What’s the Difference Between CBD Vape Juice and CBD Cartridge?

Have you finally decided it’s time you tried CBD? Well, probably your next worry is selecting the consumption approach. There are several methods to enjoy CBD. The choices will up to your preferences because each has its advantages. Some of the ways to consume your CBD include smoking, taking it orally, vaping, or applying it topically. Vaping is one of the most popular methods because it allows you to experience the effects of cannabidiol more quickly. If you choose to vape as a way to consume CBD, you have two options: using CBD vape juice or CBD cartridge. So, what is the difference between them?

Keep reading to find out the differences between the two. 

What is CBD Vape Juice?

Before we tell you about the differences between the two vaping options, let’s give you general knowledge about the two. We will begin by telling you what CBD vape juice is. CBD vape juice is commonly known as CBD vape oil. It is a hemp-based extract meant to be utilized with dab pens or vape pens. The CBD vape pens are powered by batteries, which you can replace if they are no longer functional. By the way, if you need a vape pen battery for your CBD cart, vape4ever got you covered with high-quality batteries. In its raw form, CBD vape oil is so dense that it cannot be converted into vapor. Therefore, extraction entails mixing the oil with a carrier liquid that makes the vape juice appropriate for vaping. 

What is CBD Cartridge?

A CBD cartridge refers to a slim tank that is used to hold vape juice. The tank can be prefilled or refillable. Once the vape juice is exhausted from a prefilled CBD cartridge, it cannot be refilled. However, if you purchase a refillable CBD cartridge, you can refill the cart once the vape oil is exhausted. 

CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Cartridge: What Are the Differences 


The strength levels make the major difference between CBD vape juice and CBD cartridge. Typically, CBD cartridges are stronger compared to vape juices because cartridges contain a higher concentration of CBD per milliliter of e-liquid. On the other hand, the potency of its vape juice is dependent on the vape pen cart capacity its CBD volumes. The strongest vape juices usually contain 1000 mg of CBD per 30mL of the juice. However, CBD cartridges give room for you to refill for the dosage you need. 

Flavor Options

The number of CBD vape juice products in the market is larger than that of CBD cartridges. This means that you can access a wide range of e-liquid flavors than you can with CBD cartridges. As such, if you like exploring and experimenting with a wide variety of flavors, you may need to consider CBD vape juices. 

Battery Voltage

CBD vape juices are designed to function on stronger batteries than the batteries for the cartridges. Unless the voltage is adjusted, if batteries meant to be used with e-juices are used with cartridges, they may cause CBD cartridges to malfunction. In some cases, they may cause bodily harm. Our advice is to use batteries designed for cartridges if you are using a CBD cartridge. This also applies if you are vaping from a vape juice.

Ease of Use

Generally, the two vaping devices are user-friendly. However, many vaping enthusiasts say that prefilled vape juices are much easier to use. All you need to do is place the device between your lips and start enjoying your vape. Beginners may experience difficulties with the refillable ones because you need to be knowledgeable on how to refill the e-liquid. 


Who wouldn’t care about the price of any item they want to acquire? I bet, no one. It is not different when considering to make a choice between e-liquids and cartridges. Generally, CBD cartridges are more expensive than CBD e-liquids. However, potent cartridges may be more economical and offer better value than e-juices do. You only need a few puffs to attain your desired outcome. 

Final Thought 

Regardless of the choice you make, both methods are effective. Vaping is a great way to receive maximum benefit from CBD because the results are instant. The choice you make depends on your personal preferences. Just make sure you are getting high-quality products from trusted sources.

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