How To Stream Securely In A Coworking Space Without Getting Caught


Coworking spaces attract a diverse group of people from various backgrounds, including freelancers, small enterprises, huge corporations, and remote workers.

As a result, they must fit each sort of employee appropriately, ensuring that the place is not only pleasant to work in, but also adequately protected.

After all, businesses must protect their firm data and trade secrets, thus maintaining a secure working environment is critical. Coworking spaces can be hacked in a variety of ways, ranging from cybersecurity concerns to physical theft.

Due to strict privacy concerns, there is little room for any entertainment. Employees do need to let off some steam to keep working productively. For example, leisurely activities like streaming can help employees relax. However, such activities are frowned upon. That being said, this doesn’t mean that employees won’t do it.

If you’re like most people working in an office and love to sneak a video here and there from time to time, you need to stay cautious to avoid getting caught. To make your secret streaming experience even better, you should follow Streamingrant to stay updated with what to watch.

Read on until the end so you are aware of what measures your business should be taking, as well as how you, as an individual, can securely stream without the fear of getting caught.

So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Network Protection

Despite the fact that coworkers come from many walks of life, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the data of hundreds of others. As a result, having a strong and secure network is critical to preventing this, ensuring that all of your coworkers’ digital information is kept safe.

Hackers frequently target Wi-Fi networks, so instead of putting all of your coworkers on the same network, give each of them their own credentials and password. Alternately, go a step further and create personalized networks for each of your members.

This ensures that if one network is attacked, the others are not harmed. It also enables you to stream securely, for as long as you would like.


It should go without saying, but having effective physical security measures is just as crucial as having effective internet security measures. Having high-quality locks on your doors, windows, and storage cabinets, for example, can help keep your coworking space safe and allow you to stream securely without any fear of getting into trouble with HR.

Similarly, only members who actually work there should have access to the building. Whether this access solution is smartphone-based or uses access codes/smart cards, providing individual entry to users is arguably the most failsafe approach to keep vital data protected.

You can also manage who has access to certain rooms and areas in your coworking space thanks to cloud-based access control solutions. You’ll also be able to keep track of who has signed in, allowing you to maintain tabs on what’s going on in your office.


CCTV is yet another obvious security solution to install. Belongings can be lost or stolen even in the most loving communities, so having a security camera in place can make it much easier to resolve problems.

Not only that, but smart surveillance systems allow you to monitor office activity over Wi-Fi while you are away, relieving the pressure of having to be physically there all of the time.

It will also allow you to stream without getting caught, as you would know the happenings around the coworking space and when would be a good time to stream.

A good fire alarm system should also be installed and maintained on a regular basis. The last thing you want is for your coworkers’ data to be accidentally destroyed due to a lack of fire safety in your workplace.

As an Individual

The majority of the measures we’ve described so far have been directed at the office space owner, but there are a few things individuals may do to keep their data safe and stream securely as well.

Here are a few things to consider, whether it’s keeping your computers up-to-date on a regular basis or simply paying close attention to what you’re saying:

  • Keep yourself up to date. Maintain the security of your devices by keeping them up to date with the latest security software and installing reputable antivirus software. Also, make sure to change your passwords on a regular basis and use various ones for different accounts.
  • Your screen should be locked. While it may be less critical when working in a private office, locking your screen in a coworking space is essential. Even if you only leave the room for a few minutes, that’s enough time for someone else to view your personal information or gain access to your network.
  • Keep your eyes peeled. Building a rapport with your coworkers can be beneficial, but be cautious about the information you disclose. Keep an eye on what you’re saying and don’t tell them anything they don’t need to know.
  • Don’t let your electronics out of your sight. Sharing your gadget — whether it’s your work phone, USB stick, or computer – may be a lovely gesture, but it could put you at risk. Regardless of how well you believe you know someone, be cautious about handing out anything that potentially includes sensitive company information.

We hope these tips help, especially if you plan to make use of a slow workday, and stream something in your coworking space.

Ajay Deep

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