How To Securely Access Your Netflix Account While Sitting In A Coworking Space

You can watch TV episodes and movies on Netflix from anywhere in the world. The platform, however, stores a lot of financial information and personal information, so protecting it is significant. Sometimes at work, we just want to slack off. There is a possibility that our bosses don’t realize that we are relaxing. At that time, people want to enjoy their favorite shows on Netflix without being noticed.

Nowadays, in our coworking space, you will see people watching TV on one computer while working on another if you walk through the hallways. This is not a judgment, but an admiration. Technology has changed how people watch TV in incredible ways. In terms of these changes, Netflix is both a pioneer and an industry leader. 

Your Netflix account contains so much personal information, so you must maintain security while using it in a coworking space. The article will discuss how to securely access your NetFlix account while sitting in a coworking space.  

How To Securely Access Your Netflix Account While Sitting In A Coworking Space?

Here are the tips for you to secure access to your Netflix while working in an office

  • Ensure Your Safety

Modern technology encourages people to stay safe not only physically or emotionally but also digitally. Maintaining the safety of your information is essential when you are using any internet account. That’s also applicable to your Netflix account while you’re using it on your office computer. For that, you need unique technology, such as domain-name servers or VPNs that work with Netflix at your workplace.

VPNs provide Netflix users with added security by preventing unauthorized users from viewing their accounts. It is essential to keep your connection secure when you use office wi-fi. VPN will help you accomplish that. Furthermore, Netflix offers a variety of libraries that are organized by area. Due to licensing issues, you could accidentally miss out on many popular releases since each nation would have different content selections.

By essentially changing your location, a VPN removes Netflix’s geographic restrictions and gives you access to a slew of libraries from your office. Furthermore, a VPN protects your online identity at all times. You can browse any website or make any purchase online from your office, and no one will record or monitor anything you do. 

  • Double-check That You’ve Signed out

In particular, if you have used a laptop, phone, or tablet connected to the office’s wi-fi, your account can be vulnerable. When you are finished watching a Netflix movie or show, make sure you sign out from all devices. By choosing ‘Settings’ from the ‘Account’ menu, you can access this feature.

  • Don’t Let Your Co-workers See Your Password.

If you are used to watching Netflix shows while sitting in a coworking place, you must keep your password secure. Don’t share your password with any of your co-workers. Not only that, if you’re opening your account in front of them, don’t let them see your password. That makes your Netflix account secure from your colleagues.

  • Change Your Netflix Password 

You should also choose a password combination that contains between eight and twelve characters, but does not contain any personal information.

If possible, use a different Netflix password from what you use for your other accounts. You should also regularly update your password. Each time you use your account in the office, you can change your password. 

  • Use Chrome Extension 

To have secure access to Netflix, you can use the Netflix Hangouts extension. The interface opens up like a conference call and gives people the impression that you work on complicated deals on a video call. 

In reality, Netflix is just a smaller window running on your screen. Therefore, your boss may think you are working hard, but in fact, you might be binge-watching your favorite series. Nothing is stopping you from watching the rom-com you love.


Security is a concern for everyone who uses the internet. Netflix has taken steps to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to its users’ credentials. Still, it is equally important that you take precautions to protect yourself from any other threats. The measures outlined above will assist you in keeping your Netflix account safe in your working space. 

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