Profession for IT- Students: Game Developer

A game developer is a modern, in-demand profession. It attracts those who love games in all their manifestations and those who want to develop in a field that hasn’t lost relevance for 20 years. The secret of the specialty is that there are no pure developers, but there are many areas that one person perfectly combines.

For those who are far from the world of IT, it may seem that this area is suitable for the study of experienced programmers, and there is nothing for beginners. It is not so. In our article, we will tell what a game developer should know and be able to do, how easy is access to the profession, and what will help you quickly master the minimum necessary to work.

What game developers do and what they are

Game creation (game development) is a powerful industry focused on the release of new games for different engines and platforms, in the form of applications for PC, smartphone, or social networks. A game developer is a person engaged in this sphere. However, this is a general concept that includes a lot of narrow specializations. By the way, if you’re only studying you can use python homework help and see what else you can study to work as a gamer developer.

Let us give a brief description of the types of game developers:

  • Gameplay developer thinks through the general concept and mechanics in close contact with 3D animators and game designers.
  • Engine developer works on creating special templates – utilities and tools, thanks to which other specialists quickly solve their tasks.
  • The animation developer is responsible for the visual side of the new game. He creates the backgrounds, landscapes, costumes, and appearance of characters, tools, and weapons.
  • DevOps developer ensures the comfort of users who use third-party services for the game, such as Battle.net and Ubisoft.
  • UI and Client developers deal with all the elements outside the game world – the splash screen, menus, transitions between sections. The first impression from the game depends on them, as well as the gamers’ comfort during the gameplay.
  • The graphics programmer is responsible for making sure that the application does not put too high demands on the devices and thus be as accessible as possible.
  • Back-end developer implements the internal structure – servers, parsing, data retrieval. The performance of the game largely depends on this specialist.

Advantages and disadvantages of becoming a game developer


  • The creation of game software is well paid, so a capable creative developer can count on a consistently high income.
  • Well-known companies in this industry are interested in talented developers and are ready to provide them with excellent conditions for productive work.
  • It is possible to build a reputation of a high-class specialist, remain a freelancer, and choose the most interesting tasks from the offers of customers.
  • The game software market attracts investors due to the demand for promoted products.
  • You can use different platforms to implement your ideas – OS, IOS/Android, etc.
  • The knowledge and skills that a game developer possesses due to his/her professional duties allow him/her to find a job in any sphere where programming, 3D modeling, and the basics of creating mobile applications are in demand.


  • The need primarily to be guided by the wishes of the customer, rather than his ambitions.
  • Constant improvement of professional skills due to the active development of the industry and the regular appearance of new tools and programs.

Necessary basic skills of a successful game developer

Math and physics Realistic movement of objects and characters in the game is impossible to implement without an understanding of mathematical and physical laws. There are ready-to-use game mechanics templates in game engines, but they are not enough to create a unique and exciting virtual space. A game developer should know mathematics at the level of a first-year technical college student, i.e. have an idea of linear algebra, discrete mathematics, analytical geometry, trigonometry, and mathematical analysis. All of these disciplines provide the developer with the tools for programming. Physics is necessary to implement the laws of the game universe. Knowledge of the laws of classical mechanics, optics, kinematics, and fluid mechanics will help to reliably reflect in virtual reality the destruction of buildings, the movement of mechanisms and people, the flight of arrows, and the explosion of projectiles.

Algorithms and data structures In the game world everything is subject to a given sequence of actions, where each step entails one or another reaction of the characters. A good developer should understand the essence of algorithms and be able to work with data structures, without which it is impossible to manage a large amount of information of different types. Game creators have to analyze a huge number of different components to make the virtual space realistic, objects look authentic, and locations are loaded promptly and correspond to the general strategy or shooter concept.

English Despite the success of domestic developers, the main source of relevant information in the field of game development – foreign forums, articles, descriptions of new technologies. To keep abreast of the latest achievements in the game industry, it is useful to speak English at a sufficient level to be able to read technical texts fluently.

Git & GitHub Git – this is the most popular system of version control in the environment of video game developers, thanks to which you can save all the variations of the project and have access to each of them. GitHub, an online hosting service, serves as a place for storing projects. These tools have another function: here developers can learn about the findings of their colleagues and present their achievements to the community, thus defining the current vector of the game industry’s development.

The peculiarity of this sphere of activity is that it is not enough to be a good programmer – you should love games and be able to tolerate a long lack of desired results and keep working despite obvious failures.

Game development is creativity, based on the desire to create a project that will embody all the boldest ideas of developers to captivate millions of followers. It can be done only by those people who are truly captivated by the idea, who spare no effort and time to implement it and, as a result, achieve what they have planned.

So if you’re a gamer and studying programming, you should try to work as a game developer!

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