Awfis to Expand Pune Coworking to 12,000 Desks At 21 Different Spaces

Awfis is, without doubt, one of the best coworking space in Pune. As per the latest news, it has now decided to increase its total number of seats in Pune. With one of the great cities in India for entrepreneurship, Pune has been growing with the number of coworking spaces. Awfis does not seem to be losing upon this opportunity and hence has decided to expand its footprint to over 21 spaces within Pune. It is a fact that the increase in demand of coworking spaces in Pune has made Awfis take this expansion decision.

Pune has been one of the first choices for startups and corporates in India. The coworking space operator has been planning to expand its centres to provide the best working experience to the young entrepreneurs.

Awfis Pune Coworking 

Awfis started its journey in the year 2015 and had the mindset to be one of the top coworking space providers. If we talk about Pune, then Awfis opened its first coworking space in Pune just 18 months back. As of now, it has 7 coworking centres in Pune with a total seating capacity of 4000 people. As per recent developments, Awfis is planning to open up 14 new coworking spaces in Pune itself to increase the total desk capacity to 8000 by the next year.

In its expansion mode in Pune, Awfis has recently tied up for one more co working space at Pune with approx 600 desks. It has been stated by one of Awfis official that Pune is the fastest growing cities in India and MNCs, SMEs and startups have been demanding superior workspaces in the city.

More about Awfis in India

Awfis has a total 55 workspaces in 9 cities in India with almost 25000 seating capacity. The prices of the seats in the Awfis coworking spaces fall between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 15000 per desk. Currently, cities like – Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Noida and Bengaluru have Awfis centres. Till 2020, Awfis Coworking plans to establish 200 coworking spaces with a total of 1 Lakh seats.

As far as revenues are concerned, Awfis posted a revenue of Rs. 57 crores in last fiscal. In the current fiscal year, revenue of Awfis coworking has been expected to touch the figure of Rs. 170 crore. These huge revenue figures have become possible as the company has some big corporates as its clients. Vodafone, Michelin Tyres and Hinduja Group to name a few. Let us see how the growth of Awfis in India goes. We also need to mention that Awfis is one of the biggest competitors of WeWork in India. 

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