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Located at the center of the bustling New York city’s Meatpacking District, Doodle Studios is one of a kind coworking space. It is situated at a 10-minute walk from Google’s Chelsea space, 5-minute walk to Chelsea Market, and is at nearby the High Line. It is truly inspired by the surroundings and gives a fantastic view of the city. This workspace is undoubtedly one of the most popular locations in New York, providing a great work environment for the members. Not only this, they have access to the 1960s inspired cocktail bar- Woodstock. Now beat that!

Doodle Studios NYC is also located in another district of New York – Garment District. It comes with a private rooftop space from where you will get spectacular views of the city. Yes, you heard me, who doesn’t want a rooftop view to the Empire State Building? Whether you are a vendor, a tech supplier, or even a freelancer juggling between different projects, this is the place you should opt for! It is closer to the famous Bryant Park and welcomes people coming from different work backgrounds who help your business succeed (in a way). New Yorks’s best coworking space is full of food and entertainment options, so even if you are super stressed, you’ll be happy to be here!

Perks at Doodle Studio

Working here comes with amazing perks! At this incredible coworking space, they believe that everyone amongst us is an artist, a creator. Since creation begins with an idea, even if it is basic, we all are creators of masterpieces. The exquisite interior of Doodle Studios with original artwork by Salvador Dali and Alexander Calder adds more to its opulence. Along with access to the outdoor roof space, the members can enjoy service from a private restaurant/bar and chill in the lounge area. Given below are a few perks of this New York-based coworking space.

  • Meeting Rooms: All spaces are equipped with serviced meeting rooms. You can conduct meetings and business conferences here with the utmost privacy. Also, you can use this space to pitch in your ideas to the clients. 
  • Phone Booths: Who doesn’t want privacy while talking on the phone, especially if you are working in a jam-packed space like Doodle Studios NYC. You will get access to a private phone booth where you can carry out con-calls and meetings, as well. 
  • Kitchen Amenities: Whenever you feel hungry, you can get into the kitchen and help yourself with some tasty snacks. Get yourself a relaxing cup of tea and enjoy a book in the chill zone while on a break. Also, if you have food with you, it can be heated up in the kitchen. 
  • Printing and Scanning: Every office has printing and scanning services available, which you will surely find here as well. Apart from this, you will find projectors and microphones for essential meetings. 
  • On-Site Reception: Need help with anything? No worries. The on-site reception is here you help you out. With the availability of this service, you can easily talk to the people and make changes according to your convenience.
  • Fast wifi: Every service is becoming global. It is only possible because of the internet. Doodle Studios provides its members with high-speed wifi so that they never have to compromise on their speed and productivity. Send hundreds of emails to your clients without having to worry about internet connectivity.
  • Online Member Portal: Members of this community are closely knit to each other. The reason could be a portal that keeps them connected to the workspace. Therefore, you won’t miss an event that is being carried out here. 
  • Rooftop Access: Like working in a relaxed and chilled out place? It is the perfect fit for you. In addition to different seating areas, you can get access to the rooftop. Work or chill this space will help you become more productive. Imagine it is 3 in the morning. How wonderful will it be to work here in complete peace? Don’t forget to bring a warm jacket it may get cold during that time of night! 
  • Virtual Mailing Address: The virtual mailing address provides the members with a facility to receive packages and mail here in the workspace itself! You won’t have to worry about important mails being delivered at your place while you are still at work. It also helps you keep all the office related things at one specific location. Even if you are a freelancer, you won’t have to worry about never finding essential documents or mail.
  • Locker Storage: Lockers are so so so important! Where else would you keep your stuff after your work is over? Doodle Studios in New York City gives you access to lockers so that you can easily store your stuff and keep an upper hand when you have all the necessary things in one place.
  • 24/7 Access: It doesn’t matter if its 2 in the morning, and it is still taking time for you to complete the task. Nobody is going to tell you to go home, rather you are likely to find a few people in the workspace at that time of night. You will find a number of people who are night owls and love working at night since they are more productive. Grab a cup of coffee and give two more productive hours to your project!
  • Community Events And Networking: A coworking space is all about networking and collaborating with different people. You can interact with different people from various cities in the world and work under the same roof. With different events and activities carried out to help you bond with them, you will get a chance to know your coworkers here. Who knows you get inspired to open your own coworking space someday!
  • Exclusive Pizza and Cocktail Joint: You will find a unique pizzeria and cocktail joint on the ground floor of this coworking space in the Meatpacking District. The Woodstock is a 1960s inspired joint where you can chill anytime you want. You can also invite your clients to grab a quick bite over a meeting!
  • Multipurpose Space: Here at New York’s finest coworking space, you can carry out various events and launch parties even if you aren’t a member. In addition to this, the workspace also has happy hours. I am sure you weren’t ready for this!
  • Accessible Common Areas and Cafes: It doesn’t matter if you opt for a coworking membership or a dedicated desk, you can use the common areas to chill or chat with others. Also, you can eat from the cafes whenever you want to. 
  • Beautifully Designed Interiors: The interiors of Doodle Studios NYC is all things exquisite! You will find beautiful artwork on the walls, and there is a lot of greenery in the workspace! With indoor plants, the workspace will look more aesthetically pleasing. One of the walls at the rooftop space looks beautiful covered with greenery! Green is good, and that’s how they implement it!

So whether you want to socialize or prepare your team for a challenging project, this place is an ideal spot!

Doodle Studios New York


Membership at Doodle Studios

Doodle Coworking space in New York is not only a fancy place to work at but also caters to your needs and requirements. If your work timings are flexible and you only work for a few days in a week, you are likely to enjoy this workspace. The prices of these memberships start around $500 can be explicitly known only at request. However, written below are the three memberships you can choose from. 


Coworking membership comes in handy to those who are freelancers and work at their convenience. It is a non-reservation-based membership. Therefore, the rule is first come, first serve! If you enjoy working in a place where you get to make links and know people better, then this is the perfect spot for you.

Dedicated Desk 

Dedicated Desks at Doodle Studios New York are for those who like working at one particular spot and want to avoid the inconvenience of moving their stuff each day. These come with a reservation benefit; therefore, nobody will touch your space or your personal belongings even when you aren’t around. You can keep your stuff in the drawers, which will save you a headache.   

Private Offices

If you have several people in your team and want to work in privacy and more office-like condition, you can opt for a private office. It can accommodate various employees at a time. For important conferences and meetings, use the conference/meeting room and help your team bond with each other. Private Offices are a workspace within a workspace. How intriguing is that?

Location And Contact

Doodle Studios is located in two different districts of New York. No wonder why this coworking space is so popular. Both spaces are close to various restaurants, bus stops, and other prominent places.

Doodle Studio at Meatpacking District

It is located at 446 W 14th Street, New York. There are several eating joints where you can go and chill with your coworking friends. Also, you will find various cafes where you can get your daily dose of caffeine. To be more specific, it is located at a 10-minute walk from Google’s space, 5-minute walk to the Market, and is closer to the High Line.

Doodle Studio at Garment District

Want to see the Empire State Building from the rooftop? Join the chill community of the Doodle Studios at Garment District. You will also find different eating joints like McDonald’s and Panera Bread. While you are in the locality, you can also explore various pubs and cafes. 

The 5th Avenue Bryant Park Station and 42-St-Bryant Park Station are also closer to this particular coworking space along with various shopping outlets like Rose New York, Zara, and jacks. You can visit them at 25 West 39th Street, New York, for more information.

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Doodle Studios in NYC is a one of its kind coworking space. It is located in two different districts of New York – Meatpacking District and Garment District. Both locations are on a jam-packed street with different amenities like restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping outlets closer to it. You will also find an elite pizza and cocktail joint in the coworking space present at Meatpacking District. The walls are adorned with beautiful artwork by renowned artists. Also, the interior of these chic workspaces will remind you of luxury cafes. 

Green is good, and at these workspaces, they have taken it to a more serious note. With small pots all around, you will find different types of plants in the interior. From 24*7 accessibility to office supplies, you will find everything in one place. If you have a knack for a luxury coworking space, then trust me, you will never be disappointed by Doodle Studios!

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