisco. The location at Vanbarton Group’s 115 Sansome Street was previously occupied by a similar operator, The Wing, which closed down in 2022.

The company is set to test the waters with a one-day networking event before signing a lease, a strategy that Her Workplace founder Marilynn Joyner applied for the New York office, at 25 West 39th Street near Bryant Park. Joyner would be interested in a similar setup on one floor of The Wing’s previous two-story location at 115 Sansome if the pop-up in San Francisco works well.

While most of The Wing’s previous locations throughout the country were turned back into traditional offices, the New York and San Francisco are possibly the only two ones left on the market as coworking spaces.

The building would be an “outstanding fit” for Her Workplace, but Richard Coles, the managing partner and creator of Vanbarton, says there are other potential occupants circling the site as well. While some intend to lease two floors, others only want to take one. The majority of interest has come from coworking companies because the space is already set up for them and because coworking is “at the forefront of demand” in the city, he said.

“The gestalt that The Wing tapped into was so spot on for San Francisco and that’s only gotten stronger post-pandemic as people, women in particular, are looking for that sense of community, looking to re-engage, reconnect and reunite,” Coles added.

When The Wing closed, Joyner used her astute business skills to ensure the company’s success, as she saw an opportunity to launch a new, female-focused coworking space that would be more accessible to women and nonbinary professionals.

“It seems like there’s really no support for women in tech, and more specifically female founders,” said Joyner, regarding the mission and goals of her coworking company. “There is just an ever-growing need for a space like this, so I’m really excited to get there because I think that if we do decide to stay we can make a really big impact.”

Laura Pop-Badiu

Laura Pop-Badiu is a Senior Creative Writer at CoworkingCafe and CoworkingMag, with a degree in Journalism and a background in both hospitality and real estate. Laura is a certified bookworm with a genuine passion for the written word and a keen interest in the coworking sector. Her work has been featured in major publications like Forbes, NBC News, The Business Journals, Chicago Tribune, MSN and Yahoo! Finance, among others.
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