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GSV Labs is a common platform for entrepreneurs and startups where they are provided with a wide array of opportunities to grow. Furthermore, every individual is encouraged to work on their dreams and eventually grow their venture. So, imagine a platform where all the innovators gather and work together side by side. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place like that? Every day you will have the chance to create something different and come up with some brand new discovery. Besides catering to the requirements of well-established corporations, they also look after the needs of every individual. In other words, even if you have just started with your venture, they will guide and help you conquer all odds. 

GSV Labs has been rendering great services that include inspiring and educating its members. The idea is to create a perfect work environment where every individual is given the opportunity to grow.  Apart from this, they provide a plethora of facilities that will make your work a lot easier. The surprise does not end here! This facility also provides options like Passport wherein you can access the center in all the available locations. So, if you are looking for an alternative to boring corporate offices, this is a great option for you. Interested to know more about this place? Well, we have got everything covered. Keep reading further to procure more information about this shared workspace.

Amenities offered by GSV Labs:

Unlike corporate offices, GSV Labs will not charge you extra money to avail their facilities. On the other hand, these additional benefits are associated with the membership plan you opt for. So, work will become easier once you start working here and you will no longer feel trapped or over-burdened. Check out the amenities available at the center!

  • High-speed internet: Got work to do online? That’s alright! GSV Labs offers business-grade internet services that will help you accomplish your tasks smoothly.
  • Mail services: The center also provides mail services to its members. So, you do not have to worry about receiving or replying to mails as there will be an exclusive team of professionals to take care of that.  
  • Tea & Coffee: Feeling tired after working for a long hour? Well, drink some coffee available at the center and refresh your mind.
  • Parking facility: You do not have to worry about where to park your vehicles as GSV Labs has abundant parking space for its members.
  • Events: You will come across many networking opportunities while you are working at the center. For instance, they conduct productive community events on diverse topics.
  • Outdoor cafe: There is an outdoor cafe as well if you feel like going out to relax for a while.
  • Conference rooms: Now you can conduct your meetings in a professional environment as GSV Labs harbor well-equipped conference rooms. Further, these rooms have all the equipment that is required during meetings.
  • Beer: To take your mind away from all the tensions related to work, you can help yourself with a glass of beer.
  • Print, Copy & Scan: You do not have to leave the office in order to get you documents printed as there are printing facilities available within the center.
  • Passport access: You can access all the locations of GSV Labs with the help of this option.

GSV Labs, San Mateo





Membership Plans at GSV Labs San Mateo:

The flexible membership plans at GSV Labs will help you avail the exact facilities based on the type of work you do. Furthermore, they understand your individual needs and you will find that these plans are available at a nominal cost. Check out the plans in detail and then decide what will be best for your business. Also, you will get complimentary facilities with every plan!

Hot Desks: This option at GSV Labs enables you to access the coworking area of the workspace. Moreover, you can choose to work anywhere according to your preferences. Every time you drop in for work, you can choose a desk of your liking and carry on with your work. You will also be able to access the lounge area, conference rooms, and the event spaces. In addition to this, you will gain passport access as well. All of this is available at a cost of $350 per month.

Dedicated desks: Prefer working in a fixed spot? Well, then this plan at GSV Labs is more suitable for you. Under this option, you will get a permanent desk with 24/7 access. There is also an availability of standing desks in case you are conscious about your fitness. Another great thing about this plan is that it provides you with storage facilities. So, no more do you need to worry about carrying your work materials to and from the office. Additionally, you will also get a free gym membership if you go with this plan. The membership price of this option is $650 per month.

Private offices: This option is more favorable for those who need an enclosed workspace. GSV Labs provide spacious offices that can accommodate a team of any size. You can access the workspace anytime you want as per your convenience. Further, the office space has a design that will suit your work style and is move-in ready. In addition to this, you will also be given dedicated desk perks. This option is especially meant for those who work in teams as it gets a bit easier to handle everything.

GSV Passport

This coworking facility believes that innovation is the key to growth. And it because of this reason why they make sure that the members are given ample opportunities to find what drives them. With the help of a GSV passport, you can avail the benefits of this coworking space from any place in the world. That means, even if you are traveling, you can still work on your projects. 

Location and Contact: 

GSV Labs has one of its center in a prime location of San Mateo. Located in a high-grade neighborhood, this is the perfect place to grow your business. Not to mention, you will be at a close distance from all the basic facilities. Also, it will be a lot easier to travel from this place due to its connectivity to all the major transport routes. They also provide space for parking so that you do not face any inconvenience. All in all, you will be working in one of the best places!

Address: 2955 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 

Contact: For more information, you can call them up at +1 650-421-2000. 

Website: https://www.gsvlabs.com/ 


GSV Labs is a blessing for entrepreneurs as they provide some of the best quality resources. Meaning, if you want to create a difference, you are in the right space. The office space here is more than just a place to complete your tasks, it constitutes your whole story. Even if you are a startup they will ensure that they train you in a way that you have absolutely no problem in achieving your goals.  The workstation is quite spacious and its aura will surely lift your spirits every time you come to work. So, unfurl your works and watch your company grow and flourish.

GSV Labs has connections with prominent corporate houses so that they are able to offer full support to new innovations. The workspace is filled with ambitious people who work in a team to tackle every work problem. Also, the center hosts regular member events where all the people have a chance to get to know each other. After all, making connections is important if you planning to make it big in life. Still unsure about this facility? If yes, then you can clear all your doubts by paying a visit to the center and see for yourself. It’s worth giving a try! Happy coworking!

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