Jobs For People – Introverts and Extroverts

People like to categorize the population into “introverts” and “extroverts”, but the world isn’t quite that binary. Most of us fall somewhere in between, with some introverted and extroverted traits; after all, even the most introverted among us enjoy socializing sometimes.

It’s important to understand our own extrovert and introvert tendencies, however, as this can help us in understanding what sorts of jobs will work for us. We all have different talents, preferences, and skills. Those of us that are more introverted work best while hiding behind a computer screen, whereas others excel at talking to people.

If you’re an extrovert or you thrive around other people, then here are some jobs that you may find interesting.


Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely job as few people will understand the journey you’re on. However, it’s also a job that involves you meeting and working with a very diverse network of people. Between investors, clients, co-founders, employees, and suppliers, you’ll find it pretty easy to fill your days with being around others.

People-people are often charismatic which is a helpful trait in leadership, therefore, extroverts are more likely to enjoy this part of being an entrepreneur.

In the early days of a business venture, you will likely take advantage of coworking spaces as a way to extend your network, save money, and give your social life a boost.

Card Dealer

Many people love heading to a casino or card room to play a few games, have a flutter, and socialize with like-minded people. While they love the games themselves, they also love the interaction they have with others around the table.

In addition to the players, there is usually another person sitting (or standing) at the table: the dealer. In addition to having incredible skills at shuffling cards and knowing the rules of their particular game off by heart, these dealers also spend their days chatting with players.

With such varied clients frequenting card tables, you’ll get to meet a very diverse mix of people when you work as a dealer. The most experienced and skilled may also get the opportunity to take part in major live events and tournaments like the EPT.

For those interested in this line of work, you will find that most casinos are regularly recruiting for dealers and croupiers and offer full training to all new staff. Once you’re up to speed, you can then choose to specialize in the game you prefer, whether it be poker, blackjack, or baccarat.

Event Planner

Event planners are people that help to ensure that corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, and other important occasions go off without a hitch. The job requires someone that is organized and that can stay calm under pressure, but it also requires someone who’s great with people.

Before an event, you will spend time developing plans with your clients, talking to them to understand their needs and expectations. After this, you’ll have to liaise with various vendors while you arrange a venue, catering, and entertainment.

On the day, you’ll need to be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly, interacting with guests and staff to give your clients the event they had imagined.

Customer Service

Some people see customer service jobs as a role that is for young people fresh out of university and those that aren’t very ambitious, but that’s an incredibly unfair characterization of the profession.

Customer service personnel are the people that are the face of a business. You make the difference between someone having a good experience, leading to them wanting to become a customer for life, and someone having a bad experience that results in them complaining about you to their friends.

The people that thrive in customer service are the people that are energetic and bubbly, that actively seek out customers to improve their experience, and that get a buzz out of having a chat.

This makes a big difference in restaurants and small shops where personal service is what customers expect.

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