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This post is about BizDojo, a chain of coworking spaces having a presence in all major cities of New Zealand. We have covered the following topics in this article. If you are in a hurry, you may click on any topic to directly jump to that particular section. However, we would recommend you to scroll through all the locations.

The 21st-century business is not only about sitting behind a desk with a laptop and constantly searching for ideas and then working on it to build it into an empire. The modern age is run with smartness, connectivity, and technology and in this scenario, coworking spaces have become the go-to destination for germinating the first seed of their startup. BizDojo is a similar coworking space that has given an opportunity to all those who want to work on their business and make an impact in the industry.

BizDojo is the largest and the most widespread coworking space in New Zealand, a place which has cultivated a lot of successful entrepreneurs and helped them fulfil their dreams. It is about desks and laptops but a business is more than that and it requires extra care and furnishing. At BizDojo New Zealand, it is easy for you to go the extra mile and realize your destiny.

The community where you are working has to be inclusive and it should foster growth and not inhibit it, BizDojo has set some rules and regulations for all its members. We are not going to discuss the nuanced rules but the bottom line is that you should not act like a self-consumed entrepreneur who reeks of envy. Rather BizDojo is a social family where everyone lives and works together and build on the strength provided by all the members.

BizDojo Story & Stats

The founders of BizDojo Nick Shewring and Jonah Merchant were greatly influenced by the work culture at IDEO and they decided to build upon that culture and foster it in the country. From a small idea, today BizDojo is the pride of New Zealand in coworking spaces enabling numerous freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs to build upon their business and prosper with it. From that small moment of enlightenment till today almost 10 years have passed and the trend of coworking spaces in New Zealand is ever increasing.

In total BizDojo has 6 coworking spaces spread across the country and numerous people are working in them 24*7.

BizDojo Auckland

Location 1

BizDojo Ponsonby


The peaceful and serene city of Ponsonby is further decorated with BizDojo Ponsonby, a coworking space residing in the calm environment of this city. From the soothing atmosphere to supportive members you can find everything that one requires to think, work and progress. This BizDojo landed on the top floor of the Cider building where this space resides and enables you to enjoy the mesmerizing city-wide view till Waitakares.


    • High-speed Wi-Fi, and printing facilities on the go.
    • Bike racks and car parking.
    • Not in the mood to take a shower at home, doesn’t matter, you can take a hot water bath here.
    • Do not carry your daily use stuff home every day, use the lockers instead.

  • Bizjojo Ponsonby cares for you and that is why they have fitness gyms and workout separate areas.

Contact: Ready for your first shower or dedicated office, quickly note the address or paste it on google maps: Ponsonby, 4 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn, Auckland and take a tour of the area.

Not in the mood of going there? No worries, call them at 0800 249 3656. 

Location 2

BizDojo Takapuna


When you mix the beach with work, the result is BizDojo Takapuna. This coworking space resides along the calm waters of Takapuna beach and is the best workspace for those who like to work and play simultaneously. You want a break from work, go for a swim or stroll in the market and buying something for yourself, reward yourself for all the work you have don’t and then start again. This is something that you will not find in other coworking spaces in the country.


    • Looking for a shower here too, well for that you have the whole beach.
    • But you will get high-speed Wi-Fi, and printing facilities.
    • Top class infrastructure with a mesmerizing view.
    • Fitness gym and exclusive workout areas for fitness enthusiasts.

  • Lastly, you can also avail locker and storage spaces as per your convenience.

Contact: BizDojo Takapuna is hard to miss when taking a morning walk on the Takapuna beach. Still here’s the address 33-45 Hurstmere road, Takapuna Auckland, New Zealand.

I wonder why you do not want to go to the beach, nonetheless here is the phone number: 0800 246 3656.

Location 3

BizDojo Parnell


The city fringes are always preferred over other areas due to its quietness and easy accessibility. BizDojo Parnell is located on the city fringes and you will find everything nearby, from shopping to gourmet cuisines. The real taste of Parnell lies around this coworking space. Bored from work try your hands at golf, if not then increase your vitamin D intake by sitting in the shining sun outside. Or just open up the BBQ and wait for the numbers of cravers to increase. All in all this BizDojo coworking space has everything you need from life and not just only from an office.


  • Here comes the good part, this coworking space is dog-friendly and there is no need to leave your best friend at home.
  • Yes, they have showers so just grab your laptop and rush to your new office.
  • Don’t wait in line at Starbucks, they have free coffee, yes FREE.
  • When talking about work you can avail meeting rooms, skype pods, and exclusive workshops.
  • Bike racks and fitness gym are a complement for the health conscious people.

Contact: you can find BizDojo Parnell at Level 4/165, The Strand, Parnell, Auckland.

You can also ring them at 0800 249 3656

BizDojo Wellington

Location 1

BizDojo Tory Street


The city centre is always the best region to work and live, isn’t it?  Well, you are in luck because that is where our next BizDojo Tory Street coworking space is located. Surrounded by eloquent shopping centres, popular eateries, and enthusiastic coworkers you will get a taste of an eloquent atmosphere when working here. This coworking space is forged with utmost precision that caters to all your needs, be it for meetings or comfortable sitting. Every office is built by infrastructure but it is nurtured by the people, you will find a mix of interesting people here who are keen to learn and converse with like-minded entrepreneurs and coworkers.


    • Your bum insurance is fulfilled with the bean bags kept all around the premises.
    • You will have skype pods, meeting rooms high-speed internet.
    • Take part in regular events that aim to bring people together and act as a brainstorming session for everybody.
    • Don’t make your work monotonous, go for a workout session or play table tennis to freshen up.
    • Did I mention that they also have showers? So bring your towel next time you come to your office.

  • The quiet zones are built specifically to boost your productivity and for lone rangers.

Contact: You can find BizDojo tory street in the heart of the capital city. Go to 115 Tory Street Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand.

Phone number: 0800 246 3656 

Location 2

BizDojo Market Lane


The market lane area in Wellington is known for sheltering various entrepreneurs in the disguise of a number of other coworking spaces. But the BizDojo Market Lane is located at some distance from them and is nearer to the bay, this means that lunch by the sea is very much a possibility. The after-work party is held at the Macs Brewbar or St Johns, or you can also go for a run at Oriental Parade whenever you like. The bottom line is that you will find very few locations that have so much to offer besides an efficient coworking space.


  • Wi-Fi and printing facilities are similar to other coworking spaces.
  • Bring your dog if you want, don’t leave the poor guy at home alone.
  • Your bike will be safe from theft in the bike rack and they have car parking too.
  • Sitting arrangements can be made as per your choice sitting, standing or slouching on the bean bag, it all depends on you.
  • Still reeling under a hangover, don’t worry. The hot water showers and free coffee is the best cure.
  • Meeting rooms, skype pods, and events add to the office decorum and facilitate easy connectivity with the people.

Contact hop on your bike or hire an uber and go to BizDojo Wellington at 3 Market Lane, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand.

Or give them a call at 0800 246 3656

BizDojo Christchurch

Location 1

BizDojo Ash Street

Every coworking space has its own ecosystem one which cultivates young entrepreneurs and one which provides all the necessary ingredients to make a successful startup. BizDojo Christchurch is one such coworking space which is revered all over the city as having the best community culture. From budding startups to successful stalwarts everybody is a part of this community which is further complemented with its location. This coworking space is surrounded by the best restaurants and bar in the city. Hence, one thing is for sure foodies and drinking partners in crime won’t have any difficulty to work and have fun at BizDojo Christchurch.


  • Work consistently with high-speed internet and print your documents on the go anytime.
  • There are separate quiet and social zones, to hone your productivity.
  • Ensure that all your work documents and other stuff are safe with the lockers and storage spaces.
  • Be a part of several regular events that bring engaging people together onto one platform.

Contact: You must have heard of the Ash street. Awesome! Head to 4 Ash Street Christchurch Central, Christchurch, New Zealand. Or give them a ring at 0800 2460 3656.

Desk Prices at BizDojo NZ

Desk Prices at BizDojo Auckland:

Wanna get out of your home office? Just pay $89 and enjoy 24-hour access to all the three Auckland coworking locations.

The active membership comes at $499 for the whole year and the permanent membership will cost you $699 for 12 months.

Desk Prices at BizDojo Wellington:

The per day rate is $80, and the active membership will cost you $399. Want to be a permanent member of the BizDojo company, you need to shed $629 for permanent membership.

Desk prices at Christchurch:

The per day cost for being a member is $35 and that for becoming an active member it is $399. The permanent membership cost is similar for all the three locations, $699.

Did BizDojo Fail?

It is often seen that people relate one aspect of an entity or a person to define their character and authenticity. But the reality is just the mirrored truth of what is being circulated in the market. Yes, BizDojo was in a bit of a flux regarding unpaid lease rent to ATEED and Robert Walters for recruitment costs. But this was limited to a single location in Pakenham Street, Auckland. Despite various efforts to save this coworking space, the BizDojo Pakenham Street was forced to go for liquidation and pay the debt.

This lease and liquidation issues were only limited to the BizDojo Auckland, Pakenham street coworking space and there is no connection with other successful running spaces still managed by the BDG group, they changed the name of the whole managing group after liquidation. So, it is evident that as a group BizDojo has not failed, moreover, they are planning to open another coworking space in Queenstown coming January.

BizDojo Acquired by IWG

Only after two days of one of its locations going into liquidation, the whole BizDojo group was acquired by the International Workplace Group (IWG) after paying an undisclosed amount. This move will benefit all the existing members of the BDG group (renamed prior to the liquidation) as the IWG group is world renowned in the coworking spaces industry. Under its wings there are Regus, Spaces, No. 18 and Basepoint coworking spaces, this means that all the members of BizDojo will now enjoy the benefits given to the members of Regus, which has 14 locations in New Zealand.

This acquisition has come as a good news for the members as well as the management of both the organizations. IWG is spread across the world and has over 3100 coworking spaces located in 100 countries. In Toto, this is a good move by the BDG management as they are now a part of an international organization that has been working in the coworking industry for many years. They are free to leverage all of their expertise and experience in order to build even stronger and better coworking spaces in New Zealand.

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