3 Awesome Yet Affordable Coworking Spaces in Hoboken

Are you feeling a little cramped in your current work environment? Do you want to be around other creative and ambitious people? If any of these apply to you, it might be time to check out a coworking space in Hoboken, New Jersey. From luxurious offices with incredible views to more affordable and eclectic options, there’s something for everyone in this charming little city.

The shared spaces here inspire creativity and collaboration, with plenty of room to think outside the box. And with membership rates that won’t break the bank, it’s easier than ever to cowork in Hoboken. Who knows — you might just meet your next business partner or best friend at one of the spaces. So get out there and start networking! 

Here’s a list of the finest coworking spaces in Hoboken based on amenities, location, and price.

Coworking Space Hoboken

We know choosing a good coworking space that matches all your needs is challenging. That’s why we’ve curated a checklist of the best coworking spaces in Hoboken.

1. Mission 50 Hoboken

coworking space hoboken

Whether you want a single desk or an entire floor, Mission 50 has the perfect options for your business – big or small. By keeping their inventory flexible, they’re able to continually offer precisely what their customers need, as their company grows and scales. Plus, there’s no need to change the business address when you scale up or down! At Mission 50, not only you’re provided with working space but also an opportunity to join a community of like-minded experts who may help your business succeed. Mission 50 is a proud participant of the Hoboken Business Alliance and Chamber of Commerce because they understand how important it is for businesses to grow and scale. Furthermore, their weekly events offer great networking opportunities to promote your services and connect with other community members.

At Mission 50, they cover all the basic amenities like WiFi, coffee, office supply, furniture, and phone booth, but they provide some out-of-the-league facilities such as The Yard – an outdoor patio surrounded by lush greenery with a lot of seating, heat lamps, and games. Then, there’s The Saloon – this is a place to relive the vintage times by playing games like class table shuffleboard, arcade games, and plenty of beers on tap. Next, you have the Coffee Bar, dedicated to all coffee lovers. Additionally, there are other unique amenities like a bike shed, soundproof phone booths, and a kitchen where you can get snacks for your day-long work hours.

Pricing: The pricing options at this coworking space in Hoboken are quite flexible. You can get a Virtual office at $79 per month. If you opt for Mailbox with forwarding, it’ll cost you $129 per month. If you choose Private offices, you’ll have to shell out $1,450 per month for flexible leasing. Further, there are Coworking plans – Coworking Flex, Coworking Plus, Dedicated Desk, and Privacy pod available for $25 per day, $375 per month, $475 per month, and $695 per month.

Website: https://www.mission50.com/

Location: 50 Harrison St suite ph 401, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Phone: (201) 706-7210


2. Sweven Coworking Space Hoboken

Coworking spaces are rapidly becoming the popular choice because of the wonderful work-life balance they offer. If you’re in Hoboken and want to experience that, Sweven is the space to be. The ambiance of this place is calm and serene, offering you a place to think and work peacefully. The soundest part is that it is not just a coworking space; it’s an entire community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, and small business owners working together to better their craft. You’ll find beautiful art pieces hanging on the walls, giving this ultra-modern facility a 90s vibe.

Just like any other coworking space, they offer standard amenities such as WiFi and coffee. They also have a fully stocked kitchen so that you can cook your meals or simply grab a snack when you’re feeling peckish. Furthermore, there are lounge areas where you can take a break from work and relax for a bit. In addition, they also provide mailboxes, scanning & copying services, and private phone booths so that you can concentrate on your work without distractions. Their event space, with a one-of-a-kind view of the skyline, can host extraordinary private events. The food and drinks will be catered by Antique Bar & Bakery in Hoboken.

Pricing: Three basic membership options are available at Sweven coworking space in Hoboken. Communal Membership costs $295 per month, and Resident Membership is available for $495 per month. Other plans include Nook membership, Den membership, Hush booths, and a Podcast parlor.

Website: https://www.swevenhoboken.com/

Location: 33-41 Newark St. Floor 5, Hoboken, NJ 07030, United States


3. Regus – Hoboken Riverfront Center

coworking space hoboken

Regus is among the most popular spaces not just in Hoboken but across the globe. The main reason for its popularity is that it offers a great work experience to its members. You can take a break from your work and enjoy the wonderful views of Manhattan. Hoboken is a short fifteen minutes from Midtown Manhattan but is conveniently located and provides facilities such as dining and entertainment options. Furthermore, it has all the modern amenities that you could ask for.

You’ll benefit from high-speed internet, 24/7 support, private and shared offices, as well as outdoor seating in a modern glass building with floor-to-ceiling windows. The building is accessible for physically challenged people. They also have a business lounge, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing amenities. There is free parking and bicycle storage on-site. Also, the prime location of this Regus space makes it easily accessible by major transport connections.

Pricing: The pricing plans at Regus coworking in Hoboken are very flexible. You can opt for a Virtual office at $59 per month. If you choose Office Space and Coworking, it’ll cost you $465 and $445 per person per month, respectively. If you go for Meeting rooms, you’ll have to shell out $55 per month for

Website: https://www.regus.com/en-us

Location: 221 River Street 9th Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030, United States

Phone: (201) 721-8500



No matter what are the needs of your business, a coworking space in Hoboken can easily fulfill them. The things you need to ensure are looking for an appropriate place that falls well under your budget and meets your needs. Once you’ve chosen a space that provides the value your business deserves, you’ll see yourself succeeding at a rapid pace. Best of luck with your search!

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