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The Wing San Francisco is a big coworking network providing services to women. With numerous centers spread worldwide, one of its locations is in the city. It has global recognition and is known for providing a great community space for females. Further, this space is built on the idea of providing a safe working environment for women. As the crimes against women are increasing in workspaces, the need for a safer place becomes all the more important. To attain that, Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan, founders of this coworking space, came up with this wonderful concept. A women-centric space that encourages the growth of female professionals! They have a full-fledged mission planned out. That is to promote the advancement of women in different spheres of life.

The Wing SF is a great coworking spot to unveil your inner creative guru. Moreover, this multi-purpose place is designed to suit your requirements. You will be working alongside talented women who share your aspirations. Also, you will have several opportunities to grow your network and boost your venture. At the community events held at the center, you might even chance upon your new business partner. No kidding! Apart from that, you can consult with community managers as well. They will help you meet the people who can assist you in establishing your ideas. A great place with a lot of facilities to offer, you will have the time of your life here. Keep reading further to discover interesting things about this workspace.

Perks of working at The Wing SF

  • WiFi facility: Stay connected with your peers by using the high-speed internet connection at the Wing San Francisco. Believe me, the speed will never disappoint you!
  • Conference rooms: Want a professional space to conduct your meetings? No worries. You can access well-equipped meeting rooms at the Wing coworking space SF and impress your clients.
  • Phone booths: Another great facility at this work center is that they have private phone booths. So, you can conduct your important calls without any intrusion.
  • Shower facilities: Feeling sleepy? Well, refresh yourself by taking a quick shower at the center itself. Additionally, they provide slippers and bathrobes as well. Isn’t that great?
  • Beauty rooms: At the Wing SF, you will find special beauty rooms that have your favorite beauty products. If this doesn’t excite you then I don’t know what will!
  • Freebies: To add to your joy, they have a lot of surprises in store for you that will cost you absolutely nothing.
  • Library: At the workstation, there is a special library for women. So, you can always lend books whenever you feel like reading.
  • Charging stations: Got a battery issue? No problem! There are various charging stations at the Wing San Francisco.
  • Events: Participate in community events and have a chance to meet exciting and talented people.
  • In-house cafe: The center also has a seasonal in house cafe to cater to your food demands. Productive work is directly proportional to good food!
  • Coffee: Working without coffee sounds boring, right? At the Wing SF coworking space, you can always help yourself with a warm cup of coffee.
  • Lockers: Now no need to carry around your work materials everywhere. That is, this workspace provides lockable cabinets as well. A great convenience indeed!
  • Onsite staff: You can always take the help of the staff at The Wing coworking whenever you require anything.

The Wing San Francisco


Membership Plans at The Wing San Francisco:

Monthly: The Wing SF allows you to access the workspace by availing a monthly membership. Further, this membership will allow you to use the services provided by the work center. In addition to this, they also offer a whole list of amenities that will be covered under this plan. The cost of this plan is $215.

Annual: Need a more dedicated plan? Well, no need to worry about that! You can opt for an annual plan at the Wing San Francisco as well. So, drop in anytime to work at the center throughout the year. And the cost of availing this option is $2350. This option is perfect for those who take this center as their second home. 

Programs at The Wing:

Scholarship: The Wing SF coworking conducts special scholarship programs. Furthermore, these plans are for those who have just started with their work and are committed to supporting the advancement of women. Basically, they want to support startup industries who encourage the growth of women. These scholarships are available in all the locations including San Francisco.

Action: The Wing San Francisco community encourages its members to voice out their opinions. Also, they have made a platform where the members can take action against any social issue. These issues must be deemed as important for the community.

Volunteering: The Wing SF coworking space’s facility is actively working with local non-profit organizations on various projects. The idea is to recognize their efforts and support their dreams. Additionally, they introduce their members to these organizations so that they may work on live projects.

The Little Wing:

The Wing San Francisco provides another great facility. And that is a play area for kids known by the name The Little Wing. So, if you are worried about who will take care of your kid while you are off to work, shun that now! While you are busy making your dreams a reality, your kids will be learning new things at the Wing. Isn’t it a great convenience? The options available under this program include

Babysitting: This feature at the play area lets you kid participate in fun and interesting activities. Moreover, you can book a two-hour session for just $25! So, while you are getting your work done upstairs, your child gets to explore new opportunities.

Enrichment classes: The Wing SF partners with specialized experts who can teach new things to your kids. The topics covered under this include music, art, yoga and more. This option will cost you just $28. This is a great opportunity for you to explore your child’s interest.

Parent support groups and workshops: These workshops at the Wing coworking space in San Francisco will help you get in touch with fellow parents. Also, you can learn many things from the parenting experts available at the Little Wing. For instance, you can gain insights on topics such as sleep training and much more.

Open play: On the weekend you can bring your family and tiny tots to the Little Wing and let them enjoy their moments. This will give you a chance to hold a fun-filled outing. Nothing makes you more content than watching your kids have fun.

The Wing San Francisco

Location & Contact The Wing San Francisco 

The Wing SF was established in the year 2018. Located in the financial district of SF, it is an ideal place to work. The center is easily accessible and you will not face any difficulty while traveling to and fro. Additionally, it is the Wing’s first west-coast location and has a lot to offer. Not to mention, this workstation covers an area of 8000 square feet. The productive environment of the surrounding will always keep you focussed on your goals.

Address: 115 Sansome St, #200

Email: [email protected]



The Wing San Francisco is a diverse community that embraces women from different backgrounds. Further, the workspace provides all kinds of facilities that will help you work efficiently. It offers everything from a conference room to a library filled with women-focused books. Other than this, this coworking facility is known for conducting exquisite events. For instance, these events may revolve around topics such as politics, tech, entertainment and a lot more. Isn’t it exciting? Besides forming new connections, you get to learn so many new things. Also, the exclusive amenities associated with the membership plans will definitely make your tasks easier to achieve.

Another great thing about the Wing coworking space SF is that it lets you connect with your fellow members even when you are not at the workspace. How, you might ask? Well, it has its own iOS app where you can also get to know people. For example, if you met someone at a community event and want to get to know them. Voila! This app will act as your savior. And who knows, you might even come across new clients and partners as well. Communities like these are surely spreading the message of feminism all through the globe. So, if you are a woman with a vision, then come and be a part of this facility. It will be the best decision of your life. More power to you girl!

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