The Wing Coworking Launches Little Wing Child Care Spaces & They’re a Hit

The Wing, one of the most reputed coworking and community operators have taken an immensely bold step by launching the childcare program by the name The Little Wing. This step has been taken extensively for the women coworkers so that they can work without having to worry about their children.

The Little Wing is a system which provides babysitting and learning provisions for little kids while their mothers are busy working on their new business venture. Currently, this system has only been launched in the Soho and Hollywood locations of The Wing Coworking in the USA but they plan to expand soon other parts all over the world. This will help women entrepreneurs all over the globe to work without having to worry about their kids. The childcare program of The Wing is being applauded all over the world and quite possibly, more coworking spaces will follow the trend.

The Wing Coworking and The Little Wing Child Care

Some of the women who have been in this program think that it is absolutely thoughtful on behalf of The Wing coworking to launch a child care program and nobody ever thought this way before. In just a few days, about 20% of The Little Wing coworking consists of children. All the babysitters and the trainers are absolutely skilled professionals who can take care of the children in the best possible manner, lessening the tension of the new mothers who are also working professionals at the same time.

More about The Little Wing Space

The Little Wing consists of spaces where you can host events and even parties. here the events can be work-related or child related, which means you can have confidential office meets and even host birthday parties.

The mission and vision of The Wing are to prove that newbie mothers can also become brilliant entrepreneurs and amazing parents at the same time. Being a caregiver does not mean that you cannot be an employer. The Wing is open round the clock so that no matter what your work hours are, you can always rely on it to take care of your child.

Lauren Kassan, the co-founder of The Wing declared that behind this new initiative there is a very fair reasoning. She herself is a mother of a 9-month-old and knows exactly how tough parenting can be. It even becomes tougher for a working woman. So according to her, nothing could be better than the change which has been initiated by The Wing coworking.

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