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The Wing Flatiron is a Women-focused coworking space in New York, United States. With several locations across New York, California, and Illinois, The Wing already has a well-established coworking network offering workspaces and opportunities for all the professional women out there. And The Wing Flatiron (NYC) is the central part of the coworking spaces offered by The Wing. Their network is continuously spreading, and with every location, they are taking things a step further. 

Whether you are a remote worker, student, freelancer, or entrepreneur, The Wing Flatiron can offer the right vibe and working environment to get things done. It carries the same motive and enthusiasm for helping working women to get a proper working space and support them in accomplishing their entrepreneurial goals.

Great Things At The Wing Flatiron (NYC)

The following are the significant elements that make this coworking space worthy of your attention. 

Network & Support 

The widespread coworking network that The Wing has built works in great harmony and is integrated to provide a supportive and accepting environment to their members. It’s a great place to learn and grow working along with experienced professionals. Moreover, the extensive network helps you get the right networking opportunities. 

Cultural Events at The Wing Flatiron

Apart from the amenities and services, cultural events are a significant highlight of this space. They host cultural events and talks to invite successful women to inspire and educate young aspiring professionals. 

Workspace Essentials

Office equipment formulates the foundation of any coworking office, and The Wing Flatiron is not lagging by any means. They have carefully assorted all the necessary office equipment to provide a seamless working experience to the members. 

Recharge & Refueling

The Wing Flatiron is a vibrant space, and the street where it is located has several cafes and restaurants. It has plenty of places for you to recharge and unwind. R&R features open areas, which offer the ideal surroundings to relax between meetings. Other than that, it has an in-house cafe perfect for a coffee and a conversation.

Cultural Code

Another unique element you’ll find at The Wing Flatiron is the cultural code that they follow. All the members take a pledge to treat each other equally and maintain the standard of the workspace. They have created a straightforward reporting mechanism to cater to requests and grievances. 

Therapy sessions

The Wing organizes frequent therapy sessions to generate awareness regarding mental health and ensure the mental well-being of its members. It is something you don’t see at every coworking space.

Amenities & Perks At The Wing Flatiron (NYC)

  • Internet Connectivity: For any coworking office, fast internet is a basic necessity. The Flatiron NYC offers a fast and reliable internet connection so that the members can work without any technical glitches. 
  • Conference Rooms: The fully-furnished conference rooms at the workspace can provide you with an ideal environment for meetings and presentations. 
  • Private Phone Booths: The Wing Flatiron respects your privacy. You get private phone booths to make those essential calls without anyone disturbing you. 
  • In-House Cafe: It adds to the convenience as the in-house cafe is a lively place where people can come together to enjoy a refreshing beverage over an exciting conversation. 
  • Rooftop: you have the rooftop open space for great views and a place to relax.
  • Pump Room: The working mothers have been given the convenience and privacy of pump rooms. 
  • Printers & Supplies: Every member gets free copying and printing facility.

Membership Plans and Pricing At The Wing Flatiron

They have flexible membership plans that are capable of taking care of your individual or team coworking needs.

Individual membership

You get access to desks and workstations with the individual membership. You need to fill up a form to become a member, and The Wing team will contact you with the details. However, the pricing details are available on request. The membership also lets you access the conference rooms and other amenities. 

Corporate membership

To provide coworking facilities to teams, they have corporate membership. The space has offices to host small as well as large groups. They also have discounted membership offers for large teams. The details about the pricing and discounted offers are not mentioned on the website.

Location and Contact 

The vibrant coworking space is sitting in East New York, surrounded by many cafes and restaurants. The lively street and the area leave a pleasant impression. 

Address: 45 East 20th Street, New York, NY 10003, United States.

Contact:  [email protected] 



For working women, The Wing Flatiron (NYC) is more than just a coworking space. They are a growing community of professionals offering assistance to aspiring women looking to grow their careers. The Wind Flatiron are doing well on their vision of creating a welcoming coworking space to inspire women to follow the ambition of having their business venture. They have covered everything one might look for in a coworking space. So, if you are a working woman in New York, you know where to find a suitable coworking space.

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