Improving Productivity – What You Can Offer Your Employees

Employee benefits have been analyzed as one of the key factors to boost productivity in the workplace over the last decade or so. The purpose of these benefits is to help promote employee satisfaction and boost their well-being. There are a number of ‘typical’ employee benefits that are expected from employers such as pension schemes, flexible working hours, and child care support. However, there are also new company perks that we are seeing more and more of, such as working from home, half days, and corporate retreats. If you don’t know what kind of benefits you should be giving to your employees to try and boost engagement then continue reading to find out.  

Sick Pay 

Although this may shock some people, sick pay is not offered within all companies. This is an employee benefit that should be fundamentally involved across all organizations. This has been deemed by most employees as the most valuable benefit that could be offered to them as it gives them a sense of security, that even if they are bedridden through no fault of their own, they are still receiving a fair income. By law, SSP must be given to all employees, however, this is a much lower fee than what most people would be used to receiving and can have a majorly negative impact on their budgeting for the next month or so.  

If you’re unsure how to start implementing strategies such as this you can download a benefits platform that allows you to manage sick days alongside other time off requests. You may also want to consider offering Covid-19 workplace testing in Orange County. Investing in the prevention of your employees getting sick can help them feel confident that you value their time and well-being as an employer.

Christmas closure  

The holidays are a time when everyone wants to be able to sit at home in front of the fire, with a hot chocolate at their disposal. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for some employees as their organization makes them work during the festive period.  

A staggering number of individuals feel that unless your company has a specific need for an opening during the festive period, then you should close it and reward the staff for all of the hard work that they have given the business throughout the year. This benefit would be crucial as companies, especially the retail sector, exploit their staff to work during this period and even refuse holidays around this time. Allowing staff the time off would make them have gratitude for the company and work harder.  

Flexible working  

Due to COVID-19, workplaces have had to adapt to flexible working, some of them achieved this perfectly by introducing working from home (WFH). WFH has been described by some employees as the future. They love that they can save travel expenses and be productive in the comfort of their own home. WFH allows a more flexible schedule for employees, especially those with children. They are able to spend more time with their little ones, drop them off at school, and still make it back in time to start their work. This is a no-brainer for companies that deem themselves as forward-thinking. It’s important to acknowledge that not every employee wants this, but just offering it as an option shows your employees that you care about them and their well-being.  

Can benefits boost productivity?  

In short, the answer is yes. Employee benefits are a fantastic way to show your employees that you acknowledge everything they do for the company and that they are crucial to the company’s success. Simple things such as offering sick pay or allowing people to WFH whenever they want to allow employees to see that they are receiving and not just giving. If you are an employer then you must ensure that you are offering some of the most up-to-date perks on offer to stand out. 

Ajay Deep

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