The Travel Industry Hub Set to Launch 2 New Spaces in Sydney & Wellington

TTIH aka The Travel Industry Hub is a new coworking brand with promising workspace solutions. This coworking space will cater to the work requirements of the travel and tourism industries. The founders mention combining the best of coworking spaces and the tourism industry at their spaces. The founders of this coworking space hail from the travel and tourism sector themselves. They are Richard Taylor, Natasha Faithfull, and Luke Crawford. They strive to provide a niche and to bring together the community of the like at one coworking space. The main motive of the founders of these spaces is to bring together like-minded people from the same industry. 

These coworking spaces will be located in the premium locations of Sydney, Australia, and Wellington, New Zealand. The Sydney location is all set for launch in May 2019. While the Wellington space will open in June 2019. These office spaces will provide meeting rooms, hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices, and event spaces. Also, the business and mailing address will also be available at both of these spaces.

The Travel and Industry Hub Spaces to Boost Collaboration

These office spaces will be exclusively available for individuals from the travel and tourism industry. The founders wish to meet the industry-specific needs at their coworking locations. Their Sydney coworking space is located on 104 Mount Street in North Sydney, Australia. While their coworking space Wellington is on the Dixon Street, Te Aro area of the city.

Richard Taylor, the Managing Director, and the co-founder said, “With so many people finding coworking a great solution for their needs, now is the time for the next evolution of travel and tourism offices…Our industries thrive on face-to-face relationships and networking, and our spaces aim to combine that with highly affordable workspaces.”

He further said that they wish to provide secure and professional spaces to the people of the travel industry. Also, he expressed that they expect to boost collaboration in the industry, And this can be achieved if the people of the same industry background are brought together under one roof.

“We want our coworking spaces to act as accelerators for business growth through constant interaction with other companies in the travel and tourism sector that will allow for natural networking opportunities, helping businesses find new clients, customers, talent and collaboration opportunities”, Taylor added.

Taylor also said that their office spaces will be more affordable than their competitors. They will also have a few ‘launch’ offers in the beginning. The dedicated desk will cost $125 at their coworking space Sydney and $99 in Wellington per week under this offer. While the hot desk rent prices will be $30 per day at both of these office spaces. The rent prices for the private offices will vary as per the team size. The price plans of these spaces will be available for a monthly basis.

They are also planning to open more coworking spaces in Australia and New Zealand in the coming future. To know more about their office spaces and price plans reach them here.

Ajay Deep

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