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With flexible workspace, Interbay Work Lofts is all set to provide you with the place you were searching for a long time. They know how important, the work is for you, that is why they always want to provide you with the best. The beautiful surroundings and inner designing here will definitely grab your attraction. For work, everyone needs to be attentive, here you will not face any kind of disturbance or negative vibes. Interbay is akin to a school of different businesses with a common string attached to all of them. This Seattle based co-working space excites the members with its invigorating environment. 

At Interbay Work Lofts, you will benefit from a wall-sized window to fill your workspace with natural light and fresh air. Don’t you think, to work, our mind and body needs to be stress-free? The cardio room here helps you to remove all of your stress. You also have another option to work in the outdoor lounge, in the arms of sunlight and fresh air.

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Perks at Interbay work Lofts

Let’s find the reason why this workspace is a good choice for you. With your total security, you will get everything you need. They are also welcome to your demands. 

  • Here, you will get 24*7 security monitoring so that you can work at any time or hour without having to look at the clock.
  • Interbay Work Lofts resides within a minimum distance to downtown, Ballard, and various freeways. 
  • Three conference rooms are available here for you with AV connectivity and a highly stable Wi-Fi capability. You can conduct meetings, presentations and important discussions in these rooms with ease.
  • Exercise is also important for a good brain and body, that is why they are providing a cardio fitness lounge for you. Sounds good huh!
  • You can only get access if you are a member of Interbay work Lofts as the only way to enter inside is a key card. Totally tight security!
  • Both outside and inside break rooms are available here. Take a break from work and enjoy your coffee, some snacks, or tea. 
  • With lockable bike racks, your environment-friendly vehicle is always secure and safe. 
  • You can also use the Interbay Work Loft address as your own corporate mailing address and make a good impression on the clientele. 
  • You can not work with concentration if you are not feeling comfortable. With comfortable seats and wide space here, you will never get disappointed. The ergonomic seating pattern is all that makes a difference in the comfort levels of a coworking space. 
  • Mezzanine is an additional benefit here to enjoy the outside beauty.
  • With the end of the trip facilities like showers and a few other perks, this is the one-stop destination for all kinds of open workspace needs. 
  • Don’t want to leave your four-legged companion at home? No issues. Bring them along to your workspace. Interbay Work Lofts is a pet-friendly workspace.

Interbay Work Lofts Seattle


Membership plans at Interbay Work Lofts

The membership plan here varies according to the area size you choose for your work. Thus, the minimum and the highest rate here goes from $1400 to $2500 per month. Choose the appropriate and best area for your work and you will become eligible to leverage from some amazing perks and amenities offered to the members.

Membership at Interbay Work Lofts Seattle is easy and hassle-free. You won’t have to burden yourself with strict lease terms. They have flexible terms for lease and the membership rates are more or less affordable. For further information, you can contact the management and enquire about the membership prices.

Location and Contact

Interbay Work Lofts is located in an area with no outside distractions. It is totally a cool place to work. With 62,248 square foot building and 63 workspaces, it is designed in a way so that you will get full comfort while working. The outside view from the location is very attractive. With wider roads, you will never face the problem of traffic. The highway is very near to the location, you can easily reach there. In case you want to order something from outside or want to go to restaurants you can easily reach there. As, restaurants, hotels are within walking distance.

Address: 1631 15th Ave West.

Email: [email protected]



It is for sure that you will not find any coworking space in Seattle who is providing that much facilities at an affordable price. At Interbay Work Lofts, they believe that their clients should get a cool and comfortable working environment. It is highly productive and secure space to work. With the amenities here, the location is also very satisfying. At last, it can be said that Interbay Work Lofts is at their best in the world of Coworking.

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