5 Amazing Coworking Spaces in Aventura, FL

Working remotely may have its perks, but sometimes you must get out of the house to stay productive. To meet that demand, a number of coworking spaces in Aventura are available to remote workers who want to enjoy a professional desk and some good company. However, finding the ideal coworking space in Aventura can be overwhelming.

This post will share some of our favorite coworking spaces in Aventura. From outdoor cafes to indoor lofts, there is something for everyone on this list. So whether you’re looking for a space to work on a regular basis or just for a few hours, making new friends in the meantime, these coworking spaces are sure to please.

Coworking Space Aventura

If you’re wondering about the best coworking spaces in Aventura, this list will provide the right options for you. 


Iconic Workspaces

Iconic Workspaces

Consider Iconic Workspaces, a shared space for motivated and inspiring working professionals. The place is designed with a perfect blend of corporate aesthetics and modern ideas to nurture focus and effort. With its offices in downtown Miami and Aventura, Iconic Workspaces doesn’t shy away from providing convenient locations in Florida. The space proudly serves entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, homegrown businesses, businesses looking to expand their offices, etc. 

The place provides a gorgeous open coworking space flooded with natural light through the floor-to-ceiling windows and a vibrant outdoor view. There’s ample seating that you can choose in shared or dedicated plans. In addition, you get high-speed internet connectivity, copiers/printers, meeting rooms, a phone & video call booth, a meditation booth, lockers, 24/7 surveillance for better security, and much more. Moreover, there’s no lack of modern amenities: from lounge areas for relaxation to coffee bars for refreshments, you can find everything you need to elevate your lunch breaks. 

Prices: Iconic Workspaces is quite affordable too. Their I-Club memberships offer a monthly subscription with a flexible regime of charges. The cheapest and most flexible one is I-Club 1, with $49/month, where you only use the open coworking space for 1 day of your choosing. Their other plans, coming in at $119 and $219 per month, allow you to access the space for 5 days and 10 days, respectively. If you want unlimited access, you can use their I-Club Unlimted or Exclusive plans that cost $379 and $479, respectively. 

Location: 2980 NE 207 Street, 3rd floor, Aventura, FL 33180.

Website: https://iconicworkspaces.com/en/ 

Phone: (305) 694-5300.


Endeavour Coworking Space Aventura

Endeavour Aventura

Located in Aventura Bayview, Endeavour can be a good choice if you’re looking for a down-to-Earth vibe. The interior is highly in sync with the natural elements, with potted plants placed throughout. The ergonomic furniture goes perfectly well with the natural decor, and the walls adorned with modern aesthetic posters and murals are perfect for keeping a high spirit.

Considered to be top among the Aventura alternative workspaces, at Endeavour you will find dedicated and shared coworking spaces, private offices, a meeting room, as well as virtual office services. Moreover, adding to the ease of spending a productive workday, this coworking space in Aventura offers a slew of amenities, including complimentary coffee and water, 24-hour access, and blazing-fast internet among others. You will also get free valet parking, two-drawer filing cabinets, 200 black-and-white prints per month, and 10 hours of meeting room use.

Prices: Although there’s no publicly available pricing information on their website, Endeavour is considered one of the more affordable coworking spaces in Aventura. You may contact them or send in a query from their website to find out their detailed prices.

Location: 17501 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 500, Aventura, FL 33160.

Website: https://www.myendeavour.net/ 

Phone: (786) 338-9888.




If you’ve been looking for wellness-centered coworking spaces, look no further than Khospace. The unique selling point of this space is that it provides coworking space, private offices, etc., to private practitioners of therapy and wellness. Khospace has been serving the community of psychologists, massage therapists, coaches, healers & physicians with a track record of high satisfaction. You can book a shared or dedicated space to conduct a session with your patient hourly. 

Since the space is built with wellness in mind, your patients will find this place contributing to their sessions. Their soothing and gorgeous interior is designed around a therapy theme. Moreover, the space offers private practitioners an inspiring community of like-minded wellness practitioners, where mutual growth and networking become efficient. And last but not least, the space provides access to its therapy rooms and shared space 24/7, allowing for ultimate flexibility when scheduling your sessions. 

Prices: If you don’t want to make long commitments, their hourly plan at $26/hour is for you. Visit their website below and contact Khospace for further pricing details.

Location: 3580 Mystic Pointe Dr, Aventura, FL 33180, United States.

Website: https://khospace.com/ 

Phone: (833) 546-7666.


Lina Medical Coworking Space Aventura 


Another coworking space for medical practitioners on the list is Lina Coworking. The place is HIPAA and OSHA-compliant and provides dedicated and shared working spaces for medical practitioners by the hour. Medical, mental health, and wellness practitioners can find private offices customized to their needs. Their speckless, modern, and soothing interior only seems to add to the calming ambience of the place — perfect for conducting therapy and other medical practices. The space connects practitioners from different backgrounds through various events. 

The Lina Aventura coworking space is ideal for practitioners. It’s best for those who don’t have the time to invest in real estate, medical equipment, interiors, and other services for a better client experience. Moreover, their sleek furniture and on-demand medical equipment only further their cause of providing coworking spaces in New York & Florida for medical purposes. Furthermore, their curated amenities include open-air rooftop and events space, a full restaurant and cafe on the premises, dedicated parking, a fitness center, and a pool. 

Prices: Since their website does not disclose any membership plans or charges, it’s best to visit their website and get in touch with them for pricing information. 

Location: 2820 NE 214th St Ste 801, Aventura, FL 33180, United States.

Website: https://lina.co/ 

Phone: (800) 369-3556. 


Regus Aventura


This coworking space in Aventura lives up to the standards associated with the Regus brand, with a central location and gorgeous construction. Known as Turnberry Plaza in Aventura, the site is close to all major attractions in the city, like beaches and shopping complexes, and Miami’s financial, commercial, and international business bubs. With an upbeat setting and a relaxing ambience, it’s easy to catch a fruitful break to decompress between work shifts. It’s also perfect for nature admirers, flush with greenery and a splendid pond view. 

With over 58 private offices, 26 coworking desks, and 2 meeting rooms, there’s something for everyone at Regus’ coworking space in Aventura. The place is equipped with modern amenities and perks that only add to the pleasure of working here. In addition to the basic amenities like seamless internet connection, copier/printer, etc., it provides underground parking, an on-site sandwich bar, and a lounge area to kick back and relax. For those who like to end their workday with destressing activities, you can find Gulfstream Park Racing, a casino, and an entertainment complex nearby, open at all times. 

Prices: Their private offices charge $375/month/person, whereas coworking is priced at just $359/month/person. And if you’re looking for a business address in a prime location, you can buy their Virtual office membership at just $139/month. 

Location: Corporate Center, 20801 Biscayne Blvd Suite 403, Aventura, FL 33180, United States.

Website: https://www.regus.com/en-us/united-states/florida/ 

Phone: (305) 931-1616.


The coworking scene in Florida is on the rise, with various gorgeous spaces opening up in Aventura, Miami, and neighboring areas. If you’re a telecommuter looking for a perfect place to work remotely and still never feel the inspiration waning from you, Iconic Workspace is an ideal choice. However, for medical, therapy, and wellness practitioners, Khospace and Lina Coworking are ideal.

If you need excellent customer service experience at a place beaming with art head to Endeavour Coworking, and you won’t be disappointed. Regus, of course, doesn’t need any introduction — it’s always a number one choice, especially if you’ve had previous experience at any of their 800+ U.S. locations. 

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