7 Reasons Why We Need to Use Your Thermostat Right to Save Money

What is a Thermostat? How Does The Thermostat Work?

You might have the old version of thermostats with the slide switch, a more modern thermostat, or even a smart one that you can control using a phone application. But in the end, thermostats are just the box that enables you to turn up and down the temperature. 

Well, there are more things about thermostats than that. Thermostats are temperature-sensitive electronic switches that control the heating and cooling systems. In the early times, electromechanical thermostats were the kind your grandparents or parents used. They had a small bimetallic coil that contracted and expanded as the air changed temperature. The temperature selector switch shifted the position of the thermostat coil so that when the temperature went down (in the winter season) or increased (in the summer season) the target temperature. The thermostat coil would sign a small bulb or mercury in one direction or the other, making the mercury change and complete a circuit, turning the air conditioner or furnace on. 

While these thermostats functioned well, they were not badly energy-efficient ones, and the mercury they used turned into a health concern. It was not a huge loss, as the present-day smart thermostats are much more efficient and accurate. They will give you more advanced settings, which can help you save cash on electric bills. With Texas I. E Air Conditioning, we can help you with any ac repair in Allen, TX

7 Reasons Why We Need to Use Our Thermostat Right to Save Money

There are many reasons and ways to save your electric bill and cash the whole year. 

  • Install a Smart Thermostat

Many homes have programmable thermostats. But chances are, your thermostat is not programmed well or is permanently set on hold. Smart thermostats make it easy to stay on top of electricity costs. These thermostats learn your temperature choices and routine and then adjust thermostat settings to help you save more on electric bills. You can also change them using a smartphone app while you are away. 

Since many smart thermostats are ENERGY STAR certified, local HVAC companies often offer a rebate for installing a smart thermostat. Ask your Texas I. E Air Conditioning representative for more details. 

  • Get an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner and Furnace

What is the age of your heating and cooling system? If it is getting close to 15 to 20 years old, it is the best time to consider replacing it. Reduced efficiency and failures are more usual as your air conditioner and furnace age. With special offers and rebates from Texas I. E Air Conditioning, changing your heating and cooling system is a more sustainable, comfortable, and wise decision than ever. 

  • Book Yearly HVAC Service

Regular cooling and heating maintenance keeps your system running smoothly by decreasing the chance of failure. It may enhance efficiency and help it live longer since it lets us find minor issues before they become huge. We offer an annual HVAC maintenance agreement. 

  • Change Your Air Filter Routinely

YOu should replace the air filter in your house every 1 to 3 months, depending on what type of air filter you utilize. An air filter with clogs makes your HVAC system work even harder. It may lead to failure sooner and even die prematurely. 

  • Inspect Attic Insulation Levels

 According to the Insulation Institute, a large percentage of homes in the United States do not have enough insulation. Therefore, you must hire a professional HVAC technician to check or install insulation in your HVAC system. Many HVAC companies offer incentives for increasing insulation, so check with yours for more details.

  • Call a Professional And Have Your Ductwork Inspected. 

If your home is old, leaky ductwork can contribute to the increased energy bills and compromise your comfort. Leaks can be difficult to locate yourself when the ductwork is hidden well, so it is best to call for an expert HVAC technician and check it. 

  • Find The Leaky Spots in Your Home And Seal Them. 

It will keep the air where it must be: inside your home. Using weather stripping and caulking will help you seal the leaky spots. 

Texas I. E Air Conditioning Can Help Make Your Home More Energy Efficient and Comfortable

At Texas I. E Air Conditioning, our professional ac and furnace technicians have undergone training and are equipped to provide you with any ac and furnace service. And as your local AC repair provider, we are committed and confident in giving you 100% customer satisfaction. You can learn how we make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable by giving us a call now. 

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