8 Video Editing Tips to Keep Viewers Engaged

As videos are being used widely nowadays, video editing and video editing tools are also increasing. The editing techniques used by video editors have a profound impact on the outcome of a project. By understanding how people think, remember, and learn, editors should create stories that engage readers. 

Every transition or cut should be handled smoothly as if a writer is handling words or a composer is handling music. And when video marketing is something that is in every business strategy, the need to keep the viewers engaged is becoming a necessity. So here are eight video editing tips that will help you keep your viewers engaged. 

1. Grasp Your Viewer’s Attention

An engaging hook at the start of each video is essential if you want your audience to be engaged. If you decide to include a video description, you must demonstrate your understanding of the topic and make it engaging.

With the right editing techniques, you can edit your video to create great effects. You can use an online video editor for editing and transforming your video into a video that your viewers will find attractive.

2. 15-60 Videos Should be Your Video Limit

Your videos should not last longer than fifteen seconds and shouldn’t exceed 60 seconds in length. Video length will result in people getting bored, which will cause them to stop watching the video.

Whenever you make a video, make sure it is between 15-60 seconds in length, not anything longer or shorter. In these seconds, make sure you give your audience all the information you want them to know. It is the best way through which you can keep your audience watching the video till the end. 

3. Make Use of Jump cuts.

Making jump cuts is an easy job if you are using a video editor. You will be able to cut out all those unwanted parts of the video and keep the required parts in your video. If something in the video is not wanted in the video that you want to show to the viewers, you can jump-cut them. Using a jump cut will make your video look professional. 

4. Subtitling or Captioning Is Required

If you are making a video and you want that video to go viral all over the world, then you should subtitle and caption the video. In this way, you will be able to reach out to a wide variety of audiences from around the world. You can use English subtitles or captions as it is a language spoken all around the world.

And don’t restrict your videos to a particular location or place. Let everyone enjoy your videos. Write a script of your video, and then add the timestamps. You can automatically upload the script on YouTube, and that will help the viewers and deaf and hard of hearing people watch your video while reading the captions. 

5. Use Storytelling for Engaging the Audience 

Telling a compelling story is essential when creating engaging videos. Content that’s created using storytelling techniques is one of the most effective forms of content creation. In this workshop, you will learn techniques that will help you write memorable and engaging scripts, making them stand out from the rest.

Storytelling is essential because it helps you connect with your audience. You can engage with them through your storytelling.

6. The Right Tone

The tone of the video catches the audience’s attention from the beginning of the video to the end. It means that you have to create an impression with your videos. Impression comes with a good tone. Apart from narrating the video, you must include visuals or different texts and sound effects to make it attractive and catchy.

Do not just let a single person convey the entire video in front of the camera. At times, it becomes boring and monotonous. If you include infographics, charts, and other PIP videos, then it becomes engaging. 

7. Focus on Light Effects and Brightness

When you are in front of the camera, you should have enough light in front of the face so that camera can pick up the natural light for the lens to record the video. It improves the video quality and makes it attractive and pleasant for the eyes to watch.

While you edit the video in an editing tool, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and even highlight the video to make it eye-pleasing. As per the video mood, you can change the lighting; for horror scenes, it can be completely dark; it should be something soft for a happy video.

8. Third Rule

Sometimes this rule does not work in all videos. But you can shift the focus from the audience’s expectation to show the video host’s creativity. It shows how to keep the balance of both rather than offending anyone of them. The camera is static, and the subject moves out, the subject is stationary, and the camera zooms out, and another one is both camera and subject moves together. It is basically the rule of thirds that one has to use. 


The usage of videos on several social media platforms has increased in the last few years. And video marketing is something that every brand and company uses. If you want your brand or company to be seen and heard, you must use the above-given techniques for video editing. These video editing tips are incredible and give you great help to edit the videos with efficiency.

Shooting a video is easy. But, editing needs time and patience. It is possible to come out with perfect editing only with practice. Using a video editor will level up the process of editing.

When you create a video on original content and use all the features of SEO, then it catches the attention of search engines and audiences. It drives traffic to your YouTube channel. It motivates you to move on and brings more and more videos to engage the audience. Eventually it does not happen all the time though, so many users are creating innovative content but still looking for YouTube video promotion to get more exposure on their content.

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