How to Write a Proper Essay About Yourself When Applying For a Job

At the interview before employment, the manager pays attention not only to the track record, which is reflected in the resume, but also to the personal characteristics of the candidate. To draw the employer’s attention and to stand out among other applicants, you can write an essay (sometimes it is directly stated in the requirements for admission). In it, an employee describes his or her advantages as a specialist who will be useful for a particular organization. A well-written essay is one way to achieve the desired position.

An essay is a genre of writing, a prose essay in which the author reveals his or her opinion on a given topic in free form. Its distinctive feature, according to StudyCrumb experts, is the author’s individual view and personal thoughts. The task of the essay in employment is to convince the employer that the personal qualities of the applicant, his/her professional skills and available experience correlate with the offered vacancy.

Also, this document describes why the candidate wants to work in this company, what result the cooperation will bring to both parties. For the manager it can be increase of production, increase of indicators, and for the employee – professional achievements and personal growth.

The resume describes dry facts: professional education, advanced training courses, previous position, career path. In the essay, a person argues his view of the prospects of work in the organization, shows how he sees his role in the activities of the company.

Differences From The Essay

An essay is a form of presentation of thoughts on a given topic, a written analysis according to a suggested plan. It is written in the form of a narrative, reasoning, reflection, description, answers to questions posed.

Differences Between an Essay And an Essay:

  • The structure of an essay involves three parts (introductory, main, and concluding). The text is written on the basis of a clear plan followed by a conclusion. The compositional structure in the essay is arbitrary, the conclusion is not obligatory, there are no clear rules of writing.
  • The purpose of the essay as a type of creative work is a statement of thoughts in a logical sequence, the development of speech skills, the formation of the ability to draw conclusions from the offered materials. The essay is designed to find an emotional response from readers, to interest, to convince in the reliability of the stated, to express your attitude to the topic. For this purpose, bright, expressive means of speech are used.
  • The essay is characterized by a large volume, more elaboration of the topic. An essay is a compilation of one’s own reasoning.
  • In the essay, the narration is in the first person, while in the essay, most often, in the third person.

A common feature for both types of creative work is the need to thoughtfully analyze the problem and use convincing evidence for your point of view in the text.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Writing an Essay When Applying For a Job

Recommendations For Writing The Perfect Essay For a Job Interview:

  1. Think through the main idea of the narrative. It is important to grab the reader’s attention from the first sentence.
  2. It is not necessary to write the introduction first: it will be even easier to do it after the whole text is written.
  3. Determine what qualities will be reflected in the text, what strengths of the specialist will interest the employer.
  4. Select arguments that will confirm the presence of the necessary qualities. It can be training on additional courses, life experience, which is confirmed by real stories.
  5. Express an opinion about the company policy, find common values with the employer, note the corporate culture.
  6. Talk about ideas for promoting the company and your role in the process.
  7. Write down thoughts that come to mind in free form, without editing or proofreading them, and without following spelling rules. When all the thoughts are written down, construct a logical text and correct spelling errors.
  8. In conclusion, show the concrete benefit of mutual cooperation, not only for the employer, but also for the potential employee.

The assignment should be approached creatively, not using formulaic phrases. It is important for employer to understand what kind of person can join his organization, what values he has, what new things he can bring to the company, and it is possible only if the person can afford to express it.

Common Mistakes

Despite The Fact That The Essay is Written in Any Form, You Should Avoid Mistakes in Writing:

  • Use of slang, playful, flirtatious tone, abbreviated words and phrases. The text should be taken seriously, to be sustained in a single style.
  • Violation of the rules of spelling and punctuation. If the essay is written illiterately, its content will not be noticed.
  • An accumulation of stylistic constructions. The text should read easily, you should not force the employer to return to one phrase several times in a row to understand it.
  • A large volume of text. Usually limited to five thousand characters, you shouldn’t write out your thoughts on several pages, because employers value their time.
  • Lack of facts to support what is written.
  • Mentioning details that are not relevant to the job.
  • Lack of your own thoughts, excessive use of quotations.

A quality essay combined with a good resume will make a candidate stand out in the eyes of management. It is not uncommon for a manager to make a decision about employing a candidate on the basis of an essay, not guided by education.

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