Gender Bias in the Tech Industry

Getting a job in the tech industry is a dream many have shared over the last few generations. After all, it is the career path known for its incredible profits, entirely understandable given how demanding and inherently connected to our continued well-being such jobs are. Moreover, in a world quickly approaching an ecological disaster, being someone who develops new tech lets you add to the ongoing eco-oriented effort more than most other individuals.

Unfortunately, you may never experience all of the above if you were born the wrong gender. As infuriating it is, the reality is that women are grossly mistreated in virtually every aspect of the tech industry. Issues such as the industry itself being male-dominated, a gender-based wage gap, women facing unfair interview questions related to home and family, lack of leadership positions as compared to the male employees, and even overly sexist behavior they experience are not only still a problem but pop up everywhere on a regular basis. Read on to discover just how badly women have it in one of the most “progressive” industries of this day.

The Tech Industry Is Male-dominated

This is a fact that is not only true but one that has been true for a long time. According to the data from National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), only 26% of all tech jobs are held by women, with barely 9% held by women of color. To make the matter worse, the study claims that the number of women in tech has been steadily decreasing since the 1990s, with 1991 having numbers as high as 36%. This is an unprecedented situation given the fact that a significant number of them have college degrees and qualifications equal to those of male employees.

The Wage Gap Is Still an Issue

A study done by Hired found that “59% of the time, men were offered higher salaries than women for the same job title at the same company in 2020, compared to 65% in 2019.” To put it simply, the gap is still a widespread problem, although it seems to be steadily decreasing; many law offices and organizations, such as https://mcolaw.com/, now help their clients fight for equality.

The difference in the amount itself is not as pronounced as it was a year ago, decreasing from 4.4% in 2019 to a much smaller estimate of 2.5%. That’s a massive step in the right direction, considering that a 4.4% difference to individuals getting a wage of $100000 is $4400. That seems like a small amount of money but may just be what a female employee needs to cover her medical bill.

Women Are Unfairly Interviewed About Home and Family

Perhaps one of the most infuriating things about the tech world is how the interview process is handled. If you are female, you are likely to be asked personal questions about where you see yourself in five years or what your ideal family would be like. These questions are not only irrelevant to why you want the job and how you will perform at it but also highly offensive, implying that women are not meant to be career-oriented individuals.

Women Are Highly Underrepresented In Management Positions

Women in high management positions and leadership roles overall are unfortunately a rarity these days, with less than one-third of such positions being filled by female employees. Such an approach to women is baffling, to say the least, given how those businesses that have the highest number of female leaders enjoy a significant increase in profits gained, amounting to even 15% over those that do not employ women in positions of power.

Women Face Sexist Remarks From Their Male Colleagues

None of the above is acceptable, but to make it even worse, consider the fact that many of the women working in the tech industry have reported receiving sexist remarks from their male colleagues. What’s worse is that instead of taking firm action against this, their colleagues either laughed or ignored their complaints altogether. As a result, many women choose to put up with it and avoid confrontation no matter how uncomfortable and inappropriate the situation has become, afraid of being further ridiculed or even losing a job.

It is important to note that all of these issues are not only true for companies working on technology but the job market as a whole. Horrible acts like catcalling and even physical harassment have been reported from workplaces with drastically different specializations. Fortunately, the situation is often brought to the forefront of the media and is slowly improving in terms of social acceptance.


It is of the utmost importance that all women, especially those who are hoping to pursue a career in tech, know what they are getting into. The fact of the matter is that it is still a male-dominated industry, and, as such, you can expect your gender to be treated differently. This could take many forms, including a lack of promotion, unfair questions during the interview process, less pay than men or even sexist remarks made by your colleagues.

None of this is acceptable, and you should feel free to stand up for yourself and the rest of your gender if you’re faced with any form of discrimination. After all, you have the same capacity to think and innovate as men do, if not greater. Good luck!

Ajay Deep

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