Top 4 Coworking Spaces In Bekasi (With Perks & Prices)

If you are looking for Coworking Space Bekasi, it’s your lucky day! Here you will find everything you need before settling for a coworking space. Bekasi is a commuter city within the Jakarta metropolitan area of Indonesia. Being a commuter and metropolitan city, it is highly sought for shared office spaces. Although Bekasi has attracted many large numbers of multinational companies, the need for Coworking spaces remains in demand.

The vast freelancing culture has vividly increased, and the city has sustained some best coworking spaces. Moreover, choosing one from many is always a task, so look at various coworking spaces in Bekasi with their benefits below.

Coworking Space Bekasi

The spaces below are described to reduce the puzzle for the right coworking point, highlighting their distinct features.


Sakala Coworking Space

Sakala Coworking Space

Sakala coworking space is a hub for people who want to express their thoughts but somehow cannot. The office space is designed with a cozy environment giving you the perfect work setting. However, the most intriguing aspect of the place is its location. This is because, the Sakala Coworking space Bekasi is surrounded by coffee shops, numerous cafes, and street food vendors, including easy access to everywhere.

Furthermore, the place is well known for its quality service. The preciseness of the Sakala coworking space to help one achieve increased productivity is an intriguing factor. Additionally, the free flow of tea and coffee will give you the perfect relaxed mind for your quality output.

Perks: Meeting space, event space, private office, training room, and podcast space. Here each space exhibits its extended perks. additionally, projectors, desks, tables, infocus screen, sound system, and 100 Mbps fiber internet for coworking space are available.

Prices: For coworking space, the prices start from 100k per month, for meeting space 75k per hour, and for event space 950k. Whereas for a private office the prices begin from 2360k per month, for a training room the price is 250k and finally for thePodcast price starts with 1300k for 3hours.

Phone: (021) 82733692

Address: Jl. Pulo Sirih Barat Blok RGN No 23, Jaka Setia, South Bekasi, Bekasi City, West Java 17148, Indonesia.



The Jatiasih Digital Hill (JDH) Coworking & Cafe Space

The Jatiasih Digital Hill (JDH) Coworking & Cafe Space

JDH is famous for its all-rounder services and can also be considered one of the perfect coworking spaces in Bekasi. The shady ambiance of the trees makes it unique from the rest shared office spaces. While two startup companies have used JDH as a virtual office and flourished their businesses. Moreover, members of Autocad team experts are also listed in JDH for coworking.

What made this place prominent? It is an obvious question by now. Well, the answer to this is its cheap yet quality services. The site is located in the middle of the city. Thus its access is relatively easy. Besides availability for renting it hourly with wifi speed up to 100Mbps with a mini cafe makes it desirable.

Perks: Spacious parking area, new indoor meeting room, located away from crowds, variety of foods and beverages, high-speed internet access and more.

Prices: Get in touch with the below-mentioned contact details to discover the prices in brief.

Phone: 0857-7029-1629, 0811-151-206

Address: Jl. Mawar I No.33, Jatiluhur, Kec. Jatiasih, Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17425, Indonesia.





Variety and comfort both can be synonymous with Hibilonia. Managing as per your needs, this coworking space Bekasi has not one, not two, but three floors. Each floor has its unique feature and facility. The first floor has a cafe, shared desk and lounge. The second floor has private, semi-private and prayer rooms. and finally, the third floor has functional recording and outdoor rooms.

As per your requirement, all types of facilities are available for you. The significant, intriguing aspect connected with this coworking space Bekasi is its urge to walk with the modern world. Keeping this fact in light, they have organized the environment, and indeed, the highlighted perks will help you decide.

Perks: Unlimited internet connection, cleaning and dusting facilities, availability to rent with easy booking methods, access to food and beverages, flexible environment as per your choice.

Prices: To understand the prices contact the details pen down below.

Phone: +62 812-2977-7553

Address: Jl. Grand Galaxy City Central Park 3, RRGB no. 53, RT.003/RW.017, Jaka Setia, Kec. Bekasi Sel., Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17147, Indonesia.



Permata Coworking Space

Permata Coworking Space

While having a brief outline of some attractive coworking spaces in Bekasi, the Permata coworking space is one of the top options. This workspace has the significant advantage of flexibility in the pricing ranges. The place is strategically located in business areas, ranging away from jams and traffic. Also, you will find coworking spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, and classrooms with their respective features.

Furthermore, the availability of Gratis Website Company Profile will help you create your profile free of cost, without any condition. Not just this, but the place also offers free parking services free document printing services, and the list keeps moving. On top of that, two mosques are also available within 500m and are surrounded by food centers. This workspace is not just a power-packed package in terms of perks but also over prices.

Perks: The perks vary as per your package, yet the major aspired amenities remain intact. You will have internet up to 25mbps, chairs and tables, air-conditioned rooms, desktop computers, web camera projector atau TV 49″, etc.

Prices: For renting a coworking space for an hour, the price is Rp20.000, for an entire day, 30/000, and a year 750,000. While renting a classroom for a day costs Rp300.000, for a private office per year the charge is 2.500.000 and a meeting room per hour costs 150.000.

Address: Jl. Azalea Raya, Ruko Permata No. 17, Serang, South Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java 17550, Indonsia.

Phone: +62 811 954 7357



Above are all the perks, amenities, and locations, including the details of the best coworking spaces Bekasi. The popularity of coworking spaces is creasing rapidly, so hurry up! If you are looking for a perfect setup for your startup, then scrutinize the shared office space from the given list. Contact the one that catches your attention and start your hustle. Good Luck!

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