Best Small Business Apps To Manage Your Daily Operations

Small businesses face challenges such as low clientele and low capital to run daily operations. They also need tools to restore lost data besides satisfying the eternal needs of customers.

There is no doubt small businesses are ever looking for ways to increase productivity as the competition with bigger counterparts gets stiffer. Do not forget that customers expect a better customer experience regardless of the size of your company. 

Fortunately, in the modern market, technology helps leverage several business processes such as handling lost data, making it easier to manage both small and large businesses. To compete fairly with large companies, small businesses need to emulate new technologies today. That is why you need a small business app to manage your daily operations. 

We also know that today, everyone uses a smartphone to shop or communicate with businesses. Therefore, having a small business app helps small businesses escalate sales by reaching out to many customers through innovative means of marketing. This article focuses on some of the best apps to manage your small businesses’ daily activities. For the best data recovery tools for Windows, follow the link provided. Otherwise, read on to find out more about the small business apps to use. 

Choosing The Best Small Business App To Use

Before we look at some of the small business apps to use, let’s consider some of the things to consider before choosing the best app. 

Affordability: As a small business, probably with little capital, you need an application that comes at an affordable price. This will help you run your business without stopping critical operations. 

Scalability: You need an app that will be able to scale with your business.

Ease of use: This will help you drive adoption among your staff or workers. It also helps reduce the learning curve.

Customer service: You need software that offers unwavering customer service. This will help you save time and help your customers faster, especially when issues arise. 

The Best Small Business Apps For 2021

Disk Drill 

In the digital world, small businesses use computers much more. Data sharing and storage are therefore essential for companies. However, data loss is inevitable. If you lose very critical business data, you may significantly affect key business operations. That is why you need versatile data recovery software. 

Disk Drill developed by CleverFiles is software that helps you recover files and folders faster. If you need to use some of the best data recovery apps for Mac, follow the link provided. 


This team app helps your business by making communication and collaboration between you and your team easier. It comes with text, and a voice, among other features. You can therefore communicate with your team members and even customers using Chanty. Some of the things you can do include sending video calls, audio calls, voice messages, text messages, etc. Besides, the app has a Team book that helps you see everything in one place, making it a communication hub for your small business. 


This app helps you manage sales by accepting all payments and selling products online. Besides, it gives you sales analysis, sends marketing emails and invoices to customers, and even manages locations. 


These business apps will help you track expenses, create and send forms such as invoices, and know where your cash flow stands. Besides, you even get a free 30-day trial before you can choose a pricing plan that works for your small business. 


For time management, RescueTime can be used by small businesses to track the time spent on websites and other applications. It also sends you reports based on your daily activity. The app can set alerts so that you know the amount of time spent on particular activities and even block distracting websites. Therefore, the reposts you get help you understand where you are wasting most of your business time and be able to make decisions to improve to enhance your productivity. 


This is a project management tool. It supports several business needs such as daily task list generation, maintaining a blog, organization, etc. Besides, all the Kanban boards from Trello are flexible, scalable, and sharable. 


ZoomShift helps your small business by providing everything you need for the job schedule, such as shift swaps, time offs, and availability. 


Small businesses need robust marketing plans at affordable costs. With Wix, you can create websites and expand your online presence for increased customer interactions. Wix gives you templates, helps you add content, and publish. Enjoy a free online presence with Wix to market all your products and grow your small business. 


Mention gives your business a real-time media monitoring opportunity. It will provide brand updates from all your social media accounts and websites. The Boolean alerts also help you monitor customers and competitors making it seamless to build brand awareness and reputation and even attract more customers. 


This app helps your small business to manage daily communication with colleagues and customers. You can use it to create channels for all subjects relevant to your business and has a customizable notification system that helps make your communication easier. Also, Slack comes with an excellent filtering tool that makes searching and finding information quick and straightforward.

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