The Wing (Women Only Coworking) Opens Another Location in Manhattan City

Women’s only coworking facility, The Wing is soon going to open its fourth location in the city of Manhattan. According to sources, it has taken up space at 25 W. 39th St. in Midtown Manhattan in the famous Thor Equities building. Further, they have rented the entire 11th floor of the building.

The motive behind this expansion is to provide flexible workspace solutions to women across the city. Following great movements like #metoo, it isn’t surprising that spaces like these are teeming all across the world. Also, many people are realizing the need to provide women with workplaces that make them feel secure and comfortable. And that is what The Wing is trying to achieve through the services it provides.

Not to mention, this building has some unique features that will surely attract your attention. For instance, it has terracotta ceilings and well-organized steel columns. The company is planning to move to this location in autumn. For this particular location, the services that will be available include workspace options, conference rooms, private phone booths and much more. Additionally, there will be a cafe on the premises of the center. The coworking space will have a design that caters to the requirements of women.


Other locations of The Wing

The Wing has spread its roots across various cities of the world. This includes Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Canada, London, and other locations. After gaining fame, it attracted the attention of a lot of professional women who were ready to pay some amount of fee to work in a shared space. This led to increased expansions and development of the center.

Earlier, the Wing had opened a coworking space San Francisco. The idea behind this was to make women realize the benefits of working in a community. And not just any ordinary community but a community controlled by women. In the coming years, it will be interesting to watch how this women-only work center moves to other parts of the world and acquires a secure position in the market.

Ajay Deep

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