5 Best Coworking Spaces in Yogyakarta (Jogja)

Yogyakarta also called Jogja is a prominent city located in the south-central part of Java, Indonesia. Various activities such as drama, literature & music make Yogyakarta even more popular amongst tourists. Thus making it a potential place for business. Therefore, young enthusiasts and entrepreneurs always search for ways to expand their business. This demand has led to the rise of coworking spaces in Yogyakarta.

A great coworking space in Yogyakarta can increase your chances of achieving your goals and help you grow your network. There are several coworking spaces in the city that can fulfill all your business needs. To begin with, we have made a list of a few amazing coworking spaces which you can visit.

Coworking Space Yogyakarta (Jogja)

Finding a suitable space to work and relax can be tricky, but we have done the work for you. Check the list below and find a coworking space in Yogyakarta that matches all your needs.


Genius Idea Coworking Space

Genius Idea

While looking for a coworking space in Yogyakarta, it is essential to get a collaborative environment. Genius Idea is a well-known name for providing workspaces and event spaces to entrepreneurs. What makes them stand out is their mission of creating the best work and meaningful life for their members. Thus this productive environment is beneficial for all the entrepreneurs and creators. Also, their expert classes are available for young professionals to help them learn various topics.

Perks: An unlimited refreshment service, high-speed internet, mail handling, LED, and sound system in event spaces make it more interesting. Furthermore, a dedicated kitchen lab for culinary events is the main attraction.

Price: Their private offices start from IDR 1,100,000 pax/month. You can also customize the private office space according to your requirements. In addition, flexible desks and group desks can be availed daily or monthly, starting from IDR 75,000.

Location: Want to visit their office? Head over to Magelang St No.32-34, Cokrodiningratan, Jetis, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55233, Indonesia.

Phone: Or reach out to them on +62 8174118888.

Web: https://www.geniusidea.id/solusi-ruangan-kerja/


Sinergi Coworking Space & Network Space

Sinergi Jogja

Sinergi coworking space is an all-in-one networking space where you can connect as well as work efficiently. The minimalistic and trendy atmosphere of this Yogyakarta coworking space will surely make you feel efficient. Enjoy their yummy meals, including their bestseller pasta and a wide variety of coffee. Also, they have a spacious arrangement for enough people to have a meeting and casually hang out.

Perks: Sinergi co-working space has an interior that makes the whole place more lively. You can also work in their outdoor sitting with fast internet and enjoy smoothies, snacks, and coffee. Moreover, the parking is spacious, and the workspace is hygienic.

Price: Get in touch with them to know further about the price.

Location: They are located at Jl Cendrawasih No.32 B, Demangan, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia.

Phone: Pick up your phone and dial +62 274564426.

Web: https://sinergi-coworking-space.business.site/


Artech Coworking Space Jogja

Artech Coworking Space Yogyakarta

Artech Space Coworking Yogyakarta is a coworking space for startups, entrepreneurs, creatives, and anybody else looking for a modern and flexible office. This coworking space Yogyakarta is the appropriate answer for digital-age professionals of all fields of expertise. It is designed for comfort, creativity, productivity, and work balance. You can visit them and take a full tour of the workspace.

Perks: The Artech coworking space ensures the facility of unlimited high-speed internet, spacious parking lot, availability of food, and package handling services. Also, an additional locker and friendly staff are added perks.

Price: You can get a daily, weekly, or monthly pass starting from IDR 60,00. Their standard meeting room starts from IDR 200,000. Further, an event space package facility is also provided for bigger events.

Location: Visit them at Jl. Sagan Kidul No.14, Terban, Kec. Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55223, Indonesia.

Phone: Ring them on +62 2745022905

Web: artechspace.online


Indigo Hub Coworking Space Yogyakarta

Indigo Hub Coworking Space Jogja

IndigoHub Jogja is TELKOM’s second ICT business incubator to support the digital creative ecosystem. It aims to increase the number of developers for games, edutainment, music, animation, and software services in Yogyakarta. Therefore, this coworking space in Jogja can be a blessing for entrepreneurs, especially in IT services. Business guidance is provided throughout to potential entrepreneurs for a better understanding. Also, their open and sharing culture allows them to have a vast network of like-minded people.

Perks: Indigo Hub coworking space has all the facilities you can ask for. From a cafe area to an outdoor garden, you can enjoy it all. Moreover, the meeting rooms are spacious and fully equipped. A separate lounge and smoke area are also available.

Price: Make sure to contact them if you want to learn more about the price details.

Location: Want further information? Head over to Jl. Kartini No.7, Terban, Kec. Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55223, Indonesia.

Phone: Feel free to reach out at +62 274556565.

Web: https://jogjadigitalvalley.com/


Idea Zone Co-working Area

Idea Zone Co-working Area

If you are looking for a proper working environment, this workspace is made for you. Idea Zone coworking space Yogyakarta is where you can get a professional environment. They serve clients from various fields such as logistics, IT, etc. Hence, it would be beneficial for the expansion of your network. Additionally, their 2-floor seating area is sufficient to serve all the requirements.

Perks: Located right in one of the most strategic locations, it has a lot of amenities. You will get a fiber optic internet service, free coffee & tea, and printing facilities. A projector in their meeting rooms and event spaces makes the tasks easier.

Price: Their monthly private office package begins from IDR 2,700,000. Get in touch with them to know more about individual coworking spaces and meeting rooms.

Location: Visit Magelang St No.188, Karangwaru, Tegalrejo, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55242, Indonesia.

Phone: Give them a call at +62 81315476062.

Web: https://kantorjogja.com/


Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but you can ease your tasks with a suitable workspace. Our choice of coworking space Yogyakarta will provide you with some unique features depending on your preferences. Whether you want to look for the nearest coworking space or one with a lot of facilities, choose wisely and accomplish your dreams.

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