Top 10 Cryptocurrencies With Dividends

There are two types of people: those who trade crypto to earn profit and those who want to invest in coins that pay dividends. You should learn about making from your funds if you are the second type. If you have basic knowledge about dividends, you must know that they are profit parts. If you invest in tokens, you get apart from the network’s profit. Most still think that BTC is the most profitable investment. But you shouldn’t expect to get Bitcoin dividends as BTC is one of the cryptocurrencies that don’t pay dividends. You’ll find the list of cryptocurrencies that pay dividends below.

How Can You Get Income from Crypto? 

Some exchanges pay dividends in crypto. The first way is to purchase and hold the tokens. The second method is to stake to receive passive income from cryptocurrencies. 

So, what exchanges pay crypto dividends to those who hold their tokens? For example, they are Kucoin, FTX, and BitMax. As a result, get about 80% of transaction fees in crypto dividends. 

10 Cryptocurrencies That Will Bring You Maximum Benefits

If you want to make the most out of crypto, you need to make the right choice. Don’t rack your brains on which one to pick. Just check the list with the best paying cryptocurrencies below: 

Decred. It’s multi-platform crypto with dividends. The mechanism used behind it is a combination of proof-of-stake protocols and proof-of-work. DCR is the token of the Decred network. Those who stake its tokens can count on getting about 30% annually in dividends.

Ontology. Its users can enjoy staking benefits. The income per annum may reach up to 4%.  Ontology is the network based on blockchain and the crypto that pays dividends at the same time.

Reddcoin. It’s a so-called media currency. If users contribute to Reddit or Twitter, they can earn around 5% on holdings annually.

Neblio. It supports Dapps and the development of smart contracts. One can use it for the ICO launch. Neblio, crypto that pays dividends, is available for trading on Letsexchange.io – an instant crypto exchange. Without complications, one can buy and sell it on a secure, hassle-free platform. 

NEO. If you hold NEO, you can count on getting payouts in GAS, which can reach up to 0.0003 GAS daily. It’s an excellent way to earn a passive income from crypto.

VeChain. It’s one of the popular platforms to stake tokens and get dividends in VTHOR. For example, when you stake 1 VET, you can get 0.00042 VTHOR.

PIVX. It’s both a token and a network. Stakers of PIVX can earn up to 4.8% of dividends annually.

Komodo. It provides an opportunity to get dividends on coins users stakes. But you need to keep in mind that it’s necessary to stake at most a minuscule 10 KMD. 

NAV Coin. It’s unique crypto as it can boast a dual blockchain for private transactions. In addition, there is a POS staking rewards system with the help of which you can earn passive income. One of the distinctive features is that the cap for staking is absent here. 

KuCoin. This blockchain asset exchange has its token, KuCoin. You can earn a KuCoin bonus regularly. The bonus makes 50% from the trading fees.

Pick the proper crypto and earn passive income without spending much time and effort.

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