Top 6 Coworking Spaces In Bronx, NY

Finding yourself in the northernmost borough of New York, it’s customary to worry about the coworking space Bronx has to offer. Although Bronx has various tourist attractions and sites to make your day, your remote working life needs a place in an equally attractive location to work.

The bustling economic activities in this part of the city have given rise to the number of remote workers, domestic and international, and they in turn are increasing the demand for coworking spaces that fit their needs. There have been great investments in such spaces in the recent past, providing a number of charming coworking spaces to domestic remote workers and digital nomads.

If you are in the Bronx and looking to work from a ‘coworking space near me’ that can give you an inclusive ambiance and a spirited networking opportunity, these coworking spaces will make it to your list.

Coworking Space Bronx

We’ve sorted through various coworking spaces in the Bronx to reach a definitive list of the best six that can offer you a unique yet comfortable space and experience:


Bronx Coworking Space

Bronx Coworking Space

Bronx coworking space boasts a neat, well-organized, and aesthetically pleasing interior that can help alleviate your stress while working. Most start-ups and small businesses make their home here. But, it’s also available to freelancers, telecommuters, and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, you can find yourself lost in the productive trail of works resulting from the collaborative efforts of the community here. You can expand your business and your networking at Bronx Coworking Space.

Moreover, they’re stacked with amenities like shared office space, conference rooms, high-speed internet, fully furnished spaces, and personal lockers. Also, you can have onsite management, private lockable offices, refreshments, mail delivery services, print services, and private phone booths. Furthermore, this Coworking Space Bronx is just fifteen minutes away from Midtown Manhattan and even nearer to Harlem.

Price: Starting at $325/month

Location: 2825 Third Ave. Suite #301 Bronx, NY 10455

Phone: +1 718 758 4114



SINARTI Building Coworking

SINARTI Building Coworking

Sinarti building roils in its reputation of being the most creative coworking space in Bronx. Mostly, this place focuses on the growth and development of the members. And its services are concentrated around cutting short all kinds of hassles for you so that your attention keeps on working. In addition, the Sinarti building also provides Bronx office space for rent. Additionally, sitting in the growing Port Morris neighborhood, the place is built in the heart of all the prime locations within easy distance. For example, GW Bridge, RFK/Triborough Bridge, Bruckner Expressway, I-87, I-95, and the I-278 are nearby.

Moreover, their amenities include air conditioning, high-speed internet, a business lounge, disabled facilities, and primary transport links. You can also find big meeting rooms, single or multiple studios, security cameras, flexible design options, and a wireless intercom. Furthermore, there is an exhibition space, affordable, spacious rooftop, and fitness center & showers. Therefore, with such a wide array of amenities, you can feel right at home in this building with huge glass windows that offer gorgeous views outside.

Price: Starting at $799 per month

Location: 749 E 135th St, The Bronx, NY 10454

Phone: +1 718-665-4000



The Bronx Collab

The Bronx Club

The Bronx Collab is how it sounds – a collaborative environment for all those from the Bronx. This coworking space Bronx Collab features a vintage interior with vibrancy in its resourcefulness. However, they primarily focus on enriching the community experience, growth, professional development, and economy of the community. Also, the place is a perfect work abode for Bronx startups, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and community members.

In addition, the site is expanded on an 1100 sq ft plot, in a cozy setting, on a level with the street to serve as open space. This is why it is ideal for your business meeting or an event. On the other hand,  the Bronx Collab is one of the most affordable coworking spaces in the Bronx. Its hourly rates, reasonable discounts, and event packages is something to look out for. Above all, amenities include free wifi, a variety of tables & chairs, a refrigerator & restroom. While it is conveniently located near the 2 & 5 trains and has an exquisite wall-length blackboard.

Price: Starting from $175/hour

Location: 3866 White Plains Road, Bronx, NY 10467

Phone: +1 646-883-8192



Workhub BX Coworking Space

Workhub BX Coworking Space

Workhub BX is your standard coworking space with a minimalistic approach to interior designing. Wooden tables and cushioned chairs form most of the working space. You can book a hot desk or a private office with your Bronx virtual office address. However, the event space is often crowded with social gatherings, team training sessions, or any networking events. So, if you want to expand your circle of work friends, you can access the directory to be a part of the online member network.

Moreover, Workhub BX provides all the necessary tools and amenities to feel relaxed while working, including free and fast wifi, a coffee counter, and virtual address. In addition, they provide hot desks, dedicated desks with mailing service, and medium private and large semi-private offices. Also, their prices for their Bronx spaces aren’t set in stone, as they often come up with discounts and vouchers for specials.

Price: Starting at $275/month

Location: 3010 Eastchester Rd, Bronx, NY 10469

Phone: +1 929-464-6482



Kreate Hub Coworking Space Bronx

Kreate Hub Coworking Space Bronx

The Kreate Hub has two branches, one in Philadelphia and another in South Bronx. The Bronx Kreate Hub is an ideal coworking place for artists, musicians, freelancers like designers and content creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Therefore, this coworking space Bronx is built with the fact that artists and professionals alike need a place of collaboration and community to thrive mutually. Kreate Hub fulfills that promise with its highly aligned and peppy interior. You can find all the colors of joy yet be calm and serene in this place. It’s best for technologists working on personal projects too.

Also, they have a wide range of amenities: fluid Wi-Fi, central air conditioning, mail and package reception, security cameras, gallery space, electric key system, creators market and exhibitions, and conference rooms. For those who need some stimulant to get the job done, find the cafe on the ground floor that serves some mean coffee.

Price: Contact the space.

Location: 15 Canal Pl, Bronx, NY 10451

Phone: N/A



The new BXL Business Incubator

The new BXL Business Incubator

Sitting in the prime location of South Bronx, the new BXL Business incubator helps new businesses set up and launch successfully with its end-to-end support and office space. The place is in partnership with NYCEDC to provide a smooth transition of these businesses from their infancy to establishment and maturity. It’s a beautiful space for those with great business ideas and looking for like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas and expand. With its sophisticated interior and corporate vibe, you’ll likely love this place while setting up your business’s legal framework or meeting new clients or partners.

Moreover, hanging by the Hunts Points neighborhood, BXL gives its members a wide range of amenities like 24/7 access to workspace, office technology, digital connectivity, in-house business, legal and tech support, and conference rooms. You can meet a thriving community of entrepreneurs and enjoy flexible membership plans every day.

Price: Starting from $225/month

Location: 1231 Lafayette Ave 2nd Floor, Bronx, NY 10474

Phone: +1 718-532-2927



Brox offers vibrancy in lifestyle to ex-pats as well as natives, with its scenic beauty and all the fun spots to visit during summer. It is also one of the largest commutes of successful businesses where remote working is trending daily. Coworking spaces have provided safe and fun heaven to the remote workers to let them work on their terms and be productive in a community-driven environment. This list of coworking space Bronx will help you choose your next work destination.


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