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Cross Campus Pasadena is a sunlit coworking space with magnificent views of picturesque mountains. And the community it houses comes from among a diverse range of backgrounds. At Cross Campus, you can see a significant jump in your productivity in a place where business opportunities are galore. Just grab a beer from the in-house bar, and spark a chat with a fellow coworker. And even before you realize, you will have great friends, innovators, thinkers, and motivators in your network. In fact, every Friday morning is a network booster at Cross Campus Pasadena. The striking interior decor is another factor that only dreams, innovation, and possibilities reign supreme under its roof.

Cross Campus Pasadena is one of the most fantastic coworking spaces in LA. Apart from the cool interiors, and services, the staff is spot on in terms of assistance. Cross Campus Events are another reason that you must get a coworking membership here. As they have excellent speakers, entrepreneurs sharing their experiences, tips, and opinions, which are a booster dose for new businesses. Making it a fertile ground for startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers to grow into unbeatable businesses of tomorrow. To know more, keep reading!

Perks Available at Cross Campus Pasadena:

Coworking at Old Pasadena’s Cross Campus tags along multiple perks. Some of them are,

  • Reception: At Cross Campus, rest assured that your guests will be welcomed in a professional manner.
  • Fast Wifi: The internet speed is spot on and you will hardly face any connectivity issues at this location.
  • Support Staff: The staff at Cross Campus Pasadena is high on hospitality. For any or all issues, you will have them at hand for support.
  • Conference Rooms: The conference room has charmingly exposed brick walls, besides all the AV equipment you might need. You can also use this room as a boardroom, meeting room, etc.
  • Ergonomic Furniture: To make the work less tiring you will find ergonomic furniture in place at Cross Campus Pasadena.
  • Dog-Friendly: Members are free to bring in their four-pawed colleagues in your office as well as in the common areas. And they also have a pet policy in place so that other coworkers are at ease.
  • Cross Campus Events: The venue is also home to multiple networking and business events. These allow members to know, meet, connect and share ideas for great future prospects.
  • Lamill Coffee: You will be pampered with gourmet coffee from Lamill, based in LA. Which, will keep your taste buds and energy level, satiated and soaring, respectively at Cross Campus Pasadena.
  • Kombucha: Another way to stay fresh and upbeat at work, slightly alcoholic tea drink Kombucha too awaits you here.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: The facilities here are easily accessible via wheelchair making it a disable friendly coworking space in Pasadena.

Cross Campus Pasadena






Membership Prices at Cross Campus Pasadena:

Cross Campus pricing is simple and flexible. They offer both temporary and permanent work stations. Apart from open and enclosed ones. Only the starting prices of the following seating options have been shared. Since their prices vary, with respect to their location within this Pasadena coworking space.

Hot Desks

Hot desks are for you if you are a freelancer or startup with the need to cowork more often. The hot desk area has desks, chairs, couches, etc, all set in an open plan area. And all members are free to occupy any vacant seat and start off with their work. The price of this membership at here starts from $300 per month. At which, you can access these hot desks round the clock with key card access. Plus, you can also book spaces even at other Cross Campus locations, apart from Cross Campus Pasadena. Another perk! You can avail mail and package handling service, besides using their mail address for an additional monthly payment of $30.

Dedicated Desks

The reserved or dedicated desks are just like the hot desks except that members will have fixed spots for themselves. Thus, no more searching for a vacant seat at Cross Campus Pasadena. Further, you can also personalize your desk with plants, showpiece or additional work equipment, till your membership term. To get this plan you will have to shell out $350 per month. Moreover, such desks are beneficial for just freelancers looking for a permanent seat. And also for startups with a handful of members who can save on private office space, by reserving adjacent desks. And you’ll be free to use their Pasadena address for your letters and parcels, marketing, etc at no extra cost.

Private Office

What can be a better option than a private office at a premium location, minus the premium expenditure? The private offices at Cross Campus Pasadena will give you access to a lockable office area. Plus it will be replete with all the furniture, as per your requirements and you can also customize it. And just like any private office, you will be able to use the address as our own business address. Besides, all your mails and parcels arriving here will be handled by an efficient staff. Cross Campus has a range of private offices for different team sizes. The price for a single seat office starts from $600 per month. While for five-member teams, the cost will start from 1,900 per month. Though you may book offices for even bigger teams. So if you are looking for executive suites Pasadena CA, you can get them here.

Virtual Office

The virtual office service is the a-la-carte technique to make the most of the coworking spaces. At Cross Campus Pasadena, the virtual office services commence from $50 per month. Through which you can use the mail handling, event access, etc at discounted member prices. Moreover, they’ll provide you with two day passes for hot desking at any of the Cross Campus locations. And the best part you can be a part of the great community that they house.

Location and Contact:

Pasadena - Cross Campus

87 North Raymond Ave is the tallest tower on the street. Cross Campus Pasadena is located right in the heart of Old Pasadena. This location is only 11 miles off downtown LA. The area is a hub for commercial activity and consequently has a high density of drink and dining options. With the nearest restaurants being right on the street. Pasadena Memorial Park is a few steps away on Holly Street if you fancy a stroll. The Metro Gold Line is directly opposite the street. And if you use your own conveyance, there’s a parking lot at a stone’s throw. Apart from this, free though limited (90 minutes) parking is also available nearby.

Address: 87 North Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

For further info or to book a visit, call at 310 730 1834 or leave a message at info@crosscamp.us.

Website: https://www.crosscamp.us/locations/pasadena


And if anyone asks, what is Cross Campus Pasadena – Great Community, Great Space! Will suffice as an answer. The highly collaborative vibe is one of the reasons that this coworking space has been the launch pad to many new businesses. While the charming space in itself is a motivation sponsor. The large sunlit spaces are ideal to host events of all sizes. Besides the availability of conference and boardrooms make it easier for startups to leave an impression on potential clients.

So if you too are a freelancer or entrepreneur, set foot here and see the magic happen. Cross Campus Pasadena has all the right ingredients that you’ll need to create a successful business. Happy coworking!

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