Dallas to Get Its First Female Centric Coworking Space “Her HQ”

Women power is all set to soar, this time at Dallas. Yes! Dallas is soon getting its first female-centric coworking space that will launch in the beginning of 2019. Titled as ‘Her HQ’, it is fine coworking, by women, for women.

Though many such facilities by The Wing, The Coven, Hera Hub, One Roof, The Hive, etc have around for a while, none had footprints in Dallas. Ever since the closure of ‘Kaleidescope for Her’, technically the first such space to open in Dallas, a Her HQ like facility was called for.

Her HQ team is still in search of permanent premises for the official headquarters. The coworking company will currently run from the Central Office coworking office at Portland, for six months after the launch. But, they have already outlined their concept of female centred open offices. Including simple monthly programmes for members apart from single day passes to use the Her HQ facilities and events. These will focus on women health and wellness, innovation and research, career growth opportunities and a lot more.

If we talk about coworking in Texan metropolitan city, there are many coworking spaces in Dallas, but the founders felt that something was amiss. The co-founders, Tiffany Zamora and Cassi Oesterling, themselves met through Bumble BFF platform. Coming from Los Angeles and Wisconsin, and with PR and social media being their professional backgrounds, together, they realized that a women-focused coworking could bring together more like-minded women. Here they will get real opportunities to experience more connections and interests, besides understanding themselves better.

In line with The Wing, Her HQ will also be a static locale for Dallas female groups and events, gradually culminating into a network of dynamic women. They are not focused on recruiting any specific set of women, be it on age or anything else. Their aim is to bring together influential women who become the crux of this coworking culture. So if you are a woman and new to Dallas, Her HQ could be your key to making multiple contacts, quickly, in one place.

Coming to the essence of the coworking space, it will initially be a co-ed setting, though the company will retain its brand’s female-focused concept, within the space. The Her HQ space within Central Office will have a classy French aura, with not a very girly but definitely a feminine setup. It’s to be accessorized with small and cosy restaurant-style tables, tender seating, comfy sofas, besides an Instagram wall decor. In short, the space will definitely be more fun than other areas of the premises.

Her HQ is already accepting invites from women and nonbinary appliers, while the applications will be screened in the coming months.

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