Women-Only Coworking Space ‘The Refinery’ Shuts Down Services & It’s Sad

The Refinery, which was Austin’s first female-focused coworking space will be shutting down services at the end of this month. The news came after the CEO and founder Hayley Swindell-Wakefield openly announced the company’s inability to continue operating due to various issues. This includes the issue of parking space at the 612 Brazos St. location. The Refinery came into existence in January 2018 offering coworking facilities and event spaces. It came into limelight due to its special services for women and attracted a lot of attention thereafter. The CEO expressed that as a community The Refinery did an amazing job but it, however, failed to keep up with the growing business market.

The Refinery approaches female-focused coworking firm The Riveter

The Riveter, a fast-growing coworking facility operating in various locations opened its first work center in Austin in January at 1145 W. Second St. To make up to its members, the Refinery took an important step. It approached the Riveter with a proposal which was to shift its members to their workstation. While talking about the meeting, Wakefield confessed she felt an instant connection between the two brands. Furthermore, the members shifting to this new coworking firm will have to pay $225 a month instead of the actual $375/month. The Refinery was harboring a total of 90 members who were currently working there. Additionally, the two companies may partner for future event bookings as well.

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  • Women-only coworking space, The Refinery will not be providing services any longer.
  • The decision was made after the company underwent some business issues
  • To cause minimum inconvenience to its members, they have joined hands with the Riveter, another female-focused coworking space.

About The Riveter

The Riveter is a well-know coworking firm with its centers in multiple locations. It was named after the iconic Rosie the Riveter who was the women representative during World War 2. Moreover, the facility was established by the workforce of women. It, however, offers services to both men and women. Since the opening of its center in Austin, it has come up with two more spaces in Seatle and another two coworking spaces in Los Angeles. They claim to provide services to more than 2000 members. It will be interesting to watch how the company grows after this new partnership.

With the closing down of the Refinery, a potential coworking firm, many members expressed disappointment. However, with another option at hand, they might not suffer from any major disadvantages. And who knows another coworking firm might open in the city of Austin. Anything is possible!

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