Flipkart Plans to Move Into Coworking & It’s a Big Leap Towards Modern Development

Low costs, flexible working environment and less operational costs are persuading more companies to opt for co-working. The giant e-commerce company, Flipkart is in talks with various co-working space providers to lease around 3000 desks in Bangalore city. According to various sources, Flipkart has made proposals to around five operators to fulfil their requirement. These providers include big names such as WeWork and CoWrks. With a total of 30,000 employees working for them, Flipkart might be planning to expand its corporate family by availing new options like co-working. This big leap shows that Flipkart has made its options more flexible by going beyond the traditional practices of working in a particular office that is owned by the company and is ready to provide its employees with better working experience.

To get a gist of this new trending term, co-working can be defined as an open space where individuals representing different companies or freelancers working on different projects work in a shared space.  The trend of co-working is escalating at a great pace with many big companies switching to this option due to its many advantages. Though Flipkart has a customized 8,00,000 square feet corporate campus in Bangalore, it is still considering coworking as an option because of its maximum benefits at the lowest costs and also because it will be soon having a dominating position in future. Coworking is affecting a lot of people who are looking for cost-effective and creative ways to attain their work goals.

  • Flipkart plans to embrace co-working as it decides to lease 3000 desks.
  • It has contacted at least five operators to fulfill their needs which include WeWork and CoWrks.
  • Right now, Flipkart is operating from an 8,00,000 square feet corporate campus situated in Bangalore

A point to be noted is that Bangalore dominates the chart as it has the maximum number of coworking spaces in India occupying about 32% of the market share as of July 2018. Coworking is spreading to India as well and is becoming a global trend by making an appearance in almost all the major cities of various countries.

As more people are getting aware of the benefits of co-working, a large number of corporate firms are taking advantage of this option as it provides a more collaborative and flexible place to work and create.  The other companies which have already embraced coworking include Apple, Microsoft, Alibaba, Facebook.

Amazon is the biggest competitor of Flipkart has already adopted this new work culture. All these new developments prove that coworking has already secured a steady position and will be topping the charts in near future with the most valuable companies becoming a part of it.

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Ajay Deep

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