What Are the Benefits of Delta-8 THC Oil

Delta-8 oil is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about products in the medical and natural wellness Industries. The compound is particularly interesting as it combines many of the much-loved features of CBD and delta-9 THC, offering a mild high and many potential medical benefits.

Finding delta 8 THC for sale has become a lot more accessible over the last few years as more and more people become aware of the cannabinoid. There is a growing range of evidence showing that delta-8 oil can be used to improve both mental and physical health. However, research is still in its preliminary stages. 

Here are the top five benefits of delta-8 THC oil that are causing it to attract so much positive attention.

Delta-8 and Mental Health

Using delta-8 THC oil regularly has been linked to several positive health benefits, including improved mood and the body’s ability to cope with stress better.

The low potency level of delta-8, when compared to delta-9 THC, provides several benefits. Delta-9 is the most common type of THC, and it is often used for recreational purposes. However, the compound can cause feels of paranoia and anxiety when consumed in large quantities.

Delta-8, on the other hand, is less likely to cause adverse mental effects that sometimes occur in people with a low THC tolerance. Instead, delta-8 may be used to impact cases of chronic stress and anxiety positively.

Interestingly, delta 8 tinctures are being increasingly used as a supplement to reduce the frequency of anxiety attacks. The calming effects of delta-8 and many of the other cannabinoids found within hemp plants work with stress receptors in the brain to better cope and process negative stimuli.

Managing Pain with Delta-8

Hemp plants have been used throughout history to help manage and alleviate aches and pains. CBD is the most commonly used cannabinoid found in hemp plants that are used to reduce pain. There is, however, a growing trend in people using delta-8 THC instead as it can also provide an uplifting high to help further manage pain.

Delta-8 binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors, altering how painful stimuli are processed within the brain. Delta-8 is able to cause similar effects to other popular pain remedies and could provide short-term relief.

Another reason why delta-8 has become a popular option is its anti-inflammatory properties, which means that it limits the pain felt and can also treat some aches and pains at their source. Conditions such as arthritis and painful skin irritations could be managed using delta-8 oil, helping to reduce levels of inflammation in these areas.

Increase Motivation with Delta-8

While delta-8 might offer many of the positive effects associated with CBD, it also has several similarities with delta-9 THC due to its structure. Both delta-8 and delta-9 THC have a double carbon bond. The only difference is the placement of the bond.

The similarities mean that delta-8 could still cause many of the same uplifting and motivating feelings of delta-9 only in a rescued capacity. These effects can be beneficial for improving energy levels and motivation as the overwhelming sensations that can occur with delta-9 are less likely to occur.

Delta-8 allows the consumer to focus on the energizing benefits rather than merely the feeling of being high. Delta-8 oils are a popular option among athletes who need to boost energy levels shortly before a long training session. Delta-8 oil edibles can also be used as a source of motivation during a long workday.

The Effects of Delta-8 on Appetite

A study in 2004 found that when delta-8 is consumed in low quantities, it can temporarily increase a person’s appetite. Delta-8 products are often used by people undergoing treatments known to suppress their appetite to help them maintain a healthy diet.

There is also evidence to suggest that delta-8 oils can be used to suppress nausea which is often another problem for people undergoing appetite-affecting treatments.

It is thought that delta-8 supplements could be used similarly for people who suffer from eating disorders. The calming effects of delta-8 could also prove helpful in these cases as they can rescue feelings of anxiety surrounding food.

Could the cannabinoid be useful for weight loss too?

Well, one way delta-8 could increase a person’s appetite is by speeding up their metabolism. This also results in food being processed much faster through the body, causing weight loss when a person does not increase the amount of food they are eating. There is a growing trend in people using delta-8 as a weight loss supplement due to its effects on metabolism.

However, as mentioned above, many of these benefits are based on limited research or anecdotal evidence. 

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